2002 Honda Civic SE 1.4i


…his burgundy '00 Accord met an early fate after an accident. R.I.P.

Today, however, marks the next chapter, with another burgundy Honda!

This is a 2002 Honda Civic SE 1.4i, well specced out and rocking just 65k miles on the clock. It’s been incredibly well cared for (is this is a thing with all burgundy Hondas?) and has been kept in impeccable condition. And I managed to cop it for £700. Guy could have charged twice that for this thing!

Powerwise, it’s got a 1.4l D14Z6 engine, 88 hp, 5 speed manual, so good for 0-60 in about 13 seconds, No more VTEC pedal-ramming sadly, but we do get much better mileage in return and the joy of a Honda gearbox. It’s a buzzy, wheezy little unit to say the least.

No idea what the wheel options are, all I know if that they aren’t alloys. It’s finished in Roma Red, a mere shade up from San Marino Red. Better still, however, is the cream cloth interior. I feel like a true OAP now.

And hell yeah, look at that. CD and Tape. Certainly suits me; being an alternative-indie-let’s-dress-like-it’s-still-1985 kinda guy, cassettes are back in fashion. More than likely will get used for a tape-to-aux converter realistically.

Sunroof is even nicer than that of the Accord’s!

Haven’t had a chance to really take it on some twistier roads, but a full report will be here in due course. It feels more roomy and more MPV-like than the Accord, but still has the same tactileness. Fingers crossed it shouldn’t be too bad on the motorway as well.

So yeah, we are back in business baby. Ain’t leaving the Honda club just yet :wink:


Welcome back! Glad to see you’re back on the road again. All the best with it! And thank you for #SaveTheManuals


That is a most interesting gear selector!

Welcome back.


Ah, the EP3 Civic. No, it’s not the Type R, but what you’ve got formed the basis of that screaming B-road warrior that made a contemporary MkIV Golf GTI seem horrendously half-baked by comparison.

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@Slim_Jim Thank you indeed! Preserving every bloody manual gearbox I can find as best as possible

@Lordred Ain’t it just! Seems to be a thing on a few euro-focused cars from the first half of the 2000s. 2003 Renault Scenic (2nd gen) had a similar thing going on. I believe a certain Toyota Blade owned by a certain someone on these forums might be going with the same idea too…

@abg7 Well I think it’s fair to say that just about anything is nicer to be in than a Mk IV Golf. Thang god they canned that blubby design right after it finished production.


Paging @adamd

Nice Civic BTW, not many of the hatches from that era around, at least where I live (Canada), mostly sedans (saloons) & coupes (though they are around, I think mainly, if not only in the SiR trim, I just looked on my local classifieds within 25km from me for Civic hatches & there’s a 2003 SiR for $3200 or best offer with Rota circuit 8 rims, AEM V2 intake, Skunk2 lowering springs, Megan rear lower control arms, HIDs, aftermarket radio deck & HPF kit: https://www.kijiji.ca/v-cars-trucks/kitchener-waterloo/2003-honda-civic-sir-ep3/1421549197).


:heart_eyes: I love it.

And it’s Brown :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@LordLetto Yeah those Rota’s look peng on the EP body, I’m minded to get something similar for mine if I ever get the money…did plan to with the Accord but alas :’(

@Fayeding_Spray You sure you’re looking at the same car as I am? :wink:

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Lovely little car you’ve got there. Weird seeing the hatchback of this gen in a non SI trim as an American. But great deal on it.

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