2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback

Well it’s been a while since I was on here, and I’ve finally bite the bullet, went out and got myself a brand new car. The New 2019 corolla hatchback, I picked it up in November of last year, its a base SE US spec but with the preferred package for extra features. it’s my first CVT transmission but so far averaging 42MPG US (5.5-5.6L/100k) it’s still plenty sporty 0-60mph in arounf 7.7 seconds, and easy in traffic. Not sure what black magic the engineers at Toyota performed on this engine, but it’s a 2.0 4 cylinder with 168hp@6500rpms, 13:1 compression, takes regular 91 ron/87aki fuel, and can get as much as 55MPG US (4.3L/100k ) if you drive it carefully. I’ve never been happier with a car. :slight_smile:

From before the snow


Lovely! I quite like the new shape of Corolla to be honest with you, they look great even in lower trims. What’s it like to drive a car with a CVT?

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Not only a CVT, but one with a physical first gear! How weird is that?

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With a name like Dynamic Force, you know it’s good.

Congratulations on the new car man, very nice, enjoy it as I’m sure you will.

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I’ve driven a 2014 Corolla sedan a few times. It’s a wonderful commuter car and very fuel efficient, but one of the most numb cars I’ve ever felt. That being said, the CVT was good. I heard the hatch was tweaked to feel more sporty relative to the sedan. Plus any other updates I didn’t get the chance to experience.

@ramthecowy The CVT is super unobtrusive, you just accelerate smoothly it’s a little weird still the way it revs up, but it simulates gear shifts under hard acceleration and if you’re gentle with it it just stays steady, 1700 rpms from 10mph when the first gear shifts out till 75 when starts to run out of ratios.

@On3CherryShake it makes launches fell strong, like a regular transmission. My parents had a 2005 mini with a cvt and that felt kinda weak getting going from a stop, this one is totally solid feeling and the hand-off to the cvt is totally smooth. they really nailed it with this transmission.

@SkylineFTW97 The 2019 is totally new, new chassis, cvt, engine, i test drove the 2018 iM first and that wasn’t very impressive over my last 2007 corolla. this one is miles apart in power, handling, and economy.


Lovely compact mate! Distinctive design and quite reliable as a Toyota :smiley: I’d say enjoy it but I’m sure you already are!

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Yeah I agree the new gen Corollas look sharp. The standard in CVT and electric steering and drive by wire in general has improved heaps in the last six years (knowing from experience) as consumer demand actually drives the competition in what remains a strong international market. I imagine this move is actually to take the fight back to the Civic even though the scale of their sales is rather different. In fact, does the US get the equivalent hatch trim of the Civic?

We do get the hatch trim for the civic, and I was seriously considering it. But I’ve been a toyota fan for over 15 years now, and the SE hatch is the EPA rated best non hybrid (not counting the Mitsubishi mirage 3 cylinder) for economy beating the 1.5t civic by a few mpg. in terms of standard features I think they were pretty close and I do like the civic styling, but just wasn’t enough for me to leave toyota.

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