2016 BMW 340i

Finally got around to making an account on the forums and thought it’d be a good idea to share my car. I know everyone likes to shit on newer BMW models but the 340i is a pretty fun car. The B58 engine is, in my opinion, the best inline-6 BMW has made yet. It’s incredibly smooth, super responsive to mods, and sounds the business (tons of pops and bangs).

Mods done so far:

  • Active Autowerke Activ-8 tune
  • Agency Power intake
  • AWE Tuning exhaust

First of all, in response to a newcomer’s very first post? Might want to rethink that. Also, do consider toning down your (rather strongly worded) opinion there because it seems like you’re trying start an argument or something mate


Looks nice and surprisingly good in white cool car :+1:.

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Yeah, also not really a fan of modern BMWs but this one is a nice breath of fresh air from the regular shitty 116Ds and stuff you see around a lot. What kind of power is it making?

~400whp/410wtq. I haven’t put it on the dyno yet so I can’t give specific numbers but I’ll update it when I do.

It’s all good, I don’t really mind posts like the one above yours since it creates discussion.

It’s looks damn good. A like from me as long you don’t stick any letters on it.


Perfect colour for that car. Who took the photo? Did a damn fine job with that!

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Then don’t mind me, I didn’t want anyone hurt is all. Anyway, nice car :slight_smile:

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Nice car, really like the 3-series.

But it can’t be pulling 410 whp, can it? Stock it gets 300-something, at the crank. Even accounting for BMW underrating their powerfigures, I would assume you would be getting 400 hp at the crank, not at the wheels.

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Would never put an ///M badge on a non-M car lol

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My friend took the photo. I have more if you’d like to see them, didn’t want to clutter the post though.

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BMW states 320hp at the crank but people have dynoed their cars at 320 to the wheels. I’m basing my numbers off of Active Autowerke’s numbers plus maybe 5-10hp from the intake+exhaust, though I doubt they actually make a difference. Either way, it should be close to 400whp and 415wtq (keep in mind this is at peak power, rest of powerband is a bit lower). There’s a fuel cap at 400whp so we can’t make more power than that without meth or ethanol until the DME is cracked. I’d like to dyno my car and see where I’m actually at in terms of numbers. I think I’m a little below 400, probably around 390 or so. I’m thinking about making the switch to JB4 + catless downpipe though, which will definitely be at or above 400whp but I lose a little bit of low-end torque.

I should be at the drag strip this Friday so I’ll be able to get some times if anyone wants to see them. Hoping for low 12s in the quarter.

As the resident drag racer on the forum, I definitely want to see those timeslips. :heart_eyes: Congrats on the new car! 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic?

(PS: if able, please quote the density altitude at the time of the run)

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It’s an 8-speed auto unfortunately but I’d rather have the auto over the manual for mods. Can’t remember what the exact issue is but I’ve seen people having problems with the tune on the manuals.

Eh… we’ll argue about that when it spends 36 years in production :wink: In any case, you plan on serious modifications, or is it just a stock daily.


In retrospect, I should’ve rephrased my comment to say “best SOUNDING inline-6 BMW has made yet”. But that’s just my opinion, yo.

Not planning on any more performance mods other than possibly a downpipe since it’s a lease. I’ve got more than enough power with the mods I have on it now. I’ve been on the fence about cosmetics such as wheels, lowering springs and a front lip but I like the stock look from a sleeper standpoint. It’d be a total sleeper if it weren’t for the 4 inch exhaust tips coming out of the rear.

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Here are some sound clips of my exhaust (and partially the intake). Catless downpipe is going in soon so I will have a before/after comparison in the coming months.

So, ya never posted #'s for your Drag night :slight_smile: I managed 14.1 with my stock Focus ST @ 2700ft elv (sorry Slim, no air density reading)

Yeah I know, I never ended up going. I figured I would wait until I finished all of my mods since it’s a pain to get out to the strip. Unfortunately won’t get my last mod installed until December-Jan so it might be a while until I go. I got to get the car on the dyno as well.