2020 Safety Car Challenge CLOSED

Pictured above is the Luxos 230S Safety Car


The 2020 Safety Car Challenge: Who can build the best safety car from the year 2020?
The FIA is looking to purchase a new safety car for the Formula 1 Racing Series. (Yes I am aware that Aston Martin and Mercedes both have IRL safety cars in the sport.) The goal is to have a SUV or 4 door saloon with all the safety features that a safety car needs.

Cars should be named the following
Brand: Your brand name
Car: Car name+ “Safety Car” at the end. eg: Luxos L230S Safety Car.

–More than 400HP, Less than 700HP
NO V16 (you will be instantly DSQ’d if you choose to use a V16)
–Same punishment as the rule above but for using an engine bigger than 8 Liters.
–At least one baffled muffler with a high-flow catalytic converter
–Under or at $100,000 (Automation Currency)
–High safety and comfort or else Bernd Maylander may retire… /s
–Front engine layout
–SUV/ 4 Door/ (Coupe is less practical and will lose you points if it is used)
–Safety car lights (use something like a cop light and make the light orange. Use the indicator light to do this)
–A basic safety car livery: Try not to copy the existing liveries from the Aston Martin or Mercedes AMG safety
cars. Use sponsors in the Badge section of fixtures.


Submission Grading Rubric:
:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
Every requirement is met with exceeding expectations.:open_mouth:

:star: :star: :star: :star:
Every requirement except 1 or 2 were met. Still amazing! :smile:

:star: :star: :star:
Multiple expectations were not met. Might want to resubmit it. :wink:

:star: :star:
Are you trolling are just new to the game? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Back to the drawing board. No expectations were met OR you are a stinky troll… :thinking:

Safety car interiors consist of:
–A few screens to monitor track action and incidents.
–A radio (simple walkie talkie should do fine for this)
–Carbon Fiber: Safety Cars usually are the highest trim level of a car, so make it seem like that
–Anything a normal high end car would have.

How to Submit:
DM me your finished .car file on Discord OR ping me in the Automation discord and I’ll open my DM’s is they are closed. Press the export car file in the car selection screen to export your .car file and then go to:
C:\Users\insertnamehere\Documents\My Games\Automation\CarSaveExport
Send the .car file with your car’s name, eg (Luxos_-_L230SC.car)

Deadline has been moved to April 17th (Saturday) at 11:59 PM EST Standard Time.


Wut? Is that engine efficiency? Why that instead of the actual fuel consumption?

And why that? :thinking:

The fuel efficiency is seen in the details panel of the last section before exporting the car.
The second is to force people to get creative instead of slapping a few decals onto a car, plus the lights.

And that number is the engine efficiency, which isn’t really meaningful for the whole car, especially with turbo and/or VVL.

Also, is there some deadline for submitting? And I’d recommend an in-game car naming scheme, it’ll be easier to manage :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestions! It’s my first challenge so I am still learning how to set these up as I go.

I suspect that this is due to the safety car (pace car for North Americans) needing to keep pace with the race cars, but not being so fast as to be capable of outrunning them in a straight line.

Precisely. I also do not want wheelspin in all gears. :upside_down_face:

Update: Submissions must be sent by April 1st, 11:59PM Eastern Standard Time!



Another Update: Deadline has been moved to April 17th (Saturday) at 11:59 PM EST Standard Time.

First impression of the SC Hydron-X Safety car


Current safety cars are not 4 doors, nor SUVs, those are the medical cars. Both Aston and Merc have sport coupes as their safety cars.
Also, are we allowed to send multiple brands as entry?

They are the medical cars, the DBX and the C 63 S Estate. Safety cars are actually the sport coupes, the Vantage and the AMG GT R. But I am happy to create a 4 door safety car.

Solution Cars Safety car crew existing of the SC Venteira and the SC Hydron-X. Both capable of a 0-100 sprint in just under 4 seconds (Yes, the big boi does 3,6) and a limited top speed of 250 Km/h.


2020 Manda Horizon GTL

2020 Manda Horizon GTL
More Images 2020 Manda Horizon GTL 2020 Manda Horizon GTL
InformationThe all new 2020 Manda Horizon GTL BX-15T SCF1-20. Designed and made by Manda Co. for the 2020 FIA Formula One World Championship. Equipped with one of Manda's BX line engines, designed to match the pace of today's F1 cars on track when safety calls. It also features Manda's latest LED Matrix Butterfly™ headlights, the homologation taillights and all out LED Safety Car lights. The colour choice was a tough one, Manda intended to keep it all Amberjack chrome black, but then Falcon jumped in as sponsors so they opted for a slight accent of their Horizon heritage blue. On board radio and screen live feeds the pilot and co-pilot of the FIA's own channel to be up to speed of the race's happenings. The light track aero is designed to keep the Horizon in front of the pack when needed and to not disturb the air of the Formula One cars behind. It will be a strange sight, after a long reign of Mercedes-AMG provided safety cars, but the spectators, drivers and Bernd Mayländer will shortly fall in love with this beauty.

brug the car I’m working on is a 2 door aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Here we have the DMC Peppermint…it was going to be called the Tangerine but the orange seemed to attract redneck hillbillies! So, one paint job later…it’s the Peppermint.

Anyway…here are the answers to the most common questions…

  1. Yes, we really called it the Peppermint!
  2. Yes, it’s easily quick enough…sub 5s, 0-100mph, fast enough!
  3. Yes, we’re serious about the name!
  4. Bernd should be comfortable enough.
  5. Yes, it’s very safe.
  6. It’s a 6L V12, restricted to 699.5hp.
  7. Yeah, AWD with DCT.
  8. Lots of electronic gismos to keep it pointing in the right direction.
  9. No answering any more questions about the name…

Should probably enter this eh?

Zephorus Trigon