2020 Relè Scorso E


Electric made fun.

With over 600 electric horsepower, 0-100 kph in 2.5 seconds and rear biased AWD system, you won't find this electric car boring to drive.

Fast Charging BCT

(Burst Charging Technology) built in, offering incredible charge times from 0% to 85% in just 30 minutes*

Built for Speed

Advanced electric motor cooling system, build to withstand the most spirited driver.

Laser Projection Headlamps

For incredible at night visibility and safety.


IR sensor, Radar, Active Parking Assist, NTIV, AutoCruise


Chance to get the design concept (Available until the 29th of Dec, 00:00 EEST)

Do you want to get this car?

Do you know that mechanically it’s barely more than a rolling shell with some engine ripped out of some random car?

And you are okay with that? Well…

If you want to get your hands on this car, all you have to do is:

  • Either Post here or DM me the reason why you want to get your hands on it and what you plan on doing with it

  • Wish me a happy birthday :))))))

  • That’s it

The last day you can enter is the 28th of December at 23:59 EEST, the 29th is B-Day, so if you wanna take a closer gander, why don’t you give it a shot?


Happy birthday to you! What a weird idea for someone celebrating their birthday to give present! If you want any of my cars, feel free to ask!
And for the reasons I would like this car, well, I would really like to dissasemble it piece by piece to learn how to make nice modern cars.
That’s it.:yum:


Happiest of birthdays, to you! I’ve been lurking on here for years, account-less, and I created an account just for this. :sweat_smile: I’d also quite like to take it apart, and see all of the cool stuff you’ve done with fixtures. Mad props, it’s one of the best looking cars I’ve seen.

P.S. I love the way the DRLs follow the curvature of the hood.


Happy birthday man! Good to see you back, I missed your work. I’ll open my doors as well and if you want one of my cars to mess with all you gotta do is ask! Though I doubt you’d want such low quality material compared to your own :yum:

I’d probably reverse engineer it if I were perfectly honest but hey, I just think it looks cool and it’s super neat to get up close with such detailed designs. :))


Wow I love this! The design it so beautiful with the front looking like a Stinger and a Model 3 and the rear lights looking straight out of the new Supra and it just flows so well, and the fact it’s electric is so much better! You did an awesome job!

Edit: Birthday happy


Happy birthday, MGR! Daudz laimes dzimšanas dienā!

I would adapt the export to work like a 600hp electric car in Beam, and the car would feature in The Exhaust Note. So that’s one reason, the other is that the design is simply sleek!


Best wishes for your Birthday MGR! That is one amazing looking concept of a car. I really love your work, it is very inspiring. There are a lot of interesting small details which make this car looks astonishing. I am starting to build a new brand. That means I am really interested in learning more about designing. Getting a creation from one of the best designeres here would be some big help.


This vehicle doesn’t just sounds awesome, it looks great and does it job exceptionally well. Keep up the good work!

If I could, I wish to make a review of this vehicle if I got the time. But yeah, it’s up to you, since I don’t even have the time to make a review right now.

And happy birthday to you as well. Wish you have a good day!


Happy birthday! Welcome back. I would like to analyze how you make such detailed exterior designs for all your cars, including this one.

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Happy birthday my guy,
I’ll be perfectly honest and say that I want to analyse the masterclass of design that you have produced. It’s not easy to get something to feel as smooth as that car and I think I would be able to replicate that on my own designs. Hopefully we’ll see even more from you now you’re a bit more freed up ahaha. Merry Christmas too.


Happy Birthday MGR! Thats one of the best looking designs with that sedan! I wonder how you do it!

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Welcome back, and what an awesome design!

Best of birthday wishes MGR.

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Happy birthday MGR! You must have spent hours and hours on this car.


So, my birthday is about to end and I’ve long since sent 3 winners their cars (I had 3 versions made over time).
But to the rest who were so sweet as to congratulate me on my birthday will receive a present too, somewhere around new years! :smiley:


Looks awesome! Would have been an easy winner in CSC23.

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