2002 Ford BA Falcon XT V8

Bought myself a nice clean, sleeper Falcon for $7000.

Australians will have seen a million of these getting around, but not many in this colour, nor packing a modular 5.4litre 3valve “triton” engine (Barra 220). Apart from the engine upgrade this car is absolute taxi spec which saves a fair bit of weight if you don’t need/want leather seats, traction control etc.

The torque is monstrous and trying to get it down can be an issue, with an open diff and no-brand 225r17’s!!!

some photos on the day I bought it

planned mods:
FPV F6 lower air scoop
DIY larger intake
staggered 18" rims, most likely black and with a bit of lip; especially on the rear
larger brakes - off an FPV or Territory
LSD with 3.73 gears
Stage 1 blower cam
Edlebrock W2A intercooled supercharger

God that engine bay looks a bit tight for space, and you’re going to supercharge it? :stuck_out_tongue: Excellent!

I think the camera angle makes it look tighter than it actually is, there is a bloke who has managed to squeeze the 6.3 V10 version of this engine in!

The supercharger will actually sit underneath the new manifold (in the deck valley) and could possibly fit under the stock bonnet… but if it doesn’t I can go visit a wrecker and get an XR8 buldge for a couple hundred