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2005 Knockoff Car Challenge

2005 Knockoff Car Challenge
Welcome to the 2005 knockoff car challenge! In this challenge, you will be trying to make a car that looks very similar to a real car, but a little uglier or off.

Rule 1: Your car MUST look like a real car or multiple real cars. Now be careful, because it can’t be a replica. It must either look off, look slightly uglier or use a completely different body. (For example, your car can be a VW Golf with weird headlight placements in the front and a Ford Focus with wider lights in the rear.) When entering you must say which car or cars your car is based on. In short, your car can’t be too original.
Rule 2: Your car must be from 2005.
Rule 3: Your car can not weigh less than 1040kg.
Rule 4: Your car can not have more than 135 horsepower. It can also only use 91 fuel.
Rule 5: No AWD or 4x4.
Rule 6: Your car must be road legal. (Mufflers, catalytic converters, at least standard 90s safety, at least 2 seats, at least basic entertainment, license plates etc.)
Rule 7: The price limit is 17k. To make sure you don’t mess around too much with quality, the highest allowed is +5 and the lowest -1.
Rule 8: No mid-engined designs.
Rule 9: No GM EV1 body, it’s too good.
Rule 10: 2 entries per person are allowed. (You don’t have to enter 2, but you can if you want to.)
Try to make your car based off of something a little well-known, this might give you a boost in the style rating.
We prefer front-engined designs, but rear-engined is allowed.

The deadline for this challenge is the 10th of December. On that same day at 1pm PST on the Brad_The_Inhaler twitch the cars will be tested. If we get enough entries, we will do a round 2.
Please send the cars to @Djadania so he can rule-check the cars, he can be found in the Brad_The_Inhaler discord. Brad The Inhalers 420 LifeGame
NOTE: We do not announce the tracks we race on. This is because we want you to build an all-round car.
Have fun!

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Are we talking about something like this Horsche 112 I made?

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Yep, that looks good for this challenge. I forgot to upload my example yesterday so you guys have something to be inspired off of

Forgot to take out the rear seats but this is the idea