2019 Los Angeles Auto Show


Are you ready to kiss the Ghost?
someone very important said one day
“if you have ghosts, you have everything”
So Alfora is proud to anounce that the brand will announce its new concept car at Los Angeles Auto Show
for now
a teaser of it

Coming soon to LA.

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@BannedByAndroid you might already explained this but do u know “drivers.com” is an actual pc driver website?

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Are you gonna take part in it? I am looking forward to see your cars here if yes!

Montes it will be on the show

@MrAdi I dont know as of now. My dog knocked my laptop over and broke the charger :angry: Hopefully i can get another today or soon

I already knew that since I started it.

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i love the fact that there is a “don’t click the link” warning but there is 40 clicks on the link


Prepare for a next generation of Rigore.


2020 Saab 9-5 NG - Not your typical car. Stay tuned for more…

Disclaimer: this isn’t intended to infringe upon any real life company’s intellectual property. I love Saabs and this is my idea of what a hypothetical 2020 Saab 9-5 would look like. I mixed some actual Saab design patterns (like the grill layout and some engines) and took artistic liberties with other parts. If this is against any rules, I’ll remove the post.


That is just one of the many possibilities that would result if someone bought the rights to SAAB and resurrected its car-making arm.

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We Are Happy To Announce We Are To LA Auto Show
We Will Unveil Our New Products
See You!

The new Saab 9-3S - Like a fighter jet on wheels

The full 9-3S and 9-5 NG lineup is to be unveiled the 17th of November so stay tuned.

Are you ready to kiss the past goodbye and see the future?
Meet my “babies”! (left to right)
Ibishu Angelus & Burnside PP

Try your luck with a custom design here:

Do this and you could win a free Asaki 95 Vision GT (specialty vehicle)!


BREMEN: Due to several internal issues and production concerns of several vehicles*, Ursula AG has announced that the company will officially withdraw from this year’s LA Auto Show. According to officials, all upcoming vehicle launches will be commencing instead on a separate event “sometime in early 2020”.

* actually due to personal reasons

Sapporo:Due to concerns of safety*,Hankida Motors has withdraw from this year’s LA Auto Show. All new vehicles will be now be hosted on Online release in early 2020.

*actually due to school

I get your intention, but why do it right after I did? It’s better to hold it for a while or else anyone else will thought the show is dying or somewhat.