2022+2023 Automation EOTY Awards

2023 has been quite the year for Automation, with another large content update, a massive collaboration-based event in the form of the Gambler 500-themed competition, and a reorganization of the Discord server frequented by many. Given the absence of EOTY for 2022 in light of the Official Design Competition, plenty have been waiting patiently for its return.

For those not already familiar, the End of the Year Awards are a chance for the Automation community to celebrate its highlights over the past 12 months. It has traditionally consisted of a round of award category elimination, followed by nomination and voting on a per-category basis. The winners of each category are revealed a day or two before the 25th.
In what is probably a once-in-a-blue-moon occurrence, community members will be eligible to put forward nominees for both 2022 and 2023 via two different forms. In spite of this doubling in potential entries, please do your best to fill out as much of both nomination forms as you can (albeit with 2023 being a slight priority).

Ultimately, though, I won't force you to wrack your brain or comb Discord in pursuit of worthy nominees for 2022; if you just can't find anything, that's fine too.
This edition of EOTY comes with a notable change to the formula: for the first time, the initial category elimination has been done away with in favour of 23 predetermined categories (to represent 2023, but all categories are available for both years).

In this first round of EOTY, community members will get to nominate a candidate for later voting. The number of nominees per category depends on the number of nominations, but expect no more than ten.

Nominees are limited to one subject per category per response, and should be easily searchable on either Discord or Discourse (or have a reference link to a post on either platform provided). Including the model year of a given vehicle is highly recommended if there are multiple generations or iterations.

I reserve the right to ignore nominations of multiple subjects, as well as any nominations outside the scope of the category, so don't try to nominate a pickup truck as a non-car. Where grey areas exist, I'll allow such vehicles to be nominated in either of the two categories they straddle, an example being grand tourers in performance and luxury categories.

Finally, please don't nominate yourself in any category; any such nominations will be ignored (though the entire response will not be invalidated).

Nominations will remain open until December 6 at 18:00 EST (11:00 GMT).

Thus begins the seventh edition of the End of the Year Awards!
Happy voting, and happy holidays!

Serpent Afterburner '70 by Secrane
Special thanks to pen15 for the HTML gradient text trick

Some questions:

  1. If a challenge starts in 2022 and ends in 2023, should it be nominated for 2022 or 2023 then?

  2. Can you nominate, for example, an ARM car that is a modified example of someone else’s creation? Even if the base car is already supplied, they can sometimes involve a whole lot of work.

  3. If that is OK, does it count as “voting for yourself” if you were the provider of the base car?

  • A number of people have already nominated LHC for 2023 despite it having started in 2022, so for non-serial challenges like that, either year is applicable.

  • You raise a good point. For ARM cars, credit will go to the entrant(s) that modified the car, so if you made the base car, voting for someone else’s derivative build does not count as voting for yourself. Outside of ARM, however (e.g. widebodies on car-showcase), the distinction is less clear-cut, so I’d default to crediting both parties involved.

I’d also like to make a couple of other clarifications:

  • The “Non-Car of the Year” category does not encompass pickup trucks (including flatbeds, as there are vanilla bodies for those), but rather builds that are partially or entirely outside the scope of Automation. If you’ve already submitted a response as of this post, you’re free to DM me if you believe your nomination for this category is ineligible and you want to change it.

  • Going forward, please try to include the model year (where available) alongside the name of any car if you haven’t already. The models themselves are easy enough to search up here or on Discord, but I’ve had to deduce which model year of a given car the response was referring to on a few occasions now.

Also a friendly reminder to please limit photo nominations to one photo in a post (clarifying which one if need be)!

There are only 3 days left until nominations close! If you have an item or community member you'd like to nominate but haven't yet done so, you should get your responses in soon.

Don't forget to provide details like model years or forum post links so I can tell which exact car each nomination refers to.

can I suggest doing a round of “for your consideration” posts? as it stands, we have to sift through two years worth of forum and discord posts, sometimes not even remembering who posted what or when, making the whole thing more tedious than fun.


Sure, why not? I’ll just need a few hours.

