2019 New York International Auto Show

2020 Yamanishi Mulholland

Conquer the Open Road.

The 2020 Yamanishi Mulholland is the latest and most powerful Yamanishi yet.

Engineered in collaboration with Aston Martin, the flagship Mulholland has been designed with the driver in mind. With the Active AWD, 7-speed manual transmission, and the 6.1L V12 putting out a staggering 715 horsepower and 668 ft-lbs of torque, it is one of the most powerful grand tourers on the market.

Don’t expect it to be all power and no comfort, however. With factory heated and air-conditioned bucket seats, leather interior, panoramic moonroof and ambient lighting, and the Yamanishi CyberLink touchscreen display and HUD, you’ll be able to power through the world’s toughest roads, such as California’s Mulholland Drive, in comfort and style.

Prices will begin at $179,399.

Mulholland #1 will be auctioned at Barrett-Jackson Northeast on June 27, 2019.


Time for the full reveal of the Roamer lineup for 2019!

PX 5.0 - The affordable premium full size sedan

  • Extensive handling testing and suspension tuning
  • Responsive steering.
  • Suburb handling, it doesn’t even feel like you’re driving a full size sedan.
  • 169 MPH top speed.
  • 298HP 5.0L V8.
  • Price is ONLY $29 016.

LX 6.5 - Luxury motoring isn’t only a rich man’s privilege

  • Luxurious 4 seat interior.
  • Top of the line infotainment system (luxury).
  • 6.5L 422HP V8.
  • 192 MPH top speed.
  • Active comfort suspension.
  • Price is ONLY $43 549!

The PPV (Patrol and Pursuit Vehicle) - an officer’s dream, a criminal’s nightmare

  • The fastest police car in the US*.
  • High degree of officer comfort.
  • Extensive work and tuning of the suspension.
  • Heavily reinforced suspension, clears curbs at over 60 MPH with no suspension damage.
  • Extensive handling testing.
  • Stays on the tail of fast sports cars (in BeamNG).
  • Heavily reinforced front end for repeated PIT maneuvers & tactical contact.
  • 374HP 5.0L V8.
  • 0-60 in 5.82 seconds.
  • Top speed 178 MPH
  • 3474 lbs of carrying capacity.
  • Can tow 3271 lbs (towing package option available).

*By HP figures and top speed.


The 2020 Saminda C3 is the greatest C3 ever.

The Saminda C3 have been around for more than 55 years, and the tenth generation C3 will be much stylish, safer, quicker and more efficient. And it’s time to debut in the 2019 New York Auto Show.

Of course what we are seeing now is a concept version, but Saminda says it will look very similiar to it production version. It will ride on the latest New Structural Platform also known as nS platform. The nS platform currently underpins on the PonQi and C7, the nS platform is much more stiffer for a more engaging drive.

But it’s not just sporty that will be in the new C3, Saminda claims it will be also much comfortable and more leg room because the whole car is almost 1 inch longer.

Now here comes the interesting part, the powertrain, we got some information from Saminda about the engine option, atleast in the United States, it will be powered by either a 1.8-liter naturally aspirated or a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine, we don’t know the turbocharged engine will make how much horses but the naturally aspirated will make around 148bhp.

While the C3 is one of the top-selling vehicles of all time, sales are declining as the popularity of sedans continues to decrease, but Saminda hopes the new redesign C3 will work to increase interest and better compete in the dwindling sedan market.


A turbocharged version of the 1.8 is what the new C3 deserves if it is to challenge hot compacts such as the I30 N and Civic Type R. While I’m at it, I’d suggest a retuned chassis to go along with the punchier engine, ensuring that it can deal with twisty roads while retaining a supple ride. Fingers crossed the resulting hot version debuts in a few months’ time.


