2005 Toyota Corolla 1.4 VVTi T3

Here is my boy that I recently picked up, and by recently I mean today.
Sitting currently outside my house at around 26,000 miles, it’s safe to say this will last another few millenniums under good care.

All for only £2000!
(around $2700 USD or €2350 EUR)

It’s a 2005 T3 saloon (which in the UK is about as rare as hen’s teeth) which is equipped with all but one optional extra, that being the audio remote, whilst having electric rear and front windows, mirrors, colour coded bumpers, alloys etc etc.

Shown below is the optional extras list from Parkers

The car is practically brand new, and is perfect as a first car. Here are some pictures of the perfectness of which you may bask in the glory of:

As my first car, this will be receiving the best care I can get, starting with:
-new wiper blades
-new filters
-a wash

  • uhhhh
  • it doesnt need much else tbh

stay tuned for updates on how stuff with kar

here is a picture of the top-secret button in the centre console

what it do

its a second horn seperate from the one on the wheel


Excellent to see you’ve got yourself a proper car in the end, and a proper rarity over here at least.

Am I allowed to plug car clubs here because you should join the TEC. :wink:

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I’ll check it out, my car will sooner or later become a classic anyways!

In the meantime, horn removal:

The previous owner had wired up two extra aux horns directly to the car battery hooked up to a rudimentary relay and fuse system, and then to a button in the centre console (which was taking up precious space!)

The button wasn’t even a normal horn style button, it toggled instead of just pushing down :man_facepalming:

Anyways, with that out, I finally had space for whatever nonsense I put into the centre console.

In other news, I’ve yet to treat a patch of surface rust on the nearside fender, as no car is ever 100 percent perfect. Not for a reasonable price, anyway.

Lastly, I’ve got my drivers exam tommorow (as of writing, 24th on Monday) so hopefully I pass that - its a 2 hour journey up to Colchester because theres no chance of getting a slot within London in months.

Thats about all for Corolla news

Good luck with the test. Have heard horror stories of it being nearly a year wait round here up North currently so not surprised you’re getting stuck for time slots.


Well… unluckily i have failed, but because to be fair, I’ve never ever heard of Colchester and the roads were incredibly odd, and I failed on a 60mph road. Oh well, next time is always a thing.

That’s ok, there’s always another time, even if it’s much later. I took 3 times to pass, bit shit for a race car driver eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well, I’ve got another driving exam booked in. This time its only 5 miles away next to my cousins house, so I know the area well. Should pass, fingers crossed!