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Since scouring for nominations can easily become a tedious task if you don't already have anything in mind, may I suggest a few of the following:
  • (2022) Columbia Firebolt '63 (debonair0806)
  • (2022) Dauer W540 T6 '35 (yuribread / variationofvariables)
  • (2022) Kotatsu Hauly Truck 4x4 '23 photo (azkaalfalfa)
  • (2022) LM32 '22 photo (The Stig Is A Spy (me ))
  • (2022) Serenity '35 (Eggland / Urke101 + Speedyboi)
  • (2022) Striscia Futuro '68 (Guerra)
  • (2022) Suisei Type 14A IFX-A '14 (Falling_Comet)
  • (2022) Tiburon Matador '35 (Kyorg)
  • (2022) Tristella Corvus Spider '04 (Xepy)
  • (2022) Zacspeed Helios '35 (chiefzach2018 + Speedyboi)

  • (2023) Alfane Type 4 Clover '37 (HybridTronny)
  • (2023) AT-HI X-02 “Zephyr” (Tom01203 / T0M)
  • (2023) Di Inferi Berlinetta 12 Speciale '38 (Secrane)
  • (2023) EFI RS02B '-- (ra0008 / Lazar)
  • (2023) Jericho PRS-01 TA '18 (sureascanbe)
  • (2023) Krieger M-CELL MV1 '-- (Ugimara)
  • (2023) Lunascura Ezykes '23 (Xepy)
  • (2023) Mikawa Hush '18 (azkaalfalfa)
  • (2023) Porsche 935 Kremer K3 '75 replica (Gravity)
  • (2023) Spander WhiteVirgin '60 (Maxbombe)

The LHC and ALC threads may also contain the odd gem, rather easy to find by scrolling through.

The time to submit unfinished nominations is drawing to a close! Again, don't forget to provide details like model years or forum post links for disambiguation purposes.

just submitted my nominees for '22 and '23 (even though my memory of the former is much foggier, i still tried :pleading_face:)

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I have already submitted valid responses for every category in both years.

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Thank you for all your submissions! After I finish processing the data, the first round of voting should begin on December 8th at 18:00 EST (11:00 GMT).

"...expect no more than ten." Well, that aged like milk, didn't it?
Nonetheless, there were more than plenty of nominations, so an initial round of voting will help narrow down nominees for the second and final round.

As this first round is checkbox-based, you may select multiple nominees per category. You have until December 13 at 18:00 EST (11:00 GMT).

Vizzuri 1000 Stradale '98 by Aruna

Who said that BetterDeals is a non-car?
Anyways im just happy to be here.


we’re so back

It has only occurred to me now that one of the cars in the 2023 Classic of the Year, 1950-1979 category belongs to the wrong era. This wouldn't be an issue if not for its high number of votes, which grants it finalist status.

Should I move it to the correct category for the final round of voting, or would this be considered an unfair advantage?
  • Yes, go right ahead
  • No, it would be an unfair advantage
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After the first round of voting, it's finally time to determine who the award winners will be. Due to the varying amount of nominations and high-ranking nominees per category, the amount of finalists per category varies from 2 to 5. Of course, your choice will be limited to only one of them.

This last round of voting is open until December 18 at 18:00 EST (11:00 GMT); every vote counts!

Mizuiro Chondrite Open Deck Concept '22 by The Stig Is A Spy

Unlike all the last forms, all the questions here are “required.” Is this an error, or is there a reason for the change?

There are some questions where I simply don’t know either nominee and thus don’t have an opinion to give; I’d like to be able to skip these rather than give an arbitrary, uninformed answer


Pretty much every nominee is searchable on the forums or Discord (the has:image tag helps on the latter), and I’d say a quick glance is all that should be needed.

I made all of the questions required in the interest of thorough and comprehensive voting, since in the last round, there were quite a few categories that (through no fault of the voters) were tied for positions in the top three or top five. That, and someone thought it’d be funny to cast their ballot for only one item (and a moderate-quality one at that) throughout the entire poll. It follows, then, that the more votes the poll can garner, the fewer chances there are for ambiguity.


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