The All-New 2020 Tanaka Okanawa

Tanaka Okanawa 5.0 S shown

The brand-new Okanawa will be our first ever full-size SUV. It uses an all-new SUV-exclusive modular chassis that uses a double-wishbone front suspension and multi-link suspension at the back. The Okanawa is a full-size premium SUV. The Okanawa is aimed at families who wants to go everywhere in comfort and space. Its new design makes the car look muscular and prestigious. The Okanawa also features all of the safety features such as lane assist, blind spot monitoring, parking assist, autopilot, you name it. The Okanawa has all of them as standard. The Okanawa uses the same 5 litre EarthBoost V8 found on the 8th generation Tanaka Aventus revealed at the beginning of the year. The Okanawa will be expected to go on sale on late June this year.

Tanaka Okanawa 5.0 G shown

The 5.0 G is the base model of the Okanawa. The F50DI-A1 EarthBoost unit produces 394HP and 478 lb-ft of torque. The Okanawa has a locking 4WD system and an advanced computer-controlled 9-speed automatic transmission. It has 3-piston vented disk brakes behind all 4 wheels to reduce brake fade. The rims are 19-inch alloys wrapped around medium-compound tires. To improve as much fuel economy as possible, all Okanawa has a fully-clad undertray to reduce drag. The 5.0 G features a premium leather interior, piano black trim as standard and a premium infotainment system. The 5.0 G can do 25mpg on the 5-seat configuration. The 5.0 G has a base price of $33531 before mark-ups.

Tanaka Okanawa 5.0 L shown

The 5.0 L is a more luxurious version of the 5.0 G. The rims are now 20-inch alloys. The interior is mostly the same, but with a luxury infotainment system. The 5.0 L can do 24.7mpg on the 5-seat configuration. The 5.0 L has a base price of $36761 before mark-ups.

Tanaka Okanawa 5.0 S shown

The 5.0 S is the performance version of the Okanawa. The F50DI-B1 EarthBoost unit produces 467HP and 508 lb-ft of torque. This enables the car to get to 60mph in 6.91 seconds and has a top speed of 187mph with the 5-seat configuration. The brakes are also upgraded to a 4-piston vented disk brakes. It can do 24.4mpg. The 5.0 S has a base price of $39524 before mark-ups.

Seat Configuration

There are 3 seat configurations available to choose from:
5 seats (standard) +$0
7 seats +$2900
8 seats +$3700

Thank you for visiting our booth. Please PM us if you want to test drive the Okanawa.


Over 50 years of racing pedigree, condensed into a premium package.

The latest in over a decade of the Caelum performance line, the 2020 Rigore Caelum MT-R is a true sports machine.

Sedan MT-R in Cavansite Cerulean Metallic shown.


The latest Caelum MT-R is available with the most powerful turbocharged 4-cylinder Rigore has ever made; displacing 2.1 liters, this application of the engine churns out over 370 horsepower and 255 lb-ft. Revving out to 8600 rpm, endless thrills are to be had with this powertrain. Feel the rush of air past your windows as you floor the throttle and wait for just 4 seconds until the 7-speed dual-clutch transmission shifts the car to 62 mph. An electronically adjustable sports suspension setup and the groundbreaking SD platform combine for a truly unique driving experience. Steering is weighted to feel natural and linear, not artificially boosted. Dual electronic limited-slip differentials means that the rear-biased AWD system can send all power to and of the 4 driven wheels at any point in time. With roots tied into racing and cutting-edge technology, the Caelum transcends all expectations into a truly dynamic compact luxury car.

Sedan MT-R in Cavansite Cerulean Metallic shown.

Exterior and Interior
The latest Caelum MT-R has the already stunning Caelum as a base design and gives it a sinister flair. With an aggressive front fascia and carbon-fibre accents, there’s no mistaking this for a standard Caelum. Both the front lip and rear spoiler help to develop downforce at high speed. Inside, sports bucket seats are standard with 12-way adjustment for both drivers and passengers along with lumbar support. Carbon-fiber inlays are optional and along with body color accenting combine for a modern, clean aesthetic. Overall, the latest Caelum MT-R perfectly balances every aspect of a sports car and a compact luxury vehicle, all in a perfectly stylish package.

Sedan MT-R in Cavansite Cerulean Metallic shown.

Find out more at our official website.

Rigore. Perfection in Performance.


Hornet in the 2019 NYIAS

this year marks Hornet’s first year in the 2019 New York International Auto Show, presenting considerably known models such as the Selena and Sidion.

One model, however, is considerably different from the others, with the help of 21 special individuals from Hornet’s high-tech division, a new age of Hornet may be flourished.

The Hornet Ventuno (21 in Italian) is a project in which creating a “Grand Tourer that would stand out from everyone else,” is then fleshed out to reality.

The upscale Korean grand tourer utilizes the traditional 2+2 layout, with a considerable twist that makes the car different from many other GTs available in the market today; it’s mid-engined as well.

The 21 designers and engineers that lead the development of this car made sure that it would be a car that would come from Hornet, but a Hornet that would be memorable in the eyes of many.

Utilizing an AIGCS courtesy of Zenshi and Fujitsu, modified solely for the car, the digital display allows the driver to know more about the car and utilize tools such as navigation with ease.

Powering the Ventuno is a highly modified version of Hornet’s Talos 2.4L Inline-4 engine, outfitted with a turbocharger, as well as Hornet’s Thor Hybrid System (THS) which utilizes direct drive electric motors on the front wheels, assisting in overall power delivery and stability of the Ventuno. With a 7-Speed Dual-Clutch Transmission, Combined power output is 480 HP, and the unique grand tourer will hit 60 MPH in less than 4 seconds.

We want to show the world that Hornet is ready to get on a whole new level with the competition, and that we’re not afraid to throw our punches.



Press Event // 2020 Cheyenne

A large SUV rolls up on stage, with a V8 growl, to the tone of Arsenal Bird

The all-new, all-powerful, and now-RWD Cheyenne is finally here - take a look.

A muscular build, capable appearance and matching ability beneath the skin, the Cheyenne is just getting better and better. Go anywhere, and do anything for real.

Since the last Cheyenne received quite a favorable reception, we’ve kept the basic formula - with some enhancements, of course. City mileage crosses 25, highway over 30. The rear wheels or all four are driven via electronic/manually controlled differentials, giving sway to the go-anywhere advertising.

More quality of life improvements inside - the old V6 has been replaced, and two more engines are slated for injection into the new SUV. A standard 278 horsepower V6, higher-trim 552 horsepower V8 and a mid range 376 horsepower turbocharged V6 pull the Cheyenne onto the world stage.

The Cheyenne has more than just grunt, of course. Our renowned suite of driver assistance is available, as usual, offering automatic, toggle-able emergency braking, lane keep assist, and the effective ‘Z-Axis’ collision avoidance system.

Inside, finally, the Cheyenne offers even more - premium seating for up to seven, AutoConnect mobile device integration with a high-quality HUD and infotainment setup come with the XLT trim as standard. To top it all off, the Cheyenne even offers a rear windscreen wiper.

The new Cheyenne is due to enter the market in August 2019.

3.7 liter 278 hp V6 -
5.2 liter 552 hp V8 - -
8 Gear Automatic Transmission -
7 Gear Dual Clutch Transmission - -
Manual/Automatic Electronic Differentials
Hi-Power LED foglamps
Roof Rails
Hi-Power LED headlamps
Front Seat Power Adjustment
Comfort Temperature™ Front Seats -
Massaging Ventilated Front Seats - -
Premium Leather Seating for up to 7 -
Luxury Nappa™ Leather Seating for 5 - -
Cloth Seating for up to 8 - -
Rear Heated Seating - -
Zenith Multiplay In Car Entertainment
Multi-Capable Mobile Device Integration -
7 Speaker Audio Unit - -
10 Speaker Zes™ Audio Unit -
MSRP from $28,795 $32,970 $37,889

to the sound of nuclear silos being destroyed
a new vehicle rolls up onto the stage

Press Event // 2020 Safehaven

After almost thirteen years, the new Safehaven light truck returns to New York to mark a new generation for the best-selling, best-working American icon.

