24 hour clunker challenge - FINAL RESULTS!

I got a little bit inspired by a competition a Swedish magazine used to run in the 90s, a 24 hour endurance run with old, cheap beaters. So, I got the idea to run a similar challenge in Automation. I have never hosted anything like this before, though, so if I am doing something wrong I’ll be pleased if you tell me, OK?

Basic rules for the car:
Model year: 2008 or older.
Trim year: 2008 or older.
The same goes for engine. Variant and family both 2008 or older.
To keep out the more exotic cars, a maximum price of 16000 as new, with 0% markup.
Has to be street legal in Sweden. That means at least one muffler, and if trim year is 1989 or newer, leaded fuel is banned and catalytic converter required. Maximum octane allowed 98 regardless of model year.
No deathtraps on the track! A safety level of 20 is required even if car was made before regulations.
Interiors will be stripped out, so 1 basic seat and no radio.
No semi-slicks or V16 engines allowed.
Mods allowed. UE4 version of game, of course.

Other than that, no limits on the standard car since I guess pricing will keep cars sane.

And, thanks to Highoctanelove for his idea, let’s do like this, make a car with two trim levels:

And yes, performance intake is allowed as well as removal of one muffler. No other changes to the engine. Use any tyres you want as long as they are not semi slicks, tuning of the suspension is allowed, but no change of suspension type. Fixture changes and additions allowed except for adding aero parts not on the original trim. One basic seat as stated and no infotainment system. No other changes allowed to the original trim.

So how will the race work then?

Well, basically the idea is that the one that has made the most laps in 24 hours is the winner. We will be using the “Automation” track with flying laps. (see link below)
The track times your car makes on this one will be the base, and from that it can only get worse… Here is some factors that you may consider.

Fuel economy - Every car will have a 50 litre fuel tank. Judging from the cars average fuel consumtion and the length of the track, the car has to make a pitstop before the lap when it will be running out of fuel. Refueling will take 2 minutes of your time.

Driveability - For every 30 minutes there will be some random rolls done. Considering the driveability, first we will take pure luck into consideration by picking a random number between 0 and 10. 0 or 1 means that nothing will happen, 10 means that there is a risk for the worst to happen, a crash that will render the car unrepairable. But that’s only the risk. After that, a number between 0 and 100 will be chosen. If the number is lower than the cars driveability index, nothing will happen. If the number is higher, a number will be chosen again, up to as many times as stated in the first roll. Here’s the different grades:
0-1 - nothing happens
2-3 - minor skid, 10 seconds of your time
4-5 - losing control but no damage, 30 seconds of your time
6-7 - minor crash, pitstop needed, 5 minutes of your time
8-9 - major crash, pitstop needed, 15 minutes of your time
10 - extreme crash, car unrepairable

So, as an example, if the first roll says “10” it can be anything between a 0 and a 10. If the first number between 0-100 chosen is higher than the cars driveability index, and the second one lower, you will have a minor skid. If all ten numbers are higher than the driveability index, however, you will have a crash big enough to make the car undriveable (and is out of the race). If the first roll says “4” however, you can’t get into anything worse than just loss of control. Also, a random roll will be done in the case of 6-10, to check if you will crash into something stationary or another driver (which will be randomized too in that case). That driver will also go through a random process, he might suffer anything from no damage at all to the same damage as you (but never more damage than you), so yeah, another driver may run into your car by accident and completely wreck it even if you are leading and driving very careful, tough luck! In case of 8, 9 or 10, yellow flag will be out and 1 minute will be taken off the time for all drivers.

Reliability - Will work in a similar way to the driveability roll (however, if car is in pits the whole 30 minute period because of a major crash, no reliability roll will be done this time). Also, there will be a slight reduction in reliability index to compensate for age and wear. 1999-08 cars will have it unchanged, 1989-98 cars reduced by 3, 1979-88 cars reduced by 6, 1969-78 cars reduced by 9, 1959-68 cars reduced by 12 and pre 1959 cars redyced by 15. Also, for every time in the pits for minor repairs after a crash or breakdown, reliability and driveability will be reduced by one point each, for major repairs by two points, keep in mind that this is duct tape and chicken wire repairs.

In this case:
0-1 - Nothing happens
2-3 - Minor fault (like a slight misfire) that doesn’t require repair, 10 seconds off your time
4-5 - A somewhat bigger fault but still no pitstop needed, 30 seconds of your time
6-7 - Minor repair in the pits, 5 minutes of your time
8-9 - Major repair in the pits, 15 minutes o your time
10 - Breakdown beyond repair.

There will be 3 drivers driving for 8 hours each, so 5 minutes will be taken of everyones time when swapping drivers.

The order the rolls will be done for the cars will be randomized too, every time so no place in the starting grid is better than another.

I put 12th of may as my deadline. Before 6 AM CET I want the .car-file from you, and also I want a presentation of the car and the three drivers in the thread. It won’t change the results but it might make for better stories…

Name the car model “24hour-yourname” and the variant the full name of the car, and the engine family “24hour-yourname” and the variant the full name of the engine.

Am I missing something? Probably, so tell me if anything is not clear.
Random.org will be used to pick the random numbers, and keep in mind, just like the real race this is mostly for fun.

STARTING GRID (this list will grow as long as cars are dropping in)
#2 - Lorenztype / 2008 Ferrain UtiPick
#3 - Aaron.W / 2000 TSR Kansai G
#4 - VicVictory / 1985 Suzume Haneda GS-R
#5 - Madrias / 1982 Minerva Bullet LC
#6 - Boxsterholics / 1993 Revero IRO-1
#7 - Private_Miros / 1985 PMI Usurper Saloon Standard R98
#9 - Stm316 / 1957 Oldman Series 1 Countryside MkIII
#10 - Vri404 / 1961 Sakura Empress 25x
#11 - BoostAndEthanol / 1985 Keika Hop
#12 - DeusExMackia / 1991 Erin Lomaron EL 1.8
#13 - Machalel / 1977 AAAA V200 GTX
#14 - Strop / 1992 Matteo Miglia Espresso Allegro
#15 - Dorifto_Dorito / 2000 Nohda SuperBop!
#16 - LS-Vehicles / 2000 LSV Buccaneer DIY Sport
#17 - DukeOFhazards / 1985 Birmingham 8000
#23 - Knugcab / 1978 IP Pandora
#25 - UMGaming / 2008 Espyo Rusp
#28 - MrComputah / 2005 Caliban Thunder infinity
#86 - HighOctaneLove / 2008 Bogliq Kitten


So we should make one car with two trims then?

  • 1st trim is the 16K @ 0%, swedish rule compliant car (inc. safety)

  • 2nd car is the single seater, dressed up for beater racing, shitbox that we submit for the actual race. This car only has its seats, tyres and suspension tune modified from the compliance car (could also allow a performance intake mod to the engine as well!)

Does this make sense?


Hmm, well, nice idea actually! Yes, let’s say so!
Also, I wonder about the allowance of mods. I have no mods in my game, can I still load cars that are using mods?

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The car will load blank if it uses mods, so if you intend to take photos of the winner then you’ll have lots of complaints! Otherwise, since the fixtures aren’t required for cooling purposes, the calculations will remain unchanged.

Also, some wings are mods so cars using them won’t have correct aero. You won’t be able to load mod bodied entrants and I’d suggest excluding V16’s unless you have a key…

Tl;dr: Download all the mods please, they won’t break your game and your car designs will have even more variety!

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OK, I’ll allow mods then, as long as I’m told which ones are used when the car is sent to me so I can get them, are you all satisfied with that?
I’m quite new to playing so I don’t know everything about the game yet. Thank you for telling me about V16 engines, didn’t know about them even though I guess they won’t be actual here.

Just easier to install all the mods.

Will help with advancing designs, too.

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I can’t say that I disagree with you there, though I wonder if there is any easy way to get “all the mods” then, without having to search through this place for ages to download them? Sorry for stupid questions, newbie compared to most of you.

Will flying laps be used?

By the way, you should be able to find all mods in the steam workshop.

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Thanks for the info.

Flying laps, I guess that means that you are passing the line with speed every lap and don’t have to lose time by starting from 0 on every lap, which would be more realistic. Is there any good and easy way to calculate times for that then?

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Der Bayer made this flying lap version of the ATT, he’s got your back!

