2L 20v /11L 40V

why it always told me it reach the torque/rpm limit :question:

Because it does?


638,97kW but lifespan 0.0mm :smiley:

KillRob can you add a Tungsten/Titanium mixture to this game for the con rods I wanna push the engines extremely hard and the game at the moment is limiting me…

Juno8 is right… Even in the Demo I get 4 Cylinder non Turbocharged engines too break just because they have to much Volume and they generate too much torque.
Also something like a 103 Octane Fuelmixture would be nice (for example Methanol or Nitropenta)

For Fuel Octane I was thinking more of Hydrogen with a RON rating of 130+

Yeah :smiley:
Something really insane so that you can build V8s like in those Top Fuel Dragster, with something like 10.000 HP :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah those are Methanol I think or Ethanol…but Hydrogen is the king it just detonates I want it in my engine thanks :smiley:

90% nitromethane, 10% methanol;

Ethanol blended fuels might be worth considering since many production cars are flex-fuel, and they’re practically mandatory in Brazil.

what would you wanna see added as fuel to the game I know what I want :smiley:


From that old Aussie film Mad Max ALL HAIL THE SUPERCHARGER!

No not quiet right…
Those Top Fuel Dragster actually use something like a explosive. This explosive “stuff” is what makes the engine work/ what gets ignited. They mix this stuff with a liquid to make it injectinable. That is also the reason why those engines extremely often fail -or better- explode. If the fuel gets ignited at the wrong time the explosion blows up the whole block, no matter what its made of. Even when everything runs fine all the spark plugs (two per cylinder on most of the engines) the pistons, the rings, the con-rods, and the clutch becomes scrap metal after a 403m 3,9s run :smiley:
Methanol is the more civil stuff. Its often used in engines that need to last longer and don´t produce that much horse power (~3000-5000HP), its behaviour is also better to contorl :stuck_out_tongue:
But don`t quote me on that, it is just what I remember :smiley:

you know I am about to go mix some up hahaha

Oh! I just love a battle of the 2l, four cylinder kind. Here are my best results yet. The only way I know how to improove it further is to change to a later year.

(sry, last image was crap i160.photobucket.com/albums/t172 … _Turbo.jpg)

Sorry again …I was wrong :slight_smile:


i get 912 hp with 2009cc


i get 912 hp with 2009cc[/quote]

Try roling back “Current year” to 2013 and see what kind of figures you get.



i get 912 hp with 2009cc[/quote]

Try roling back “Current year” to 2013 and see what kind of figures you get.[/quote]

880hp/753nm :confused:



Try roling back “Current year” to 2013 and see what kind of figures you get.

880hp/753nm :confused:[/quote]

A lot of tweaking left. Try changing the turbo geometry up and down independently in small increments. For every gain you can keep tweaking the maximum pressure and gain a little more. Also try pulling back the ignition and raising the compression.

year 2013 912hp and year 2020 938hp :slight_smile: