2018 Antiyita International Motor Show


Are you ready?

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We solved some issues, and, finally, we can reveal the car on that auto show.

Gavin will be in attendance. And he’ll actually turn up this time.


2018 Ferrain Mistrain Concept.
(What mean Mistrain? The name of car “Mistrain” is two words “Mistic Rain”)

(In Black Red Rose color and PremiuSX version)

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Hmm… that logo on your teaser has a typeface which reminds me very much of modern Volvos. Swap the T for an S and the illusion would be complete.

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Or T6, like the trim :joy:

2018 Ferrain Hatchrike Concept

(In little blue color and StandX version with almost the best driveability in world.In road test, testers are giving 87/100 points in driveability.)
The Mistrain is coming with more versions and it’s almost completed.Only concept look and other things and ready.



A Classic, Reborn. To celebrate the debut of Shromet’s electric Radiant and Appalachian. #Intervalconcept


Will you be the prey…

…or the Predator?


perfect lights

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AL Autos will be in attendance continuing the release of our new lineup!

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A Motoring Man’s Meanderings

20th May 2018

Well, it’s been a while hasn’t it folks? Real life and other matters have been all over the place for me, but I’m looking forward to flying out to Anikatia once more again next month. It’s not usually like me to jump in this early to start commentary, especially seeing as I’m only just working out travel arrangements, but the motoring world is already buzzing about this year’s show at Antiyita, which is undoubtedly one of the most up and coming car events of the year.

Sadly, no matter how fresh and new this show is in terms of its position in the “biggest shows of the year” section of motor conventions, TSR are choosing to continue holding the beacon for the tried-and-tested, uninspiring and frankly overused ‘car on a black background’ dullness to tease a new SUV and some kind of new mid-engined sports car. Oh great, what joy.

Montes have done better, thankfully, with the teaser for the T60. More concerning however is how they’ve only “solved some issues”. What that actually means or specifies is another question entirely, given that we expected to see the T60 at the Auto China show last month and it didn’t materialize, and instead the company decided to squabble over its supposed “”““copyright””“” of the word Urban. One wonders whether the “issues” mentioned are with the car or the company.

Then again, at least the T60 is a nice looking car, compared to whatever word you can use to describe the hideous Ferrain Mistrain Concept, which appears to have actually grown nostrils. And horrible, disfigured ones at that. As for that naming: what the hell does “mistic rain” even mean? That’s not even how you spell mystic, for a start, and it sounds like they were inspired by a Magic: The Gathering card.

They quickly followed this up with the slightly less ugly “Hatchrike” Concept (Nope, me neither), whilst also making this exceptionally bold claim:

I would like to invite the CEO of Ferrain, @Lorenztype, to offer test drives of his company’s new car to myself and other journalists (cough MotorNation cough) to verify such obtuse language.

Finally, some semblance returned to my email inbox when Shromet sent a press release for a new version of the Interval sports car. A new version has been in the rumour mill for a while, with various spy shots and leaks coming from the American company over the past few months, and we’re now expecting a full release. Once again though, that teaser; really?

Caliban haven’t hidden a thing with the teaser for the handsome looking Predator, which appears to be the newest version of the company’s mid-engined sports car. There’s little else to say other than I’m looking forward to seeing what the Welsh kit-car company have come up with this time.

AL are claiming to have created a car that “Take[s] off like a rocket”, called the Erucae, which is Latin for rocket. Damn, that’s seriously inspired isn’t it.

More to follow from Antiyita 2018. for now though, I’m making myself a cup of tea and booking flights to Anikatia. Bye for now!

- Gavin Anderson


Trademark, not copyright :wink:

And yes. Issues with the model, but now, solved.

Im not sure you understand how trademarks work, but lets just leave it at that.


Yep. Maybe better :joy:


So Ferrain Mistrain isn’t concept.That car is ready in Wagon and Sedan versions.
Available trims:
PremiuSX Sedan or Wagon
SportX Sedan or Wagon
RaceX only in Sedan.
Available engines:
3.5 V6 N/A 315Hp (PremiuSX version)
3.5 V6 N/A 320Hp (SportX version)
3.5 V6 Twinrbo 415hp (RaceX version)
Photos of PremiuSX sedan in front and rear (The somethings have bugs i don’t know why)

And the rear of Wagon Version

Only 5hp difference between the PremiumSX and SportX?