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2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed

Airborne Automotive will bring five cars from their racing history, as well as some cars straight from Mount Haruna. Also, special guest from the past is invited to the event.



Welcome to this years coverage of the Goodwood Festival of Speed. I am you official correspondent, Gavin Anderson, currently on a plane (For reasons explained here) but soon to be landing back in the UK and heading down to the gorgeous Goodwood Estate in West Sussex. Anyone with an interest in the car culture in England will almost certainly have heard of this prestigious place; an ode to the automobile set in the gorgeous surroudings of the South Downs National Park. A mere mile to the south of where the FoS is hosted is the Goodwood motoring circuit, which plays host to the Goodwood Revival meeting annually (and that is something anyone who has a passion for classic cars should attend at least once in their lives).

But our focus is on the Festival of Speed, the event for all of the more powerful stuff (and the one where you don’t have to dress up). And, the automotive world has been gradually leaking what we can expect to be blasting up the hillclimb run, as well as some other announcements in the many tents and stands that fill up the rest of the event.

Naturally, this being the British motoring event, the big British marques are making their usual appearance at this year’s show. Erin grand caravan of classic cars and old racers (namely the Heritage Association and some picks ErinSport’s historical collection) will be on there, while Bonham have something very special planned. The team from Redditch have been teasing a Vision Gran Turismo concept, the first from the company, and some rumours have been suggesting it might actually be a fully working car that’ll be driving up the hillclimb.

Adenine are likely going to make an appearance with some classic vehicles, as are Orchid, who will also be bringing some new models. Radian are also revelaing car which will be powered by the customers choice of a N/A or biturbo V8, though they seem to think they’ll be driving on a track…which, er, doesn’t happen at the FoS. Storm will bringing some of the current lineup as well as the 2016MY Mamba for a run up the hillclimb.

Contendiente, Zenshi, Baltazar, Vinson, Bamtech and Cornaldie are all revealing new cars, meaning I’m going to have be running all over the place trying to keep up with them (thanks guys), though details of said cars remain sparse. I’m sure one safe assumption is that they will all be fast. Monolith are bringing a particularly unique array of vehicles in the form of steroid-injected off-roaders, while Airborne are bringing a load of cars from their motorsport history to the show.

No doubt then that it’s going to be loud, action packed and fun. Doors open very soon, we’ll see you tomorrow.


We’ll be there. A teaser is due… Today.

EDIT: teaser out, the forum outage ruined the timing a bit but we’re back and it’s all good!

brought to you by @Rk38 and yours truly, the definitive hypercar on a regular budget and common parts, to be revealed at GFoS



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##Toronto 705 - Coming to the 2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed


#Introducing the Baltazar Quark RS530 Concept

Artwork done by @titleguy1

As the cornerstone of the Baltazar range, the Quark has across its many generations been a practical, affordable, comfortable and fun to drive supermini. Now, we decided to push that last element even further.

The 2.0 inline 4 engine from the Quasar has been further reworked and boosted, to produce an insane 530 hp. All that power is fed to the front wheels only, through a 6-speed manual gearbox. That much power, in such a small car, makes for insane figures. 0-100 is dealt with in 4.8s, top speed is 303 kph and the standing quarter is taken in 12.3s, with a trap speed of 211 kph.

That is enough to make it climb the hill in just


KHT did not have any real new cars to present this year at Goodwood, so banking on spectacle was the next best strategy they could think of.

The first car of the show was the recently developed and still in constant state of modification Eau Rouge Rennsport prototype, the 1100kg 1000hp ballistic missile that earlier sent serious shockwaves through the media, scoring high praise in reviews and magazines, and sparking hot debates on the internet.

Following closely was the never raced, but fully AMWEC Homologated version of the Mistral, the car that gave way to the 2016 Mistral lineup, but never raced in AMWEC 2016 itself. 900 kilogram car sported a 2015 Adelaide AMWEC engine, screaming it’s way to the 10000 rpm redline.

Third car of the lineup was the track special Augusta, the budget KHT of the day, sporting 340hp i4 turbocharged engine which originated in a ManHell sedan, and a 900kg body running easy to source materials and parts everywhere it could, scoring an amazing price of $35,000 in the dealership. This is the car that keeps KHT afloat, selling in the hundreds.

The real treat to the old school racing fans was this, however. 1966 KHT Brooklands, and unlike any other brooklands, this particular one, sported the British Racing Green paint and lacked any aerodynamic lips or spoiler like the regular street version would. This indeed was the exact car that took part in the 1966 BRC championship, raced by the company’s founder himself Kaspar Becker to a top 10 finish with 1 podium scored through the season. These results may not be very impressive, but the level of effort required by then small team of people, and the fact that this was the culmination of the dream “build racing cars” for the trio of founders, makes this one of the most important Kraft Haus Technik vehicles to date. The car still carries scuffs and dings of the last race of the 66 season, as well as a few extra, since Kaspar did take the car to more events later, not realizing the importance of this particular one. The car has never been repaired or restored after the season, and apart from regular maintenance and a few repairs due to wear and tear, as well as age, still runs well today, 50 years and one brutal season after it’s creation.


That bright blue Quark is one of the craziest hot hatches I have ever seen on the forums!

A server crash prevented me from posting anything yesterday, but hopefully I might still be able to come up with something before the festival ends.

Introducing the Contendiente Enemigo 2018.

It is part of the human nature to dream. It is also human to try and make your dreams come true.

The 30th of June, 1967 was the day Luis Gómez established Contendiente’s first factory. The beginning of factory of dreams, a factory of speed, a factory of sensations behind the wheel. A dream carried on by his daughter, who is present with us today. Their first car was a serious competitor to the Ford Lotus Cortina…the 1968 Contendiente Enemigo.

Esmeralda Gómez, daughter of Luis Gómez and current CEO of Contendiente, knew she had to commemorate 50 years of a dream. She designed this car personally with the engineers, artists and test drivers.

We’re proud to present…the 2018 Contendiente Enemigo.

This will be Contendiente’s new flagship car. Powered by a N/A 2L Inline 4, making 250hp sent to the rear wheels, and weighing only 1260kg, this car is a rollercoaster of sensations and emotions. It is a comfortable, elegant small sedan…as long as you have ‘safe’ mode on.

However, when you decide to turn Contendiente mode on…you’ll have to tame the beast; every assist is turned off completely. If you manage to do so, this car will greatly reward you, allowing you to feel like a real race driver. Contendiente also announced that this car will replace the not-so competitive Gladiador in the next ATCC season, and they’re already developing the race car.

The Enemigo during its run.

The Enemigo went for a run towards the end of the day, to find out how quick it was. It managed to complete the track in 1:04.61, driven by Karima Benali, Contendiente’s test driver. She was very happy with how the car handled and behaved.

If you went to Contendiente’s stand, you could see Luis Gomez’s original 1968 Enemigo. Esmeralda Gómez herself gave this flier to everyone who visited it:


Radian is going to be revealing their new model TOMORROW! Stay tuned!

Rennen Automotive made a grand entrance at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Available at Rennen’s exhibit were, as usual, many new and classic Rennen vehicles; the new Kusanagi GT3, Angeles R, Kastana, new and old concepts, and numerous others made an appearance. An open bar was also available. Those who participated in a raffle were able to potentially win a chance to ride along in many new Angeles R’s which were brought to the event. A special VIP lounge was available to all and any current Rennen owners.

Multiple Gran Turismo Sport booths where guests were allowed to test out the all-new Rennen Angeles R, Rennen Kusanagi GT3, and Rennen Caelum R GT4 on various tracks. Large, interactive LCD screens were also featured, where you could “rev” cars on high-definition speakers, tour through the mechanical aspects of every new Rennen simulated in real-time 3D modelling, and even purchase your own 3D printed Rennen of your choice.

Rennen. Perfection in Performace.


How do i download the car for festival of speed

#Vinson Dynamics @ Goodwood

###LG-97 Thunderbolt, A Concept for Goodwood.

We shall begin with the Numbers.

1,804hp. 1,576kg. 16 Liters.

This is a forward push of our ideals. It may not be driveable, but it just a push forward of what we could do. This vehicle will not be running up the hill as it’s not safe enough.

Powered by a 16L V12, making 1,800hp, this is the most powerful Vinson Concept of all time.

###'17 Stryder ARES RX & '86 Stryder WRC Aero

######art by @titleguy1

The All new Stryder RX is the new Rallycross car being run by Autotech Racing in the GRC, and ARES Factory in the WRX. The Version shown here is liveried and shown alongside the 1986 Stryder WRC, which ran in the 1986-1990 World Rally Championship in Group A.

The Vinson Specter 1MR and Devotion Concept are also here, and being run up the mountain. There is also an online raffle for someone at the event to win a new Pilot HyE6.

###Enjoy the Show!


The community has really stepped up in terms of presentations and photo manip, not just from the usual suspects either! Immersion ftw


Ehm… what?


On this Friday’s 11:40 slot 6, for supercars and first time reveals, for the first time ever, the new Bonham Vision Gran Turismo was shown.

All images were photoshopped by, you guessed it, @titleguy1

The Bonham Vision Gran Turismo is what happens when you combine the elements of the great racing simulation and its passion for racing and perfection together with the design team from Bonham, with inputs from Luceat Studios. This low, wide, aggressive sports car is the ultimate expression of the classic 2-seater, front-engined, rear-wheel drive sports car.

Upfront, the car has a 4.7 V8 engine, with 520 hp and capable of revving all the way to 8800 rpm. The power is sent to the rear wheels only, through a 7-speed dual clutch gearbox, which is coupled to an electic differention. The weight distribution is a perfect 50/50 and, with the all-aluminium chassis and panels, this lightweight race trim weighs just 1482 kg, all of which enables the Bonham VGT to get from 0-62 in just 3.5s and all the way onto a top speed of 173 mph.
It was timed going up the hill in just .

And, at last, here is the car shown in action, taking the hill at Goodwood, in the virtual environment of Gran Turismo.


Bonham, out-Astoning Aston. Daaaaaamn.


Orchid Automotive

Lyrel Tourer now available with 7 speed SmoothShift automatic transmission.

EZ-S and EZ-A tourers now available with new 7 speed CVT gearbox. This allows for pure ease of travel in traffic and all EZ-S trim variants now available with Orchid Racing Bleu paint.

  • EZ-S £16100 0%

  • EZ-A £15225 0%

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Storm Automotive’s crew, the Raceworks Division, planned to make quite an entrance.

The sound of the Mamba’s roaring V12 shattered the silence as it screamed toward the show, all four tires throwing smoke as it closed in on the event, 6 liters of twin-turbocharged fury making an entrance.

As the Mamba was left to cool down from the drive here, another car could be heard making its way there. The raspy snarl of a carburetted four cylinder, which really could only mean one car. Soon, the deep blue paint of the 1955 Prince could be seen, propelled forward by the trusty old 1 liter Inline 4 engine. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the Prince was that this time, it wasn’t wearing show-car Antique plates, but standard ones.

Luke stepped out of the Prince, then said, “We’ve come to Goodwood’s Festival of Speed for two reasons. The first is to see how fast the Mamba can go up the hill climb, and the second is to push the old Prince to the limit and see how far we’ve come.”

With the short announcement made, the Mamba was lined up for the hill climb, and took off with fury.

(Unfortunately for everyone here, I don’t have any skill with photo-editing, so this will have to do.)

After the Mamba had returned from the hill climb, the Prince was lined up, and left at a more refined and expected pace.

With the two runs logged in, the Storm Raceworks Division headed off to their designated area to discuss potential future plans for Goodwood. There was definitely some discussion about possibly bringing a 2017 Shadow or the upcoming 2018 Solara Multi-Fuel Hybrid, though.