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2003 Daihatsu Copen Active Top

Right I’m going for another round of guess what tat I have bought this time because it’s another sight unseen car - this time from eBay rather than Japan, and Youtube clickbait style as it’s THE CHEAPEST IN THE COUNTRY.

Oh, and in shocking news it’s not a Toyota, although it is part of the family I guess - never stray too far.

So, get your guesses in. MOT is being booked for it on Monday so I guess I won’t see it until the back end of next week.


IS estate?

Lexus ls400 is my guess

If it’s not an IS or LS, it could be a GS instead.

Not Lexus - another part of the family. The weird younger cousin.

It’s a Daihatsu Charade isn’t it.

Is it a perodua? They use old Daihatsu cars so in a way they are connected

I mean you’re both close but no.

Daihatsu Terios?

No actually but I have almost bought a Terios about as many times as I had almost bought one of these over the years - Terios is still on the list for when the Yaris needs replacing as winter daily.

Daihatsu Storia/Sirion?

Closer to a Storia then anything else, engine is moderately special in that it’s a distant relation to the X4.

is it a yrv turbo 130

Nah, I was after something I could make into a daft track car and I wasn’t sure how the 4 speed auto would do. Also they have all long rusted into oblivion over here.

Daihatsu Mira?

I expected this to be easier but rather than keep dragging it out:



Gran Turismo 5 sealed my love for the happy little Copen, excellent choice!



I hope it’s as funny as I’m expecting to be, as this is the eventual decider for my poor old knackered Corolla and it’s time with me.

Basically plans for now, (if it all goes well getting an MOT and getting delivered) are as above - I have a mildly tuned one on GT Sport, and I want to build the same thing here. I wanted to build the GT86 I had in Gran Turismo as well but, budget constraints and I enjoy that car too much as it is so a Copen seems a vastly cheaper way of realising that. This car is cheap as Copens go and there is a huge supply of used tuning parts available in Japan where they have a massive following - this one is an import so helpfully has the Japanese electrical system.

Plus I really want to get into track days and while I know there are many more obvious starter cars for track use, I have this image in my head of a Copen with about 100hp hissing and whooshing around somewhere like Croft with the big boys and it just makes me smile.

Also it’s 17 man and it’s not even the earliest - how is the Copen old enough to vote now?! Still feels like a new car to me.


Clean MOT has been achieved, I haven’t actually heard this from the seller but was repeatedly checking it myself.