Strong lines, strong character - backed by exceptional capability and an exceptional heritage bring the Safehaven into the new decade. The already-great light truck just gets better and better.

Fuel economy, even with our conventional ladder-frame and leaf-spring setup, crosses 36 combined, and nears 40 on the highway. The rear wheels are driven on the base model Work Truck, and all four are used in the SLT, optionally, while the Garuda ORD and XLT get two powered axles standard.

Off-road ability, of course, isn’t missing - all four-wheel drive models receive a manual locking differential front, rear and center. The Garuda model receives almost twenty inches of ground clearance, the XLT more than enough and two-wheel drive models less to ease loading.

Engines, too, are still excellent - a turbocharged 2.6 liter 4 cylinder or 3.7 liter 5 cylinder offer huge amounts of torque backed by an even larger amount of efficiency.

Standard Z-Axis collision avoidance systems are present on the SLT model and above, as with all of our vehicles. Excellent entertainment systems with integrated satellite GPS and 4G LTE are present, offering the ability to stay connected no matter where you are.

Inside, two, three or five seats are available, while a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic bring the Safehaven’s power to the ground. A sliding rear window is optional, as is a sunroof.

The Safehaven will begin to arrive at dealers in mid July 2019.

2.6 liter 234 hp/241 ft-lbs I4 -
3.7 liter 267 hp/356 ft-lbs I5 - -
6 Gear Manual Transmission -
6 Gear Automatic Transmission
Two-Speed Four Wheel Drive
Rear Wheel Drive - -
Manual/Automatic Electronic Differentials
Hi-Power LED foglamps -
Hi-Power LED headlamps -
Accented Silver Chrome - - -
Premium 19 inch Alloy wheels - -
Durable Steel wheels (asrt. size) -
34 inch Offroad Tires - - -
27 inch DURADRIVE 4Season Tires - -
29 inch MAXTRAC 4Season Terrain Tires -
Front Seat Power Adjustment -
Comfort Temperature™ Front Seats -
Premium Leather Seating for up to 5 - -
Race-Spec™ Offroad Bucket Seats - - -
Cloth Seating for up to 5 - -
Zenith Multiplay In Car Entertainment
Multi-Capable Mobile Device Integration -
7 Speaker Audio Unit - -
10 Speaker Zes™ Audio Unit -
MSRP from $22,789 $24,450 $29,850 $35,649



basically 89.7% of both designs - Corsica and EddyBT and like everyone else on discord

basically the rest of both designs - literally everyone on discord

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EcaMobile at NYNAS2019

Saving the world just became more luxurious.

We are proud to finally reveal the EcaMobile “Small Bid”.
After many years of research and designing we are finally able to show the pre-production car.
The ‘Small Bid’ is going to be our first Super Eco car and we are expecting to start production next year.

The car itself was designed to be able to as fuel-efficient as possible while giving the driver not only all the comfort they should expect from any EcaMobile, but also still have its own sporty soul.

To achieve this we went with many new and extreme ideas.
The body was designed to have as less drag as possible and is made 100% out of Aluminium.
Said shell is then sitting on a newly engineered Aluminium Semi-Spaceframe.
Both Front and Rear Pushrod Suspensions are made from light composite material to make them light and strong.

The engine itself is also a completely new design for EcaMobile. Our brilliant minds of Pfeil Performance created a 0.7L Turbo I3 for this car.
This engine generates 78hp and 100NM which is enough to bring the light slippery shell to 240km/h.
For best vehicle balance the engine is fitted behind the 2 seats is a Mid-engined way.
This light engine is coupled to a special 6 Speed sequential gearbox, which is able to change its behaviour accordingly to the selected drivemode.
To make it extra efficient in any situation it is fitted with a completely flat underbody and an active cooling system which closes of vents when not needed.
Even the lip and rear flaps are able to align themself for perfect airflow.
With all these measurements we can get up to 80mpg for combined and numbers way past 100mpg for city driving.

