2000HP engine


So this is my 2000 horsepower engine. This is my first day with this game so don’t get angry that it’s not efficient :stuck_out_tongue:

Obviously this uses all high end, top quality parts. Completely impractical but I like it… speedy.sh/GAhfH/10.9L-FP-40V-DOHC-Turbo-2082hpRev2.lua

Nice to see there are new people coming to the game every day. If I might offer one piece of advice that will help you get the most out your engines. Your RON rating for the engine is only 89.2 I would suggest increasing boost, compression and timing advancement (or if you want efficiency for loss of some power lower fuel ratio) to use all of the RON available for the fuel type you choose. As for how much to change each it is hard to say, experiment with different levels to find the best solution that is the fun of automation :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers for the tips! I managed to get it upto 2209hp but now something is failing due to too much torque :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice first try. But it is possible to get more power from it. Some advice. Set the current year to 2020 (that alone will give you more power), max quality on every thing, choose the right komponents is crucial, the right settings.

Some tips:
use mufflers and catalyst + max size (6")
Allow the engine to rotate higer than 6400 RPM
Use cast iron or magnesium engine block and cast iron headers
billet steel crank, I beam titanium conrods and forged pistons
And of cause the right settings. You will need to ajust all the right Things to the right settings for max power.
Good look.

3695 HP i so far my own record, So can you se what deffently is possible to get: