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(2023) voiddoesnotknow's car showcase - #2 by voiddoesnotknow - Artemis 262 Pendine

1948-1960: Braucht 262 (Pendine)

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Braucht 262 (Pendine)

Manufacturer: Braucht
Production:1948-57 (estimated)
Assembly: Stuttgart, Germany

Body and Chassis

Class: Sports/GT Car
Layout: RR layout
Body style: 2 door coupe, 2 door convertible, 2 door speedster


Engine:1.2L F4 (P), 1.4L F4 (A,B,C) 2.3L F6 (Speedster)
Transmission: 3-speed manual (P,A) 4-speed manual (B,C,S)


Wheelbase: 2.10m
Length: 3.82m
Width: <1.67m
Curb weight: about 931kg (1955 Pendine Speedster)

Artemis Subthread:

During the Second World War Artemis produced numerous vehicles, a majority of which were aircraft. However, they did produce one prototype for an expensive, high-end luxury roadster in 1945- unfortunately no photographs were ever produced of it, and no written accounts were made either. In fact, the only proof we have of this prototype’s existence is a monetary report from 1945 detailing that around $1,000,000 was being put towards a non-military civilian car designed for Frederick Braucht himself.

1947- 262 Type-P, Prototype

Other than this, the first prototype we know of is the 1947 262P, a bare and sleek car reminiscent of aircraft fuselages, unpainted and streamlined. It featured a 1.2L F4 that output (x) horsepower and reached a top speed of (x). The Type-P is interesting in that only itself and very early Type-A models have two rear grilles, as opposed to the usual one. This is likely due to the significant improvement in Artemis radiators in late 1948, but the real reason will likely never be known. The Type-P is also unusual due to it’s enclosed front wheels, a feature discarded in later models for… obvious reasons. The Type-P also, interestingly enough, shares some features with the latest model, the Pendine Speedster, such as the central rear exhausts and mirrors.

1948-50 262 Type-A

Following on from the Type-P, the A essentially brought the prototype onto the road, with mostly minor design changes. The staple 1.4L F4 was introduced, and a more luxurious interior was fitted in post '49 models. Some models were also fitted with circular front indicators.

1950-51 Type-B

The most shortlived model, the Type-B was little more than a slight redesign of the Type-A, at least mechanically. Visually it was fairly significantly different, with (x). The Type-B was also the first model to introduce a convertible.

1952-55 Type-C

The Type-C was probably the most intense change in the 262’s design, with an all-new cabin design as well as (x). In fact, it took almost a year for Frederick Braucht to finally be satisfied with the design. The Type-C also introduced a 4-seater variant in late May of '54, with the change becoming permanent in 1955. (x).

1955-57 Pendine Speedster (Type-C2)

The 262 was beginning to show it’s age. It was no longer the new trendy sportscar, and it’s grand touring days were over. But Artemis weren’t going down without a fight. To counter the lack of speed compared to modern competitors, they completely redesigned a 2.3L F6, creating 93 horsepower, mounted to that reliable 4-speed gearbox. They countered the drag issues caused by the rear seats on convertible models by creating a unique “hood” out of the roof when it was down. The roof and windscreen were once again revised, mirrors were moved to the doors and the front fascia was redesigned slightly, including the fitment of lightweight, hollow bumpers.


The Pendine Speedster got its name from the Pendine Sands in Wales, the site of numerous land speed record attempts until it proved to be too small as the cars got steadily faster over time. Out of all the 262 variants, this is the most desirable one so far.

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