The car can seat 2 people in a Carbon Fiber / Leather interior, featuring massage seats and RGB mood lighting. The car also comes with our top-notch Audio equipment and Infotainment. We even are trying to integrate autonom driving into this car. So if we have a breakthrough in that, this will be the first car to get it.

As stated before we are trying to finalize the design in the coming months and start production next year.
For pricing and other trims you can follow us on your social medias.

EcaMobile - The Ace on the River


How much power does that turbo four make on its own? At any rate, I am not sure that people are going to buy a four-cylinder, mid-engined grand tourer, but I am certain that it will be very fast indeed.

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        Goldman Motors Official Press Release

NYIAS 2019

What if you can make perfection out of everything?
What if the experience of driving will never be the same again?
And what if we could change the rules, right now?

Meet the all new Goldman Fenix grand tourer.

Since 1987, Goldman strikes to be the best of the best, combining Australia’s style, heritage and racing pedigree with German technology and engineering and a dash of personality. Currently owned by parent company Ursula AG, and headquartered in Fremantle, Western Australia, it’s whole lineup is named after characters from the popular media to set it’s style and differentiates the company from the rest.

Named after the famous video game character from Gears of War, the 2nd generation Goldman Fenix is now here, with an all-new look inspired by supermodels and beauties from around the world.

The new Fenix is equipped with the all-new 4.0 twin-turbo V8 engine sourced from Ursula. Generating 631 PS (464 kW) and 652 Nm, it’s wildly more powerful than the V12 from the original model, with the benefits of lower fuel consumption and lighter weight.

Combined with the advanced SelectDrive 7-speed DCT transmission, the all-new Fenix can handle up to 333 km/h with a 3.1 seconds to 100 km/h from standstill.

Inside the car the advanced AWD system and RoadControl Advanced (RCA) active sport suspension helps the car run faster on the straights and steers more responsive while cornering. Active DCT with launch control helps the car easily master any kinds of roads, regardless of condition.

To create the unique driving feel of the car, Goldman and Ursula have teamed up to develop and test the new car for more than 200,000 kilometers just to find the sweet spot for the experience.

The interior is now loaded with the luxury you want, from Nappa leather seats to the unique InfinityRoof to the advanced Ursula Guide voice assistant. And with more than 60 interior colour choices, you can design your very own car depending from your style.

Even important is, we have officially contracted with Turn 10 Studios, the creators of the popular Forza Motorsport series to create our very own software for the touchscreen multi-function display. The all-new multi-function display provides the driver to easily view and customize from a choice of more than 40 modes for ordinary driving, track days and anything else.

With an all-new carbon fiber monocoque chassis the new Fenix is much lighter than before. Besides, we have focused more on quality and design to build the car, just to let it’s would-be owners experience the feeling in an whole new level. (Which means to give us another excuse to justify it’s 2000+ kg weight)

With that said the new Fenix will be produced solely by a specialized team consists of 40 expert builders selected by harsh tests and stringent quality controls, to maintain the car’s quality and exclusivity. All cars will only be produced in Goldman’s all-new facility in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Buyers of the car can have an option to have their car collected directly from the factory, while having a guided tour of the history, production in the facility, accompanied with meals in a specialized VIP restaurant serving Australian delights.

The all-new Fenix will be showcased in NYIAS in New York City, and also the Goldman Museum located in Perth, Australia for a limited time. We don’t have the price yet but orders for the car starts now.

Ursula’s official NYIAS press event here


Melbourne is the state capital of Victoria, for god’s sake!

Anyway, the Fenix looks like it could rival outright supercars such as the 600LT and Huracan Evo for thrust, and beat them on usability is well.

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Akarui - Kamakiri R38

So you think super cars are for the elite? Not any more.

