2000 Land Rover Freelander 2.0 XDi

This is completely not my usual thing.

On Saturday I picked this up for what I think is a bargain price, and it seems to have been going alright so far:

It’s in a seemingly rare colour called Kinversand, looks a bit more orange than it is in the picture. The Toyota was keep on getting beaten up at work (3 dents and 3 scratches in 4 weeks…), and I decided that a cheap runabout that cost the same as a few paint/dent repairs on the Toyota was worth a try.

I started off looking at Toyotas as they’re my usual thing, but I thought I’d use this opportunity to scratch an itch of something else, and I always fancied an early Freelander despite their reputation.

This one is the earlier 2.0 Rover L series diesel as opposed to the BMW TD4, and it was a concious choice to go for that as I’ve never been a massive fan of the TD4 models. It’s just ticked over 86k.

It’s got a couple of faults so I’ll be updating this as with the other two, I have no other pictures or anything up to now having had it such a short time.


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AWD, except this one is currently FWD as the propshaft is lying under the 2CV due to a knackered viscous coupling damper.


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Right, I’ve done 1500 miles nearly in this and so far, despite initial thoughts I’m getting along with it quite well, and some small tweaks really seem to be improving it.

Oil and filter change was massively overdue, the filter was going rusty and was caked with crap so I’d say had had it’s day. A clock was easily sorted out by fitting one from a facelift car, the bits of trim that were falling off have been sorted with new clips, and I’ve added a half decent DAB head unit so I can get Absolute 80s, as it had a 2003 vintage Max Power style flip down Kenwood fitted when I got it.

I really need to get the ABS sensors sorted out and get the propshaft refitted, as it is stupidly easy to get the front wheels to spin up the way it is, despite being a 95hp ancient diesel. It’s also managed 42mpg over every tank so far, which I really can’t complain about at all.

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I see first generation Freelanders for sale at ridiculously low prices. I’ve always disregarded them as potential maintenance nightmares, though. :grin:

Hope it serves you well.

TIL that England is in Asia.

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Right well, 3k on and it’s still going.

Done a few more odd jobs like fitting 4 new Avon Ranger all terrains for when I eventually get the 4wd repaired, new intercooler to intake hose to replace a split one and finally managed to get the rusty seized underframe bolts out after weeks of trying to change the coolant.

Protip, don’t ever put just tapwater into a cast iron engine as the previous owner of this had been doing.

The bits of grass were already in the bucket, they didn’t come out of the engine thankfully.

This also gave me chance to replace the knackered old expansion tank, sadly the coolant wasn’t this pink for long as despite flushing out as much as I could, it just turned the new coolant dark pink. It runs a few degrees cooler now so hopefully it should be all good.

Tomorrow, I’m gonna try and tackle the seized ABS sensors.

Still in better shape than many stateside. Hope it doesn’t go British Leyland on you.

The amount of BL stuff on it is daft considering it’s a 2000 car. It’s got switchgear from a Montego and early Rover 200s, there are BL/Austin Rover logos stamped into different things.

But yeah, over there they’re all fitted with the KV6, not known for it’s reliability when not maintained absolutely perfectly.

This one has gone the journey now, sold it yesterday morning to someone after a diesel Freelander. Nothing too major, I just wasn’t getting on with it very well. Lost a fair bit of money but hey ho, you live and learn. I’ve already replaced it though.

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Incoming essay on what most people regard as the most boring car in the world, but it’s a tiny bit interesting a promise. Just been out to take some daylight photos.

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Rav4. Gotta be a Rav4.

Nah too heavy on the fuel for the miles I do. Not a 4x4.