Also, count on the Shitbox Brothers maybe making an appearance here :wink:


Thanks a lot.
I wonder about another thing too, does anyone mind if I enter this race with a team of my own? After all, there is no subjective thinking or opinons involved in this competition, it’s just a matter of having the sh*tbox that holds together the best and enough luck, and the rules does limit me as much as anyone else. But if anyone is against that I want to know…

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I’d personally be not against it. DeusExMackia entered the ATCC with Erin, VicVictory entered most of his roadtrip challenges with a team and I entered the ASCAR with Coleman-TacoKnight, so I don’t think anyone’s against it


All the mods are available on Steam through the Workshop so just select all the mods that are for UE4 and you’re golden. :sunglasses:

I don’t mind. Some other hosts enter their own teams/cars but they disallow themselves from being able to win. That way no-one can complain about cheating!

But, I personally think you’d be crazy to cheat over a forum game and I’d be happy for you to enter a car that’s in the running to win!

Maybe start a thread survey to gauge everyone’s position then go from there?


Nah, since the two of you have been OK with it this far, I guess it’s no big deal so I’ll enter. :wink:
Also, changed the rules a bit since I realized there would be a lot of crashes and breakdowns otherwise, I lowered the risk a bit since I guess there will be excitement anyway…

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I like the sound of that but I do believe time penalties are to big. If I skid gives you 30 sec, loosing control 2 minutes etc. + refuelling 5, making fast car is actually not that important. I would suggest making these penalties smaller so there is a finer balance between fast driveable and frugal. Other thing maybe worth considering when someone else crashes into you, your penalty is 50% smaller…just so not everyone race is ruined if some people make rockets…

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OK, a backstory behind my team (everything is fictive of course, magazine too):

This challenge is arranged by the swedish car magazine “Trafikjournalen” so of course they need to participete themselves. This year they chose their writer Mats Hansen as the driver. 32 years old, and not born as a competitor, he was choosen as a way of teasing him since everyone knew he hated competitions. Also, they knew of his love for IP cars, so they knew that would be his choice for the race, having even more to make fun of him over if it would breakdown during the race.

Thinking he is tough when he is burning rubber with his hot rodded 1953 Lily, cruising down the boulevard in his 1984 Vagant Starglider coupé or his favourite hobby, going offroading in his 1986 Brigadeer Uti-Lite, the truth is that he is most often begging on his bare knees to borrow the wife’s 2000 Lifestyler AWD turbo since it’s the only car in the household that’s not constantly broken down or needing repairs. But driving anything else than an IP in his free time? Not a chance.

Needing two other drivers, he made a family affair out of this, the second driver being his 65 year old father Larry Hansen. Recently being retired, he now can spend his time in restoring the 1963 Royalist that has been on jackstands for at least 10 years. He’s not getting lame with age though, but likes active and spirited driving as much as ever, may it be when driving the daily 1989 Icarus or the 1997 Flaire that’s used as an enthusiast car in the summertime.

Last but not least he involved the wife, Jenny Hansen, 35 years old and as loyal to the IP brand as her husband (which she of course came in contact with on an IP internet forum in 2010), and father in law, she loves her 2000 Lifestyler AWD turbo, the engine is well suited to her leadfoot, there is lots of room in the back of the station wagon for her huge German Sheperd (which according to some people is the only living being she goes together with except for her husband, a bit mean but still there is some truth in it), and the AWD is practical for the bad roads often involved in her hobbies like fishing, hiking and mountain biking. Grumpy enough otherwise, she gets even worse if she is losing a competition. In her world, second place really is the first loser, and one could say that she was born with the instinct to win that her husband never got.

Making this a family affair involving a family being brainwashed by the golden shield, there was no doubt that when looking for a car to enter the race with, there was only one choice of brand. If choosing anything else, Mats knew that the colleagues would make even more fun of him for not trusting in an IP, than they would do if he managed to break an IP during the race.

An ad on the Swedish website “Blocket” caught his eye. Very close to his area, no pictures but with what seemed to be a decent price.
1978 IP Pandora
Some rust but nothing structural, passed safety inspection, has been running well but now it won’t start, call for info.”
A phone call later when it was obvious that the seller didn’t have much of a clue about the car, he decided that it was worth looking at. Hooking up the trailer behind the Brigadeer, he was wondering if he could expect a 1700 or even a 2200, despite the rumour of not being a real sports car, it could probably be good enough to be quick around the track.