Built to conquer the tightest of roads the Kamakiri is nimble and responsive with pushrod suspension all round you get a comfortable yet agile drive.

Whilst the 2000cc V10 might not be the largest displacement it really packs a punch, delivering 400 hp and 265lb-ft of torque you won’t be left disappointed.

Engine Specifications
Engine Model K19-20P
Layout V10 90°
Materials AlSI block and head, Billet steel crank shaft, Lightweight forged conrods and pistons
Valvetrain 40 valve, variable valve lift and timing
Dimensions 66.7mm x 57.3mm
Displacement 2000cc
Aspiration Turbo Charged
Compression 10:1
Boost Pressure 1.10 bar
Output 400hp
Redline 10200rpm

Model Specifications
Model Kamakiri - R38
Drivetrain Mid engine, all wheel drive
Seating 2
Chassis and body Aluminium panels and Glued aluminium monocoque
Suspension Pushrod front and rear
Gearbox 7 speed dual clutch transmission
Brakes 290mm 2 piston carbon ceramic disk front, 355mm 1 piston carbon ceramic disk rear
Curb weight 1480kg
Weight distribution 46/54
0-62mph 3.6 seconds
62-0 braking distance 31m
Fuel economy 53.2mpg urban, 32.2mpg extra urban, 45.7mpg combined
List price $46,053

If you wish to take a test drive: Akarui - Kamakiri - R38.car (131.9 KB)


Axuma at the New York International Auto Show

The pinnacle of a car manufacturer’s lineup is an important spot to fill. The flagship sedan, the tippity top of the totem pole. In a market of an ever-growing love for crossovers, why would we reveal sedans first?

A luxury sedan is unmatched in the eyes of consumers. You think of Rolls-Royce, boom, there’s a Phantom. Mercedes-Benz? The S-Class springs to mind. By unveiling the SJ as our most luxurious model, we’re establishing a brand identity unmatched to anyone else. The usability and the stylishness of the best from Germany, and the build quality, materials, and fit and finish from the best of our home country, Japan.

We are Axuma, and this is what we can do. Be your own inspiration.

Unmatched Style

When we set out to design our most prestigious, most expensive model, we took into consideration what it means to be “upper class.” An imposing road presence is achieved with a wide grille, and enhanced with the signature chromed wing vents which flank each side of the car’s face. Classiness is dealt with by using tasteful chrome accents along each side of the car, and by curving the body to our advantage. 19” to 21” wheels can be optioned, depending on the engine choice.

The windowline extends and follows the C-pillar to make the car look longer and more spacious, which gives the effect of a more sporting presence and more luxurious taste. The side of the car is sculpted to be conservative while remaining classy and intriguing to look at.

At the back, the Axuma style has been applied here in a new style but is still familiar. Full LED taillights curve around each corner and meld gracefully into the license plate surround and the chrome bar that runs from each end, right underneath the AXUMA lettering.

Premium Performance

The engine is the heart and soul of a car. When you buy a luxury car, you want it all. A smooth, powerful, and efficient engine. Not too loud, not too complicated, and not too crazy. That’s why we offer two engines in the Axuma SJ. The 3.0L twin-turbo unit is there, which has been well received so far, making over 330 silky smooth horsepower while being responsive and efficient.

However, the big news is that we’ve developed an entirely new engine for the job. We wanted something powerful, smooth, efficient and rock solid, and so we skipped the turbos on this one. Yes that’s right, a brand new engine without the advantage of modern turbocharging. However using our knowledge of excellent engine design and some of the most well proven new technologies, we’ve rolled out the RT-series V8.

It’s made entirely of aluminum-silicon and employs dual-overhead cams and dual injection to make 420 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque. The impressive thing is that we’ve tuned this to be the smoothest engine on sale today, and it makes 90% of its torque from 1600 to 6100 RPM, meaning you’ll have a jet-like pull whenever you use your right foot. The best part? You can still get fuel economy that’s class competitive. Power is sent to the rear wheels, or optionally all four through the Farox 8-speed automatic we all know and love.

