2019 High Import Tax Friendly Budget Premium Car Challenge

If this ever comes up in the future, (which I don’t want it to happen lol) just remember that I made this challenge very early on entering to the game. I didn’t know 60% of the stuff needed to host a proper challenge. And I write too much. Maybe, if someday I become competent enough, I’ll try to host a much better challenge. Sorry to MrChips, CC2090, Jaimz, jamseydude and abg7 if you had to face any negative experiences while talking to inexperienced me (also you’re welcome if I provided entertainment).


Fuel type?
Are turbos taxed or just engine size?

91 RON and 95 RON are allowed.
About turbos, I’ll assure you, the government officials here who decide tax laws have never heard of something called a turbocharger. All they care about is engine volume. So go crazy with it!

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If we’re going by the suggested price in the Markets tab, this is a nonsensically high limit, even with this tax scheme. You could cut this by two-thirds and still have way too much budget to play with.

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I mean I’ve been thinking of reducing it, but I wasn’t sure that if it would be possible to reach certain comfort, drivability and safety points.
Maybe I should rather bump the requirements, because I’ve been rather loose with those instead of the pricing tbh.

Update: The requirements have been buffed slightly due to them being less challenging. Bear with me guys, it’s my first time :frowning:

Updated requirements:
Trim ET: 150
Drivability: 66
Reliability: 55
Comfort: 55
Safety: 45
Utility and Offroad: More than 20 will be rewarded with bonus points
91/95 RON fuel, 9L/100km fuel econ and emissions no more than 60
Service costs below 1100$
Seat limit: At least 4
No slicks, sports or offroad tires.
Can have DI but no perf or race intakes.
Has to have catalytic converters and at least one muffler.

Are mods allowed?

I’d prefer not to have them because for some reason, they break my game everytime. I guess it has something to do with my dismal, no gpu PC.
If you want to use mods, send me the beamNG export files alongside the .car files


Please clarify the price limits. There are different versions of the game that calculate the overall price of the car completely different.

What’s the limit for approximate price for people who use the open beta?

Thanks for pointing this out, didn’t really know this. I’m using open beta myself so these prices are for the beta version. I don’t have the stable version downloaded though :confused:

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I believe that now pricing is identical for open beta and stable as the update to bring stable up to speed was sent out a few days ago.

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Why isn’t there an ET limit for the engine? And why are there no PU limits at all? Also, must the catalytic converter be of the three-way (normal or high-flow) type?

Anything that has a catalytic converter is accepted, hence no specification of the type.
Engine ET is the same as Trim ET.
PU limit is something I’m yet unsure of. I’ll add it ASAP.
Thanks for pointing these out

im pretty sure its captain slow, not slowly.

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Oh I’m sure it is Captain Slow, I just thought it sounded like too much of a ripoff lol


Production Units limit has been added.
Engine ET has been loosened up by 16 more months.
Trim ET has been reduced by 5 months.

Engine PU/ET: 72/166
Trim PU/ET: 125/145

@abg7 there you go man!