3 different engines with 340hp, which is fastest

hey guys, i put some time (like 15 mins all together) into developing 3 different engine types with same power output. First up is the 2.5L Flatplane V8, a high-revving sports car engine with some race-inspired parts such as the exhaust system. This is the lightest engine here.

2.5L V8 340PSRev0.lua (51.4 KB)

next up is a 2.5L turbocharged I4 engine. This doesn’t rev as high as the V8 but of course being turbocharged, it makes more torque when the boost kicks in, but the turbo makes it heavier.

2.5L I4T 340PSRev0.lua (69.8 KB)

Last but not least, a 3.5L naturally aspirated I6. This has an almost flat torque curve and will surely win 4th gear pulls from 80-120kmh or something like that. But will it accelerate faster?

3.5L I6 340PSRev0.lua (43.8 KB)

All of these engines have the same power output and ALL OF THEM have VVT and VVL.