2019 Los Angeles Auto Show


BREMEN: Due to several internal issues and production concerns of several vehicles*, Ursula AG has announced that the company will officially withdraw from this year’s LA Auto Show. According to officials, all upcoming vehicle launches will be commencing instead on a separate event “sometime in early 2020”.

* actually due to personal reasons

Sapporo:Due to concerns of safety*,Hankida Motors has withdraw from this year’s LA Auto Show. All new vehicles will be now be hosted on Online release in early 2020.

*actually due to school

I get your intention, but why do it right after I did? It’s better to hold it for a while or else anyone else will thought the show is dying or somewhat.

It’s the 17th, that means it’s time to unveil the newest additions to the Saab family. You’re welcome to browse our brochures (click on the titles to expand the details) and take a look at the cars!

2020 Engine Lineup

The classic Saab H engine has been with us since 1981 and is here to stay. There was 4 different versions of the B204, but with the B204NG, we’ve carefully balanced performance and fuel economy and combined the qualities of all 4 engines into one perfectly tuned engine.

Displacement: 2.0L
HP, Torque (Nm) and boost: 200hp / 256Nm / 0.69 Bar

Declared one of the best engines in Ward’s 10 Best Engines of 1995 and 1996, the legendary 2.3L turbocharged engine is back and stronger then ever.

Displacement: 2.3L
HP, Torque (Nm) and boost: 300hp / 340Nm / 0.87 Bar

The high tech newcomers are our first production V8 engines. The B558 is a compact 5.5L V8 designed to be mounted transversely and the B408 is it’s smaller little brother, which is essentially the B308E V6 engine with an extra pair of cylinders, designed to be mounted transversely in smaller engine bays.

The B558, being our flagship engine, uses high strength titanium conrods, the same titanium found in our aircraft production line, to make sure the engine can handle a 7900 RPM redline with its long stroke.

Displacement: 4.0L / 5.5L
HP, Torque (Nm) and boost: 392hp / 552hp || 492Nm / 718Nm || 0.81 Bar / 0.82 Bar

Saab 9-5 NG Sedan

It’s exactly what you expect from a Saab, but in a contemporary package. Longer wheelbase for extra passenger room, comfortable seats and precision tuning of every single part and lastly, the best in safety tech that’s available.

Special package - Saab 9-5 Viggen

The one and only, legendary, Viggen, named after one of the most advanced fighter jets in service in Europe during its time, is back. The legendary B234R has been brought back to life and souped up, paired to a high performance 6 speed manual. It also features the blue color as found on the 2000s Saab 9-3 Viggen.

Special package - Saab 9-5 Gripen

Named after the famous multirole fighter jet, this super sedan is fully decked out with a 628hp version of the B558, has a 7 speed DCT, AWD, carbon fiber rims, carbon ceramic brakes and a sports tuned suspension. The carbon fiber composites found on the car are sourced from our aircraft production line, for this special package.

Saab 9-5 NG Wagon

The same high tech Saab 9-5, but as a safe and practical family wagon. Features lots of room, lots of cargo capacity and a vareity of options to customize it to your liking.

Special package - Saab 9-5 Draken

Named after the first supersonic aircraft to be deployed in Western Europe, the first aircraft to perform the Cobra manevourer, this super wagon features similar upgrades as the Gripen sedan but uses the 4.0L B408R as the B558R didn’t fit in the engine bay in a transverse configuration.

Saab 9-3S - The Wheeled Fighter Jet

The only difference between this and a fighter jet is the lack of wings and jet engine. It is the result of a perfect mix of aerospace engineering techniques and automotive engineering. The chassis is made with aerospace grade aluminum and with specialized adhesives used in the aerospace industry. The panels are all made with lighweight aluminum found on aircraft. The car has undergone extensive aerodynamic testing to ensure superb, super car-like performance. The HUD entertainment system is heavily inspired by the interface found in fighter aircraft.

Special package - Special Edition - Saab 9-3S Lansen

Named after one of the first aircraft in the world to be specifically built to conduct attack missions, this is our flagship model & package in the 9-3X range. 0-100km/h takes only 2.9 seconds, top speed is 322 km/h, it pulls 1.16Gs in corners. It is essentially a fighter jet on wheels.

