3D Model Compatibility & Overall Vehicle Export

Dear Devs,

 I am an avid user of the 3D software called Blender.  (blender.org)

I really enjoy modelling vehicles and using Cycles to raytrace some fairly realistic renderings.

The intro (first 30 seconds) of this video is an example of work I completed in about a week. The white Mustang is a model I already had, then I added all the new logos and etc and sound-fx…

Are the 3d models in your game compatible with Blender?
File types that Blender supports:

I would love to take a 3d model of the largest v8 flatplane with a 3atm massive turbo on it, and render out a really realistic animation… kind of like the Fast & Furious did in the first movie when Brian (RIP Paul Walker) blew his engine… you know, where the camera flew through the inside of the engine!!!

What do you guys think?


Also, i want to look into a way to export a finished vehicle/engine from the game, into a popular simulator that will allow us to drive the car in 3d (unless you guys are making your own 3d sim?). I haven’t singled out a specific simulator yet, but I know BeamNG youtu.be/NKZxA9_3HZI?t=3m26s allows custom vehicles to be imported… same for GTAIV on PC if you hack it… or… hmmm…

Currently there isn’t any way to export models or do anything with them external to the game, once it’s closer to done we’ll be looking at providing mod tools etc, but there will be some pretty major technical changes before then.

Gotcha! :wink:

Keep up the good work holmes!