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2018 Toyota Corolla Altis

Introduction to the context: My dad bought himself a new car. Instead of selling off his old car, he’s giving it to me once I enroll in university. It’s a 2018 Corolla Altis with a 1.6L engine. The engine only has 121 hp, although it’s enough to make a car this light fun to drive. Car’s completely bone stock with over 130,000 kilometers on the clock already, as my dad drove it on daily basis back and forth from home, his workplace and customer’s locations. Even though I stand at 188 cm tall, the car is surprisingly specious, my head and knees don’t touch the roof nor the front seats. The driving position is great, not too high or too low. Visibility is so good, I don’t even need backup camera to park in a tight space. I only know how to drive because my dad taught me how to drive in a parking lot. I think that’s about it for my first public topic in years, thank you!