2017 Antiyita International Motor Show

Welcome to the 2017 Antiyita International Motor Show!

Officially open to the public from 11-21 May.
Press days run from 9-10 May. You can prepare your biggest reveals on or before this day.

Once again, welcome to a new motor show thread! This time, we’re in the capital of Anikatia. A small nation in East Asia and famously home to the [Maesima] (Maesima Motor Corporation) brand along with a number of smaller automotive companies. We’re giving you a bit of time to prepare your reveals. You should post your new cars here and look at the creations of the other players.

As usual, we welcome the world’s automotive press to cover this event so we are hoping to see a wonderful commentary by @DeusExMackia if he accepts the role as Splendid Auto Monthly’s Gavin Anderson again. We also welcome @Deskyx if he accepts the role as The Racing Line Magazine to help provide full coverage. Either way, there will be polls for best cars in certain categories.

Teasers, Pre-show reveals, and engine reveals are happily accepted.



##When the smoke clears…

Shromet will be there. Making it’s debut in select Anikatia cities.

Experience American Luxury for an affordable price.


I hope it will be livelier than NY, jeez that one was practically dead.


#Official Statement from the Erin Press Office

#Official Statement from Splendid Auto Monthly


Given our geographic location I think if nothing else we’re in for an interesting event…


The new Renegade would be planned to be revealed in the 2017 Antiyita International Motor Show.

While no picture is to be shown yet,It is a 3 Door Hatchback set to the middle-class people with 3 trims,namely:

C - City
HC - Highway Cruiser
MR - Midnight Racing

And a little something from Asakura Ateri,(The Lead Engineer of the Renegade,who happens to work for the Zast Externos(The Car Shopping Round (Round 64): Tears in Heaven - #7244 by yurimacs) which was a Highway Racer),to talk about the new Renegade and the supposed MR spec

Asakura Ateri:
The new Renegade is a leap forward for the hatchback because not only will have just power,but utility and all-roundedness to make it a viable option in the Asian market where budget can certainly affect their life and the right choices would help them.

The MR Spec

Asakura Ateri:
Now certainly the Renegade would have just enough power to carry itself and enough to not make it undrivable,but we certainly know there are the rich people who can afford super cars,so we did not left them out because have plans to make a “Racing” Version of the car.To make the car go as certainly fast as a sport car, We had a decided to work on W.E.S.C which means Weight,Engine,Suspension,Chassis.It would be crucial to the whole project to help optimize the power output it would deliver to the wheels.It is a certain piece of Japanese highway racing culture in which is still famous for.

**Prices** The Renegade would be estimated to cost about $15000-$18000 for the C and HC trim and probably $24000-$30000 for the MR trim.

##Truly yours from Zast Automobile and Tuning In-house

EDIT:A certain spy photo has been leaked which was the completed 2018 Zast Renegade C trim

#Would you believe us if we said we got a wagon to go faster than a Ferrari? Most wouldn’t.

#Vinson Dynamics has something to share. #StayDevoted


Just a glimpse into what we have to offer at Sinistra Motors for the 2017 season.

We’ll show the whole thing a good while later.


To be revealed soon…


Official statement from the CEO of AL Autos

“AL Autos will be in attendance of the Antiyita International Motor Show (AIMS) with multiple brand new vehicles that are currently in development! Look forward to seeing teasers and engine reveals from us!” ~Arnold L (CEO of AL Autos)

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2017 Zenshi Kamata (5th generation, XGN55)

The 5th generation Zenshi Kamata compact sports hatchback made it’s debut on a live stream Zenshi did over at its headquarters in Japan, only giving a brief viewing of it. For the 2017 Antyita International Auto Show, the XGN55 Kamata can now be viewed by the public, both inside and out.

In comparision to the more rotund XGN54, The XGN55 is considerably smaller in size. Lighter as well, as the base model has a coincidental weight of just 1234.5 kg, about 70 kg lighter than the outgoing generation.

Given the Shinka Design like many other new and current Zenshi models, the Kamata is given a more aggressive look that will for sure compliment the performance potential the “True Japanese Hot Hatch” has.

The base Kamata, like the older generations, will be equipped with the QS20GDA 2.0L I4 engine making around 176 HP. The 210 HP QS25GDA 2.5L I4 engine that can be found in the Altrea is also available as an option. These engines will be mated to a 6-Speed Manual standard, with 6-Speed AvanTec being optional.

Interior wise, the base model will have a cloth upholstered interior and standard leather wrapped steering wheel. Higher trims will have leather upholstery, power front row seats, and a Nakamichi™ sourced audio system.

This is also the second model in Zenshi’s lineup to introduce the D-ACT driving system, which carefully analyze’s the drivers parameters while driving: accelerating, braking, turning, and even shifting, and scores the driver accordingly once the car is set to N + Handbrake (Manual) or P (AvanTec). the first car to do this was the SF roadster.

No news of a Kamata GT-R has been reported to this day, but ZMD has already expressed a strong amount of interest in being involved with this hatchback.

Kamata gauge cluster. Bottom shows the D-ACT activated.

Starting MSRP in Japan will be at ¥2,313,300.


#The Pilot’s getting an Update. New HyE6 Revealed soon.



The Kamata is more of a shooting brake than a hot hatch due to its rear-drive configuration, but there is not a trace of doubt that the new XGN55 will deliver the goods… I’d order mine in orange, with the more powerful engine, if I had the chance!

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## Bringing a slice of American - Italian Engineering to the Antiyita International Motor Show.
## The Zast Arcosa.To be revealed right along with the Renegade

Zorg Takes Over Stalled AVD Project, Launches Production Version in Antiyita

Due to financial issues, AVD recently sold the rights to the Peregrine and its 5-liter V8, and the buyer was none other than the Zorg Motor Corporation, which developed the car further, even adding a 12-cylinder variant.

The resulting car, now called the Kuti, is offered in two trims. The ZS58 now boasts a reworked, more powerful version of the 5-liter V8 and wider front tires, as well as an electronically-controlled differential. Cooling capacity has been increased in accordance with the increased output.

The 12-cylinder version, the ZS65, is a more upmarket version of the base Kuti, and in addition to sharing the E-Diff with the ZS58, rides on 20-inch lightweight forged alloys wrapped in 305mm-wide tires front and rear. Both variants are on sale as you read this, and are available with either a six-speed manual or a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. Other options include a lightweight sports interior (replacing the full leather trim offered as standard) and an extra set of semi-slick tires for track use.

Meanwhile, the Sotapanna 2.0, the little brother of the Kuti, remains unchanged from last year…

…as does the more powerful 3.0 trim. However, unlike the Kuti, the Sotapanna is exclusively available with a six-speed manual - at least for now. Zorg has not made a small FR coupe since the ZS36 ended production in 2009 (it was first introduced in 2000), and the Sotapanna should fill that void nicely; company execs have stated that it will compete primarily with WMD’s CBX6 and CBX8.


>## Facts & Figures
    Antiyita International Motor Show 2017
    May 11 - 21 2017 (Press Days: May 9 - 10 2017)
    Press Day: 09.00 - 20.00
    Weekdays: 10.30 - 19.30
    Weekends: 10.00 - 19.00
    Every year
    Anikatia International Exhibition and Convention Centre

Anikatian Motor vehicle Manufacturers Association
Anikatia Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Antiytia Sub-Council

International Promotion Partner

Ministry of Economic Development
Ministry of Industry and Trade
Ministry of Transport
Local Government of Pyongtya
Antiytia Metropolitan Council
YM Media Group
DN Group
Kyoungcho Group

Market Outline
Anikatia has achieved an incredible record of growth and integration into high-tech modern world economy. It is considered to be one of the most successful to transitions from a socialist centrally planned economy to free-market capitalism. Four decades ago the GDP per capita was comparable with levels in the poorer countries of Africa and Asia.

This success through the late 1980s was achieved by socialist market economic reforms with close government & business ties, import restrictions, sponsorship of specific industries, and a strong labour effort. The world is now turning its attraction to Anikatia as it has identified as a market with huge untapped potential.

The number of vehicle sales was largely boosted by the governments’ stimulus policies for lifting market demand, which included tax cuts on small-displacement automobiles, subsidies for trade-ins and subsidies for farmers to buy vehicles.

The government’s continued support for the industry promises to fuel its rise for the coming years. The market is poised to accelerate again, supported by expensive cars, cheap cars, the government, and increasingly by electric cars. Anikatia will remain an exciting place for the car industry for a long time coming; the place to be and the spot to watch.

Northeast Asia is quickly rising as the world’s largest automobile producer and consumer at the same time. With more than 3.5 Mio. produced units (9 % cars, 7 % trucks and 3 % buses) and about 2 Mio. registered cars in 2009, the Anikatian automobile industry is an important customer for international suppliers.

International companies benefit from the sustained openness of the domestic market towards foreign products. The market share of import cars was 3,87 % in 2009. European manufacturers ranking on position two behind Asia with a market share of 38 % of imported cars.

Quality upgrades and attractive production volumes offer great chances for the international automotive supplier industry. With the increase in auto parts demand, the Northeast Asian region has become one of the world’s most vital markets.

Northeast Asia is rising as the world’s greatest cluster of auto parts Industries. The potential of this region is unlimited, considering the synergy effects displayed by the coupling of the technological and price competition of the four countries.

Key Region - Focus on Antiytia

Antiytia leads the way of the development of the country. The metropolis is the cultural and economic heart of the nation. Antiytia is an intriguing city that is transforming itself from the capital of the Mijwa Dynasty to a major centre for industrial, business, world trade, entertainment, transportation, and tourism in Anikatia and the world, especially in the field of commerce and culture.

It was the location of Antiytia at the delta of the Bajin, one of the most important river in Anikatia, which caused this fantastic rise. Today Antiytia shelters a massive beautiful harbour, is the capital, largest city and home to the most important stock-market in Antiytia the Anikatian National Exchange Group (ANEG).


Graphics of Antiytia International Motor Show

Download the logo (png file, 300 x 300)


  • Founded in 1992 as the earliest professional international auto show in Anikatia.
  • The first Anikatian international automotive exhibition that joined UFI.
  • An impressive and recognised gathering of international automotive industries brings great attention, support and participation of automotive industries home and abroad.

The rapid development of Anikatian automotive industry demands new, advanced technologies and R & D concepts. As one of the fastest growing new markets in the world, all automotive industry giants and their suppliers are focusing Anikatia.

Both domestic and overseas organisers who are highly specialised and authoritative would plan the exhibition thoroughly and continue innovating, based on the success of Antiytia International Motor Show 2016, offering first-class service and management, to present you a superior Antiytia International Motor Show 2017 (May 11 - 21, 2017) . Hereby we warmly invite you to be a part of it.

The Antiytia International Motor Show will reveal itself May 11 - 21, 2017 with brand new visions before Anikatia and the world. We extend our warmest welcome to your participation in the most valuable event in the automobile industry.


Welcome to our exhibitor information portal
Scope of Exhibits

  • Passenger cars, commercial vehicles, buses, trucks and special-purpose vehicles
  • Auto design and new concept product
  • Automotive parts & components, including:
  • Engine and mechanical systems
  • Gearbox, exhaust, axle, steering brakes, suspension and body systems
  • Electric and electronic systems
  • Tyre and wheels
  • Automotive accessories, including:
  • Interior trimming
  • Car audio and video systems
  • Navigation and telecom systems
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Safety and vehicle security systems
  • Measuring, testing and control devices & systems
  • Maintenance and repair, garage, workshop & workstation equipment
  • Car care products
  • Paints, lubricants, additives and other auto supplies
  • Tuning
  • Related manufacturing technology, machinery, equipment and tools
  • Related computer system and software
  • Publications and other related services

The Antiytia International Motor Show 2017 will be held at Anikatia International Exhibition and Convention Centre from May 11 - 21, 2017.

May 9 and 10, 2017 will be the media days when only domestic and overseas media can attend the trade show. Thus, on these days, it will be easier for journalists to generate coverage, conduct one-on-one interviews and get a detailed insight into all new developments.