2005 Vexata Canyonero

Can you name the truck with four wheel drive, smells like a steak, and seats thirty five?

New for 2005, Vexata is proud to present the Canyonero luxury SUV.

At (almost) twelve yards long, and two lanes wide, this is nearly sixty five tons of American drive.

The 1200 horsepower V8 coupled with offroad suspension means more understeer than a Hummer.

Pre-order your Canyonero today and get five dollars off your next purchase at any Vexata dealership.

P.S. I’m sorry I made this.


Vexata - Canyonero.car (18.8 KB)

here’s the file if anyone wants to mess with this abomination by the way

Few people would hesitate to take potshots at it, considering it’s more reminiscent of a tank than an actual car.

Now THATS what I call a car advertisement.