Interior Fit for a King

Inside sits 4 or 5 seats, with a traditional analog gauge cluster and analog clock gracing the center stack. Like the rest of Axuma, our goal is traditional luxury, with a modern flare - it still offers all the modern safety and convenience tech you’d find in the competitors. It has an 8-inch screen between the silver-backed gauges, and a 10.8 inch AxuMedia screen laying landscape in the dashboard. Real, high quality buttons are used for your HVAC and climatized seats. Keep yourself comfortable with heated and cooled seats, which can adjust in 16 different ways and massage you. Rear passengers can even recline if they like. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard across the range, as is Bluetooth connectivity. The car even comes with a 1-year subscription to SiriusXM radio. Blind spot monitoring, 360-degree camera, parking sensors, lane keep assist, adaptive cruise control, you name it. If it’s a feature to keep your car on the road and as safe as possible, it’s here in your Axuma.


Pricing and Options

The SJ6 will start at $50,990, while the SJ8 moves the price up to $53,590. Adding AWD will increase each by $1,790.

Premium Package $5,000 • Rear Seat Package $1,700 • Warmth & Comfort Package $2,600 • SAFE+ Rear Seat Package $1,300 • Executive Rear Seat Package $3,500 • Executive Rear Seat Package II $1,950


The New T90 by MRP


The New Montes T90 it changes the approach: it wants to be the best sports luxury sedan from the market, thanks to a powerful engine, a fined-tuned suspension, and a quick, precise and good feedback steering.

The engine is the same PO50 5.1L twinturbo V8, found on the older gen T90 and current Excelsior, but thanks to the MRP tuning, instead developing 487hp at 7600 RPM, now it develops 584hp at 7700 RPM, without sacrificing smoothness, response or increasing the turbolag (the turbo is fully charged at 2400 RPM), providing an exceptional performance (0-100km/h in 4.0s and a top speed of 334km/h) as well an incredible fuel efficiency (7.8L/100km AVG and a CO2 emissions of 50g/km using the WTLP standard).

The transmission is the 7MDEA2 (7-speed DCT), developed by MRP, and transfers the power to the four wheels with a 50/50 ratio in normal conditions (it could send, depending the conditions, the 100% to only one axle, and one wheel if it’s necessary), and you can select five modes: confort, normal, sport, MRP, and RWD.

And thanks to it’s adaptative air suspension (thanks to a radar, it adjusts the height of each wheel, as well the hardness, according with the road surface, steering and throttle and brake position), you won’t believe that are you driving a 1.9-ton saloon: on a 20m-radius corner, the car produces 1.10g before loosing grip, and 1.08g on a 200m-radius corner.

The new T90 580 MRP is available from $56.841. Soon, a less powerful T90 400 MRP it will be available. If someone want to test the car on BeamNG, send me a PM.


TORÉER AUTOMOBILE in association with AXUMA

present the


As an homage to the Hokuto Levara Toréer, 1000 units of this iconic sports sedan will be produced. Enjoy blasting past contemporary sports cars with an extra 241 horsepower and 225 lb-ft of torque over stock, as well as a rear biased AWD system and a lightning-quick 7 speed dual clutch. Rocket from 0-60 in 3.3 seconds on to a top speed of 197 miles per hour while maintaining 21 MPG city and 33 MPG highway (US). Pull a maximum of 1.18 g, and go around the Top Gear Test Track faster than the new Honda NSX. Outpace supers all day, every day, stop at the pump less often than them, and enjoy a higher level of luxury than them, all for a competitive MSRP of $75,000. The ownership of an SJ Toréer is a privilege. Get yours before they’re gone.


AL Autos at The 2019 New York International Auto Show (2/2)


Hello one and all! Welcome to the AL Autos booth here at the 2019 New York International Auto Show in wonderful New York City!! With us today, we have second car we brought with us to NYIAS 2019. Allow me to introduce you to our new fun to drive crossover!

The AL Autos Via: Practicality combined with style!

RGS Shown in AL Sky Blue

After some substantial testing, the all new AL Autos Via is ready for the public! The Via is one of the results of our mission to create affordable, comfortable, practical vehicles that are still fun to drive and striking to look at. To achieve this, we’ve applied new techniques we’ve acquired from experience (and some help) as well as put some nifty technology that we’ve developed into the Via. All of the trims made for the Via come with our AL Comfort Suspension setups with integrated pothole detection and adaptive technology as standard. This allows for a subtle ride protecting the occupants from discomfort and protecting the wheels from misalignment. The Via comes with a choice of two powertrains (for now): a 2.0 L Turbo 4-cylinder producing 254.2 BHP, 192.9 lb-ft torque, and gets 30.2 MPG (available on the RGLE and RGXLE), and a 2.3 L Turbo 4-cylidner producing 346.8 BHP, 248.2 lb-ft torque, and gets 28.5 MPG (available on the RGS). All trims of the Via also come with AWD as standard for optimized handling and power delivery. All of these fun goodies are wrapped in a striking body with some new design elements.

RGLE shown in AL Crimson Red

The Via currently has 3 interior trims which come in a variety of welcoming color schemes. The RGLE comes with our ALStandard Comfort automatic multi-point adjustment cloth seats. The RGXLE comes with our ALPremium Comfort automatic multi-point adjustment leather seats. The RGS comes with our ALRoadSport automatic multi-point adjustment leather bucket seats. Every interior trim provides astounding comfort and support to any occupants which enter the vehicle. For some extra goodies, the RGXLE and RGS come with a 12” infotainment screen loaded with the newly revamped ALAutos-Infotainment System. The safety of all who drive our vehicles is very important to us, so we included, as standard, ALSafeShield, our comprehensive safety suite, is standard on all Via trims. No matter where you look, you will find the results of our mission to improve the quality of our cars while providing the public with fun to drive, practical, and striking vehicles.

RGXLE shown in AL Dark Green

Prices for the (Model) are as follows (Prices include a 20% Markup):
RGLE: $26,787
RGXLE: $30,982
RGS: $39,292

Want to see more?

An in-depth spec sheet will be posted on our official website soon!

That’s all for now! Thank you for joining us here at the 2019 New York International Auto Show! If you still have the energy for it, look out for another release at Auto Shanghai 2019! Have a wonderful rest of the day and enjoy the show!

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Martlet, Satsunai, and Aeros at NYIAS 2019

Martlet Cormorant

Powered by a 3.6-liter naturally aspirated V6 returning 213 horsepower at 6100 RPM, 228 lb-ft of torque at 2800 RPM, and 25.4 average MPG, Martlet’s new Cormorant takes personal luxury to new levels of fuel efficiency for its size while still being able to deliver a reasonable 0-60 time of under nine seconds.
yeah it’s pretty much a car for old people

Satsunai Biei

Named for a scenic town in Satsunai’s native Hokkaido known for its lush rolling hills, the Satsunai Biei is a grand tourer designed to eat up miles in comfort and speed. Its 6.0L naturally aspirated V8 delivers 468 horsepower at 6700 RPM and 418 lb-ft of torque at 4900 RPM, dispatching 0-60 in 4.7 seconds and going on to a governed top speed of 186 MPH. However, the Biei still gets 26.1 average MPG at cruising speeds.

Aeros Antioch

Aeros’ newly redesigned crossover uses a variant of their 3L I5 that has been in production since 2011. Nevertheless, it produces a respectable 237 horsepower at 5500 RPM and 279 lb-ft of torque from 2300-4200 RPM. Thanks to its 7-speed automatic it is able to return 29.7 mixed MPG and tow 3500 pounds with this engine, though Aeros plans to make adjustments to improve the 9.66-second 0-60 time before the 2020 Antioch goes on sale this fall.