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2003 Nissan V35 350GT

Here is my '03 Nissan V35 350GT. I’ve owned this car for about 2 years now and have done small upgrades over time. It was lowered on coilovevers when I bought it, but I have installed camber arms to save my tyres a little longer.

I have I have installed a FK Fabrication plenum and intake, and an Ultrex Performance catback exhaust. Once the rest of the exhaust is changed, I will be getting it tuned.

It’s a fun daily, but I’ve yet to take it to a track day, but I’m hoping to change that soon.


The rest of the world knows the Skyline 350GT as an Infiniti G35/G37. Back then it was a formidable rival to the E46 and E90/92 BMW 3-Series, whereas the current car (the Q60) seems like it’s trying too hard, with all sorts of gimmicky tech such as a steer-by-wire system that doesn’t know what it’s doing at all.

Back in my high school this was the cool car everyone wanted. (outside of a Supra because Fast & Furious). Very nice example. :+1:t4:

@abg7 The only thing missing from the (turbo) Q60 is a proper 6-speed manual. At least the new Z will have one with the same VR30 engine.

@abg7 The G35 is slightly differently spec’d from the V35. The JDM model didn’t come with cruise control, and only come with a cloth seat option, instead of the USDM option sporting leather.

I’m super appreciative of the US love for the platform, because they never really got much attention here in Australia. Anytime I need parts, it’s usually cheaper to buy from US and pay the giant shipping bill than source stuff locally.


Design wise, I think the new one is BEAUTIFUL!! So is this one!!