2020 Supercars Beater

Good day to all!
In this competition, you will try to create a supercar that can beat RF-Fighter.

:space_invader:Let’s move on to the basic rules of assessment:

  1. Evaluation takes place only in Automation, cars will not be tested in BeamNG!
  2. Cars should have the basic elements - wipers, license plates (the country does not matter), gas tank, mirrors and parking sensors.
  3. They will be evaluated separately: Design, performance characteristics, and points of comfort, safety, sports,

:space_invader:Points Requirements:

  1. Manageability - not less than 60.
  2. Sportiness - not less than 90.
  3. Comfort - at least 5.
  4. Security - from 40 and above.
  5. Gasoline consumption - not more than 15 liters per 100 km.

Each parameter is rated up to 100 points.
Extra points for: low price, low gas consumption and design solutions.

Everything else is up to you.

Good luck to all! :sunglasses:

:space_invader:Send all your cars to Discord:
Vlados_Akam # 9203

Be sure to attach car. files to your work.:space_invader:

Fite Me 3 would like to:

know your location

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inb4 every single entry is just a Fite Me 3 repost


Not everyone has a Discord account (I don’t yet have one), so wouldn’t it be a good idea to accept submissions via PM on Discourse as well?


And the deadline is…?

Deadline will do until April 2. If someone does not have Discord, then you can send your works with the archive to this post

Do you have the V16 DLC?


What about usage of mods?


Is your PC powerful enough to handle substantial fixture bombing?


You can use any mods except V16. Unfortunately, I do not have it. Everything else is possible. My pc can handle it.

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You can see and use V16 engines, you Just cant modify It without the DLC

OK, then you can use V16)

Would we be allowed to submit more than one car?

I guess I’ll go first.
1500hp,1100kgs, 250mph+

Oh yeah, it’s all coming together
Sneak peaks -


Uh oh, looks like Jimmy crashed it on the test drive and left it there. Somehow it’s rusted away, probably the Italian Carbonfibre. Or it could be the metallic paint, who knows.

Time for crab bin


Let there be a restriction in one car. Just pick the best one and submit it.

It looks amazing. This is promising, but what about the price and general requirements?

Propeller Concept Mach 1


Already checked it out in the game) Awesome design, very original. Until April 6, I will post its result along with the rest of the participants.