Model & equipment sheet

AL Autos Confirms Attendance


At the very last minute, the AL Autos Executive Team has greenlit AL Autos’ appearance at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show! While this is sudden we do have something to show you. This “something” has been in the works for quite some time now and we are excited to reveal it here in our home state! Stay tuned!

A thoroughbred Rigore, electrified.

The wraps were taken off of the first-ever 100% electric Rigore at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show; sporting the DNA of a true Rigore sports car, the Vulnair is a true game-changer.

530 Exclusive shown in Maldive Turquoise Metallic.

Effortless thrust, exceptional handling, endless fun.

Unafraid to take risks, the new Vulnair is Rigore’s first foray into the world of electric cars. A synchronous dual-motor AWD system is in place mated to a dual-speed transmission in the rear. With up to 530 horsepower on tap combined with the two-motor and two-speed synergy, the Vulnair is capable of shocking acceleration. Step on accelerator, take a deep breath, and after 3.5 seconds you’ll be at 62 mph. Keep on pushing through, and you’ll eventually hit a limited top speed of 149 mph. The lithium-ion battery options are mounted underneath the floor, staying true to the low center of gravity found in Rigore’s boxer engine models; thanks to an air-cutting design and other efficiency saving measures, the Vulnair is capable of travelling over 320 miles on a single charge with a 95.0 kWh battery. When the low center of gravity is combined with an all-aluminum construction for the body panel and chassis, advanced suspension setup, and fine-tuned steering by MT-R, the Vulnair’s steering precision gives way to high-control driving dynamics. The dual-motor system is able to modulate power between wheels through corners to provide maximum control to the Vulnair’s pilot, making the Vulnair a true driver’s car. The combination of sports-car handling, rapid acceleration, and impressive range all combine to make the first Rigore electric car not just a competent high-performance vehicle but a genuinely imperssive Rigore.

530 Exclusive shown in Maldive Turquoise Metallic.

Redefining electric car status through design.

Easily one of Rigore’s most innovative, pioneering designs, the Vulnair features a highly sculpted body shape with dramatic design elements that all represent a new era for the industry. The front end heavily derives from the Mjölnir supercar, with slender elements and a playful use of negative space to lead the eye around the solid-formed body. A strikingly low cowl and teased fender flares contribute to the aggressive motif. Travel towards the sides and an elegant treatment of detail preludes the shapes used on the rear end of the vehicle, where one will find an equally graceful approach to design. The varying widths of the taillights provide a contrast to the horizontal nature, whilst the pure treatment of the lower rear fascia keeps the design fresh. An optional all-glass roof provides a further dramatic symmetry to the body. Each aspect of the body exhibits Rigore’s three-dimensional approach to design, emphasizing minimalism and subtractive style that defines the Vulnair’s sleek allure.

530 Exclusive shown with Jet Black SynTact.

A symphony of the sustainable and indulgence.

The simple, emotional, and calculated exterior design is well-reflected on the forward-thinking interior. The elegant center stack wraps around the driver as a way to focus on the road ahead - controls are simple to operate, and a haptic-feedback screen has been developed in great detail to feel as if one were touching real metal buttons. The revised Rigore Electronic Vision 4 (REV4®) infotainment system has a clean, refreshing layout that’s made to be more natural to access, read, and navigate than ever before. The standard digital driver’s display is exclusively designed for future Rigore EV models, with a futuristic and accessible interface that is easily adjustable for all of your needs. Standard is the option of 5 seats, with a premium 4-seat layout optional on all models. In terms of the materials, the Vulnair is the first Rigore to have a specifically-developed vegan interior with no animal products; synthetic suede can be substituted for the standard leatherette materials, whilst interior trim options are either synthetic or sustainable veneer. A balanced design inside and out with the environment in mind, the Vulnair truly pushes Rigore into the next generation of electric vehicles.

530 Exclusive shown in Maldive Turquoise Metallic.

Find out more at our official website.

Rigore. Perfection in Performance.


Japanese Engineering, American Design.

Designed by LaVelle Studios (thank you so much @titleguy1), the new Reizei Kumo reflects the new design language of the company while standing out as it’s own unique entity.

(Sorry for the short text, but I don’t have much time, and I will fill later)

Montes X90 (restyling)

(3.5S in blue, and MRP V8 in black shown)

Introducing the 2020 Vermillion Predator
Time to show some fangs.

The new halo car of Vermillion Motor Company, Predator is Vermillion’s first foray into the supercar market. Powered by a variant of Vermillion’s 4.8 ST09 V8 engine, it develops 671 horsepower, delivered through a dual clutch transmission and an AWD system (30F/70R split), which is enough to get this car to 100 km/h in 2.7s, and blaze through the quarter mile in 10.39s.

I’m really not that good with writing flavor text, please don’t make me write more.


AL Autos Special Release Event

Welcome one and all to the AL Autos booth here at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show! We are here today to show you something that we’ve been working on for a while now. We’ve been on a bit of a hiatus from designing as of late but not inactive. We used this hiatus to rethink how we could design our vehicles both on the outside and on the inside. We’ve been doing our research and figuring out a new approach in order to make sure that every AL Autos model is better than it was before. Using our newfound insight, we decided to perform a comprehensive update of one of our models and we would like to know what you all think. Now, without further a do, lets get on with things, shall we?

AL Autos is proud to present the newly redesigned 2020 AL Autos Quaestus

(A short film showcasing the new design of the AL Autos Quaestus made by me. Enjoy :slight_smile: )

The AL Autos Quaestus! Take on new perspectives.

RGXLEW2 trim shown in AL Crimson Red

The Underpinnings

To start things off with the newly redesigned compact luxury sedan, the Quaestus, we started with the underpinnings of the Quaestus. One of our objectives with this revision of the Quaestus was to provide a versatile selection of trims that would appeal to many different markets. To start, buyers would have a choice of a total of 4 newly designed powertrains. All 4 engines deliver their power through our AL4Road All Wheel Drive System that biases the power delivery more towards the rear (40F/60R) to provide for a sportier driving characteristics. The base powertrain contains a 2.3 L Turbocharged I4 producing 312.1 Horsepower and 240.8 lb-ft of Torque while providing MPG values up to 29.1 MPG. If that isn’t enough for you, the next level of powertrain available for the Quaestus is a 2.5 L Turbocharged I5 producing 349.2 Horsepower and 261.6 lb-ft of Torque , while providing MPG values up to 24.7 MPG. If that still isn’t enough to quench your need for power, the sportier trims up the anti with 2 high performance engines. The first is a 3.0 L Turbocharged I6 producing 423.7 Horsepower and 316 lb-ft of Torque while providing MPG values up to 23 MPG. The second is a beastly engine from our performance division, the Draconis Tuning Division: a DTD Specialized 4.0 L Twin Turbo V8 producing 545.7 Horsepower and 428.3 lb-ft of Torque while providing MPG values up to 18.8 MPG. The engines of the normal commuter versions are connected to ALTech Automatics that provide smooth responsive power delivery and shifting. The engines of the sport commuter versions are connected to ALSportTech Dual Clutch Transmissions that provide instant gear shifts along with instant power delivery. This allows for the Quaestus to accelerate from 0-62 MPH anywhere from 7.39 seconds down to a quick 3.6 seconds. The normal commuter versions have Double Wishbone F/R AL-Road-Ride suspension with specialized adaptive dampers and semi active sway bars to soak up the punishment of the roads. The sport versions have Double Wishbone F/R AL-Road-Sport-Drive suspension with Active Springs, Semi Active Dampers, and Passive Swaybars. To aid in slowing the Quaestus, the commuter versions have appropriately sized disc brakes. The sport versions have high quality powerful vented disc brakes. These will slow the Quaestus down as quick as 115 FT from 62-0 MPH. All in all, the Quaestus, while it may be our compact luxury sedan, still has the parts and gusto to go quick. Around the Airfield Test Track, the most hardcore Quaestus, the RGS DTD, goes around in 1:20.2. The Quaestus’ underpinnings are symphony of parts that know just what they are doing.

RGS trim shown in AL Blue

The Exterior Styling

The exterior design of the Quaestus was another aspect of the car that we pondered on for quite some time. We wanted the Quaestus to have a sleek look yet also have some hints of sportiness and such. In addition, we wanted this design to be fitting for both sedans and estates. To do this, we used inspiration from some of our other vehicles that we’ve released and tried some new design techniques as well. The front end was sculpted from a blank slate. If we were going to redesign the Quaestus for the new revision/model year, we wanted a look that set it apart from the older revisions of the Quaestus. We included a sleeker design for the headlamps and infused some sporty sharp angles with some more relaxed sleek angles. From the sides, we can see a sleeker side profile especially with the flush door handles. The rear end features a sleek tail lamp using various shapes. Again, we wanted the luxury and sport aspects to blend as well as it can. Overall, the Quaestus. Overall the new Quaestus embodies a new generation of the AL Autos motif: A complex combination of shapes and fixtures which allow for sleek and sporty profiles and designs.

RGXLE2 shown in AL Frosty White

The Special Amenities

The Quaestus is loaded with some of the newest tech and features to come out of our R&D department. Starting with the interior, the Quaestus comes with supportive and comfortable leather seats that can be adjusted perfectly to suit the drivers needs. To add onto this, the Quaestus comes with our newly redesigned infotainment system we decided to dub the ALInterConnect System. This was a newly designed system which provides control of many of the car’s functions, intelligent satellite navigation, as well as various bits of information such as weather, traffic, online calendar entries synced from many internet sources, and so much more. Most of all, however, the new ALInterConnect System provides a more minimalist modern look compared to the outgoing ALWorldConnect Infotainment system. Other amenities in the interior include a comprehensive HUD standard on all trim levels, a digital dashboard, and an auto diming windshield which protects occupants from the blinding lights that surround our daily lives. The safety tech and features have also been upgraded for the Quaestus inside and out. Starting with the airbags, the Quaestus comes with the standard airbags located around the cabin as well as inflating seatbelts, footwell airbags front and rear, and, new for this model year, inflating headliner and head rests. The safety technology is also visible in the car. Included are the usual autonomous emergency braking, 360-degree radar protection, and such. A feature which made it to the Quaestus is a feature that was previously debuted with the Aurum: ALMedAlert system. This system includes a heart rate sensor on the steering wheel as well as many other sensors integrated into the driver’s seat. In the event that this system detects irregularities or medical emergencies with the driver, the ALMedAlert system with either prompt the driver to see if they’re ok or, in the case of a major medical emergency (stroke, heart attack, black out, etc), will turn on an integrated autopilot system that will safely pull the vehicle over to the side of the road and immediately dial emergency services. Under the hood of the car, there are airbags that deploy when a pedestrian incident occurs which provides a cushion to soften the blow. Finally, another highlight of the tech is that the Quaestus comes with an integrated 360-degree dash cam which uses the cameras located around the car to monitor driving and parking conditions which can sync footage to your phone.

RGS DTD shown in AL Firey Glow

Prices for the Quaestus are as follows (Prices are Estimations):

RGLE: $46,000
RGLE2: $49,400
RGLEW: $46,100
RGLEW2: $49,400
RGXLE2: $56,700
RGXLEW2: $56,900
RGS: $68,900
RGSW: $68,400
RGS DTD: $90,200

That’s all for the presentation! Thank you for joining us in this special event! Feel free to look around the car if you so desire. More pictures bellow. The spec sheet will be available upon request if you would like a more in-depth look into what makes the Quaestus what it is! If there are any automotive journalists or curious persons who would like to test drive the Quaestus, don’t be afraid to ask! Again, thank you for joining us here at this special event! Have a lovely rest of your day!


Bocian Transport arrives at LA Auto Show with new generation of Sportiv!

It’s a front engine supercar, which doesn’t happen a lot (two cheapest trims are premium sports cars). Carbon fibre monocoque makes this car very light, looking at the interior and systems. All trims have panoramic roof, SWS (Self Wiper System), FHS (Flat Headlights System), parking camera in the badge (rear) and dashcam in the badge (front).

Engine lineup

V8 5.0 DOHC4

N19Sfp - 464hp / 413nm / 9K / redline / NA
T19Sfp - 671hp / 598nm / 9K / redline / Turbo
N19PSfp - 473hp / 418nm / 9,5K / redline / NA
T19PSfp - 690hp / 606nm / 9,5K / redline / Turbo

Trim lineup

Z19C - N19Sfp / 3.6 0-100kmh / 299kmh VMax / 7.8l per 100km / Sport interior / 94000$
S19C - T19Sfp / 3.2 0-100kmh / 325kmh VMax / 7.9l per 100km / Sport interior / 97000$
P19C - N19PSfp / 3.5 0-100kmh / 300kmh VMax / 7.7l per 100km / Luxury interior / 107000$
PS19C - T19PSfp / 3.1 0-100kmh / 330kmh VMax / 8.0l per 100km / Luxury interior / 108000$
L19C - N19PSfp / 3.6 0-100kmh / 300kmh VMax / 7.8l per 100km / Hand-made interior / 124000$
LS19C - T19PSfp / 3.0 0-100kmh / 332kmh VMax / 8.4l per 100km / Hand-made interior / 129000$

Palatial Motors Upcoming Vehicles

The All New 2020 Palatial Ace
(From left to right, Sport, EX, Base)
The Ace is our small car option that ensure a comfortable yet sporty ride with 205HP* on tap. The Ace has 3 body styles, A 3dr hatchback, A 5dr hatchback, and A 4dr sedan. The Ace is also reasonably priced, with the base model priced at $19,000 and the sport model priced at $27,000. The Ace is also very safe with a 5 star crash test rating. It will come out on December, 17, 2019
*On sport model only
NOTE: The Imperator is not ready for release yet so give us a few months to tweak it a bit then it will be revealed

If you have ghost, you have everything

the time has come to ghosts to be alive with a hybrid 4.5L V6TT, the future has come delivering 700hp and revving till 10,200RPM. What it makes? makes a handmade interior car with 1ton go 0-100km/h in 2s and going till 360km/h. What it takes? For the only version in the market, you can pay the bagatelle of 5 million dollars. With all the future can bring for the next 10 years. It was made to show the technology Alfora will be using in the next years in its cars. One car is ready for test drive(the other one of the 2 cars made).


Doubtless it will be immensely powerful and torquey, but it won’t be very refined. Besides, a proper hypercar deserves a proper engine - one with at least one more pair of cylinders.

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I tried optimizing the perfomance the better i could, and a v8/v10/v12 wouldnt deliver much more than this V6, but, being a personal-made car on that price, Alfora offers whatever type of engine the costumer wants.

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New from Atlas, The next generation of Affordable sports car, the carbon

2019 Atlas Carbon S

The next generation carbon, the sports car for the masses. No frills performance without the premium, just a simple turbocharged four cylinder, rear wheel drive, and a six speed manual gearbox. We at Atlas know that not everyone can afford a major performance vehicles such as the potent Vortex or the V10 exotic like the R. The carbon is the car for the aspiring automotive enthusiast on a budget.

Powering the Carbon S is the venerable CR18 DET, which has been improved and upgraded to produce almost 260 horsepower from the original 205. That power is pushed to the rear wheels via the M96 6 speed manual transmission(which can be equipped with an VPP(velocity performance parts) short shift kit as an option). However, if your not satisfied with the performance of the S, a wide range of VPP products is available to customize the vehicle to your liking.

The combination of sports suspension, aerodynamics, and sports compound tires allow the carbon to achieve an average of 1.13g around the track. The suspension is adjustable on the fly, allowing for either comfort or performance with just a touch of a button. The interior of the Carbon utilizes carbon fire and generous amounts of Alcantara, giving its occupants good comfort for the price.

Cost: $28,500 USD


Engine: 1.8L TFSI I4 DOHC Transmission: M96 Manual
Horsepower: 258 hp @ 8000rpm Torque: 183 lb-ft @ 6500rpm
Weight: 3001lb Skidpad: 1.13g
0-60(mph): 5.3s Top speed: 157 mph
1/4 mile: 13.62 MPG: 23 mpg

Atlas Carbon V300

As of this generation, the V250 has been discontinued, instead customers can look forward to the usual V300 and the new V370. The latest V300 takes the place of the outgoing V250, offering better performance that its predecessor at a slightly increased price. The V300 is for those who seek something better than the standard S but more daily driver friendly than the V370.

Powering the V300 is the usual CS20 DET inline 6 that the previous V300 used, however its been tunes to produce an additional 10 horsepower for a total of 311. The power is delivered via the F8 dual clutch sequential transmission that is a mainstay on many Atlas vehicles. This allows the V300 to achieve a 0 to 60 of 4.8 seconds from a stand still. Additional parts from VPP can push this lower if the owner desires(with full factory warranty intact).

Additional aerodynamics help keep the V300 stuck to the tarmac, improving the g force from the original V300’s 1.10 to 1.15G. The deployable rear wing helps to keep the Carbon V300 stable at high speeds and the adjustable front lip further helps maintain that grip. The interior of the V300 now has leather to complement the Alcantara and optional carbon kevlar trim. The aerodynamics can be tuned from the infotainment system in the V300 alongside the magnetic suspension.

Cost: $37,500 USD


Engine: 2.0L TFSI I6 DOHC Transmission: F8 Sequential paddle shift
Horsepower: 311 hp @ 8600rpm Torque: 214 lb-ft @ 7000rpm
Weight: 3055lb Skidpad: 1.15g
0-60(mph): 4.8s Top speed: 170 mph(electronically limited)
1/4 mile: 13.15 MPG: 19.5 mpg

Atlas Carbon V370

The Carbon V370 is all new for this year, the new top of the carbon line of sports cars. The V370 provides the maximum experience available to prospective carbon buyers. Upping the power to a impressive 372hp and 243 lb-ft of torque. If track focus is more your style, than the V370 has everything your looking for in sports car.

The V370 comes in a limited Atlas racing white, a special option few Atlas vehicles get. Thats not the only thing special about the V370, it also utilizes a Spirit modular engine in a flat 6 pattern. Screaming to a 9000 rpm redline, the Spirit F6 is more than enough to get you excited about your day. The power of the spirit engine is put to the pavement via the usual F8 sequential but its aided by the edge all wheel drive system, to get the most out of The V370.

The interior has extensive use of carbon fibre and limited edition Recaro seats(with color matched leather to the exterior paint). The V370 as has access to the optional Velocity HUD system, featured on other Atlas Vehicles.

Cost: $46,500 USD


Engine: 2.9L FSI F6 DOHC Transmission: F8 sequential paddle shift
Horsepower: 372 hp @ 8900rpm Torque: 243 lb-ft @ 7500rpm
Weight: 2983lb Skidpad: 1.26g
0-60(mph): 4.0s Top speed: 171 mph
1/4 mile: 12.31 MPG: 15 mpg

Atlas Carbon GT Cup

The final model of Carbon, the GT Cup race car. The GT Cup is intended to compete in roughly GT4 class, the model your seeing is without the restrictors. The chassis has been strengthened and as much weight trimmed as possible. A full roll cage has been installed, a racing seat and Carbon fibre aluminum matrix wheels fitted with racing slicks.

The Spirit F6 now generates 445 horsepower at 9200rpm and 268 lb of torque. The C14 competition transmission has been fitted to achieve lightning quick shifts and put all 445 horsepower to the pavement. the aerodynamics were optimized with extensive wind tunnel testing and then tested in time trials on a section of the nurburgring.

The GT Cup is the ultimate performance that the Carbon can achieve, however it is not street legal. It is, however, able to be purchased at any dealer like any other carbon. If you want a fully track ready vehicle without having to deal with the modifications and certification, than the GT Cup is an excellent option.

Cost: $72,000(est.) USD


Engine: 2.9L FSI F6 DOHC Transmission: C14 Competition straight cut sequential
Horsepower: 445 hp @ 9200rpm Torque: 268 lb-ft @ 8300rpm
Weight: 2713lb Skidpad: 1.33g
0-60(mph): 3.4s Top speed: 181 mph
1/4 mile: 11.59 MPG: N/A

Hope you enjoyed this latest offering from Atlas, have a good 2019 LA auto show!

And here comes a disclaimer: Ghost have two types of motorization possible, the 4.5L V6TT or the 5.5L V8TT, that was made for the car but changed in a later study, If the owner of this incredible car wants, he can change the engine easily on the buy. Remembering that this V6 will be used on 2020 lineup, obviously with some downgrades.

Spander Automobiles presents

The Electro-Sport Concept

“Based on the latest innovations made by Spander in terms of electric propulsion, this concept embodies Spander’s vision for the future of sports car, an aerodynamic piece of art, both in engineering and aesthetic, conceived for performance and comfort. A car that makes you feel the future, a bright, marvelous tomorrow where technology and inspiration rules an ever-evolving world.”


And I thought BMW trim levels and names were confusing! Regardless, sharp-looking car

Montes T30 (Restyling)

More info, soon :tm: