2020 Demi AG Models

As of model year 2020, these are the automobiles available from Demi AG

QS8 and QS8 Cabrio-the V8 Heart-throbs
Power courses through your veins as you lead-foot the gas pedal. The advanced Quattro-Sports all-wheel drive married to a hefty twin-turbo V8 sends you screaming past 225 miles per hour. In the coupe, the precision-manufactured shell keeps you cocooned in the high-quality interior. In the cabrio… well, not even Jesus could take the wheel from you now with the devil’s wind screaming in your ears.

QS5-the QS8’s little brother
The QS5 is for those who look at the QS8 and clutch their pearls. It’s too fast, they cry. It’ll kill them. Luckily, the QS5 swoops in and offers them performance in numbers they understand. 308 is smaller than a number that’s a stone’s throw from 1,000. Five cylinders is less than eight. One turbo is less than two. But for those who want a car they can throw around without sticking to their seats… well, it suddenly becomes more appealing.

QSE6-Because family men need to have some fun
Longingly, you stare at that new Demi sports car in your neighbor’s garage. You make the money, you have the charm, you could have one of those beauties in your carport in a minute if only you didn’t have your kids. But no, you have to be practical. Then… Demi releases the QSE6. Same performance, but with twice the seats. No longer will you have to worry about cramming little Jason and Jenny into the back. Now they’ve got plenty of room to themselves, and you’ve got 295 horsepower for your own horseplay.

QSC6-Cruel, cruel jealousy
The QSC6 is what happens when a QSE6 gets a heart transplant and liposuction. The V6 is dialed up to 11, now becoming a biturbo with nearly 110 more horsepower. No more back doors, either, since body was changed to reflect the changes in priority. No longer does it reek of an executive sedan, even though the DNA still lies dormant in its heart. And when you let the engine roar as you cruise down your street, you know your neighbor with the two kids is staring at you with envy greener than his lawn.


Really liked the headlights on the black qse6 and the tails on the qsc6. Good job!

Actually, the black car is the QS5 and the rear-end photo is the QSE6! The format is Model name and marketing quip, website salesman blurb, then photo.

And that’s why most of my cars have actual names. :nerd_face: