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2017 Automation EOTY Awards

I am CNC, my original account got locked up. I am not kidding.

I am also on Steam, were accounts can be ignored or blocked, but I have decided to give this place a second chance if it will give me a second chance.

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We can give you a second chance

So when are we going to see the 2020 SuperWagon?

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Tomfoolery aside, I’d like to join in to congratulate the winners aforementioned and express my gratitude for the nomination, I’m more than happy enough that someone appreciates it/me. What I grew to love about this amazing community is the recognition, support, time and love they will give out in massive spoonfuls to anyone that displays a hint of wanting to contribute or getting along. It’s been a year of a lot of ups and downs both on the Automation side with the recent sandbox wipe or the frustration with slow progress to real life events for us all… but we did it. Look, we survived another year. No matter who you are, where you live, what colour or shape you are, you’re accepted into this community of kind, funny and passionate community. And for that I must say again, a thousand thanks for being yourselves and making me a part of this. So then, here’s to another year where we’ll strive together to reach new heights and topple new hurdles. Here’s to another year of kicking ass.


Thanks to everyone who voted for the Quasar to win for a second time in a row and who prompted Bonham in its first year to the title of best premium company. The acceptance the company has had since its establishment in the first semester of the year has been nothing short of amazing.
Congratulations to all other winners, and that 2018 is an even better year.


This may surprise some and will most definetely come off as whiny, but I don’t consider this a valid decision. I cannot accept the fact that a one-off marketing gimmick made in 2016 wins a category that by all accounts should be reserved for production vehicles. With @squidhead’s consent I’d like to pass the 2017 Truck of the Year award to the Saminda Tonaro.


Oh! Thanks guys! But hey, it’s just accent here on the forums.


The things you listed seem… sane and… reasonable. Are you sure you’re you? :smiley:

@awildgermanappears - yeah, sure I don’t mind handing the truck of the year prize over. It was a marketing stunt anyways, not like it can be used. Well, OK, the 400hp engine trim can actually be chiptuned into a regular car without any actual mechanical changes (IIRC), but other than that it’s a dedicated racecar :smiley:

Wow, okay. Thanks for all the support to my design work and big thanks for voting for Maesima! To retain our title as best common car company while receiving these new awards it’s tremendous. (edit: special thanks to @strop for giving the GBF Bellua an amazing interior and performance I could only dream about!)

But all these awards wouldn’t mean anything if we didn’t have such a great and supportive community to appreciate and make all the hard work worth it. So I’d like to congratulate all the other winners this year and of course thank everyone who was nominated, voted or just helps make this community great.

It’s been a huge year, a year of transition for some from Kee to UE4. It has produced some impressive vehicles and very fun challenges. Plus some great and hilarious moments.

Now as we enter a new year with the slate wiped clean (sigh Thanks, UE4 update). I’m looking forward to seeing things rise to new heights as we discover and untangle all the intricacies of the new UE4 engine.


I’m honoured to receive your votes. There were actually quite a few notable contributions from members new and old (much more than myself, frankly), and it’s good to see some of these acknowledged. I haven’t had as much time to develop the company story this year with a few exceptions, and definitely relied on teaming up with a few people to enhance the impact (special shout-out to Rk38 for the collabs and doing the major legwork on the shops).

Hopefully UE4 will be ironed out next year, because then the content will definitely come to higher and higher standards!


Well, when you create Saminda, but make it un-boring by not axing all your good sportscars, this is the result you get.

I am a potato, i am an Eastender of Chernobyl, I’m light magenta and I am M1 Abrams shaped. I am a sort of living proof that this statement is true.


Well done to all the category winners for this year - let’s hope next year continues the trend of outstanding products and advertisements from a wide variety of brands, hopefully with more UE4 builds as that version improves over time!

Thanks Sillyducky. Without quality 15, it will put Calvinator Engineers to the test again, so the 2020 Super Wagon will be better than the 2019. R&D will begin at the beginning of 2018, and hopefully have a concept out by the first Sunday of the year.

Yugo will be replaced by City. City will be a green car brand that will produce high capacity city cars.

@squidhead It is me, and with all the legal changes at the USN, Gasmea, and UN, these changes are here.

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