Arriving at the place he saw what he least expected. The rare 1300S model, the red-headed stepchild of the Pandora series. It wasn’t even “All show no go”, it wasn’t much of a show with its unpainted plastic bumpers, rusty 13 inch steel wheels, no front spoiler and no air ducts for the front brakes. Being finished in a sort of apricot toned white didn’t help much either. The hipster girl selling it had inherited it from her late grandmother but was now afraid that the repair bills would kill her. Thinking about it, the car being a 1300 probably wasn’t much of a pity, performance would probably be good enough anyway and it would not be as heavy over the front end as a 1700 or 2200, helping the cars handling on the track.

Making it race ready was not much of a deal either. After a change of the carburetor to another one lying on the shelf in the garage and a tune up where the plugs, cap, rotor and air filter was changed for the first time in probably 15 years, it went like a dream. The rare half-vinyl checkered brown interior was quickly sold to a Pandora enthusiast in the Swedish IP owners club and instead a single racing seat went in. Springs and shocks were replaced by IP Motorsport versions that was bought 10 years ago “just in case” and 15" Mk2 Flaire alloys with sticky low profile rubber replaced the stock 13" steelies.

Now it was probably ready for the hard weekend it was facing…



Yeah, there probably will be room for adjustments still, but the main rules at least remains so I hope that a change of the time penalties and such during the week won’t upset anyone. However, this was more of a race where managing to keep a clunker running was more important than speed, cars like 1,2 litre Opel Kadetts and such were winning some years on reliability rather than performance. But I will take your opinions into consideration, I made a test run with just one car with typical configuration and with the rules from the beginning I realized that everyone would have smashed their cars to smithereens in only some hours, so I made them a bit less stringent, and may make them even less too, a lot can happen in 24 hours and it would be bad if nobody could finish…

But the rules for the cars still remains, at least, so just stick to them and don’t worry, is my words to the participants.

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Although unleaded fuel is mandatory, exactly which grades can we use for this endurance race?

You can get 98 octane at the pump in Sweden so don’t go over that.

Also, I made the time penalties somewhat less stringent now and made the crash damage penalty with somewhat better odds for the innocent driver now. I realized they were way too harsh.


2008 Ferrain UtiPick in Hand of Factory Team
The Team :Ferrain PL Team (PL=Polish , Poland)
-It’s a new Factory (of brand Ferrain Created in 1998) team created in 1998 ,when was created a prototype of Hypercar with 13.1liter rotary engine with power almost 5,000Bhp.They don’t have experience in races but they can make almost good engines.
The DriverS:
Shin Ztami
-He is a founder of Ferrain.He loves driving cars.He raced in city and other etc.His style of race is almost that same as “Shinigami” from Initial D.He hates AWD but in this car have 4WD but he can use stock version with 4x4 (It’s almost faster that AWD)
Krzesimir Baran
-He is also a founder of Ferrain.He loves all muscle cars from america and he hates cars from Germany Cars (He likes only Opel).He hates AWD because he don’t like weak brakes and understeer.He’s also dirty racer but also Designer of All Cars from that brand.
Igor Onreadio
-He is the best friend of creators.He is only driving american cars or cars with fast acceleration.His cars are cars from Ford , Chevrolet and Dodge.He never raced in endurances.
The Car:
Ferrain UtiPick 3generation
-The legend of sports and offroad cars is here in 3rd Generation.It’s first generation with V8’s.
(That car only used Rotary (wankel) engines because brand is almost the best in making wankels)
It have 4liter V8’s engine with VVT , More than 400hp and Acceleration and Speed better than Lancer Evo 6 and BMW i8.Versions with the V8’s are more expensive than versions with rotary engines and have worse equipment than rotaries but is more popular in Poland.
The price of Non Race version is 15920$ and Of Race is 15911$.Choose what you want.
Prices are very low because the car is produced and designed and selled in that same country and place. (Poland) It used also off-road suspension to have the best traction also in grass or dirt.