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2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed


Is there any restrictions as far as game versions are concerned (i.e. UE4 or Kee)?

I’ll go with no. It doesn’t really matter much.

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Contendiente has confirmed their attendance to the event. A new car will be revealed.


Aside from the confusing grammar, is there something we can do with this info?

Oops. My grammar took a vacation for a second. :laughing:

I’d also forgotten to add another small detail, but if anyone would like to pitch a design, I would like to have had poll for the best sculpture made by forum member pertaining to their company as a friendly competition-style thingy.


Gavin Anderson should be around for some limited coverage of the event. I’ll probably change the structure of what I do to make it more of a report of the days activities rather than reviews of all the cars.

ErinSport and the Erin Heritage Association will be making their annual appearance at the show with a range of vehicles.


Rumors have been circulating that Adenine will bring some classic cars from its past to the event. No word on whether or not a new model will be announced.


Grab your ramune bottles and come join us in the Festival of Speed, it’s about to get wild.

Zenshi’s Motorsports Division, ZMD, will be showcasing something special involving a unique hypercar just for Goodwood.


Storm Automotive plans to make an appearance, and intends to bring a 2016 Mamba to the Hill-Climb. As for revealing anything new, we currently have no plans to do so.

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The following video was recently posted on the official Vinson Dynamics Twitter Account with the following words

Prepare to be…


Cornaldie Automotive will be releasing a new supercar. This car should fill the gap between our luxury sport coupes and hyper cars. Details to follow…

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Baltazar Automóveis will bring a brand-new and unique concept car to be raced up the hill. How unique? This here is the first draft of the engine to power this concept car.

The rest of the range will also be present, with the winners of an online contest taking the new Quasar Hatchback on a test-drive at the track.


Orchid confirms that classic models from the Orchid Motor Museum will be present at Goodwood along with concept cars and racing vehicles from the past, as well as a few new models.

Radian is confirming that they are revealing their new car AND are going to be showing off its capabilities at the track.

The new models will feature 2 engine options-a naturally aspirated V8 or one with a twin-turbo setup.


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Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time ever on the Automation forums

Covers will be taken off on June 30th for the second day of the show.

As for the rest of the stand, the brand-new Chaucer Brooklands will be available for display and selected drives up the hill.


Bamtech Sports will be bringing their “new” supercar lineup along with some classic race models because it’s Goodwood and some of the Bamtech staff want to get some track-time in on the classic circuit before the Revival in September.

Because Monolith is metal, we’ll be showing (and driving) three special versions of ordinary Monolith classics of the 1980s and early 90s.

One of them is the dakar inspired Artisan GA760 Turbo…

And the others are never before shown experimental vehicles based on the compact Monolith Meteor SUV

and the Monolith Viaggio MPV


Just a reminder that the show begins in 2 days. Be sure to attend the world-famous event! You are allowed to provide any cars, whether all-new, fresh reveals, classics, and others.