3rd world country engines

here is a thread for engines designed to run on low quality unleaded fuel (can have a lower octane like the BLEFI i have that is 72 octane) and to start this topic off i have 2 engines, not the best since im still a noob, but im interested to see what ill find, and feel free to make mine better or use in your designs completely overhauled if u want also the rules, all engines must be able to run without knock on low quality unleaded, and since these are off to 3rd world countries, people wont have cash so please limit costs to $800, people are poor, and as such this might be the engine in the only car they buy so it has to be reliable, so ill also say minimum 50 reliability, any other suggestions and a suggestion for lowest MTBF, just reply

BLEFI6272Rev0.lua (48.3 KB)

sorry max 3 attachments, heres the 2nd engine

BL2C10276Rev0.lua (40 KB)

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ahh thanks, ill have to keep that in mind

Behold, the 1980 Cheap-O-Matic 1600 Deluxe!

1.6L OHC I4 1980 3WRev0.lua (39 KB)

[quote=“oppositelock”]Behold, the 1980 Cheap-O-Matic 1600 Deluxe!

[attachment=0]1.6L OHC I4 1980 3WRev0.lua[/attachment][/quote]

and your screenshot already puts my screenshots to shame, too bad im on a crap laptop, but thanks for the post

heres another engine, this time a 2.9 liter V8 i designed for a mini truck (youll probs find it once i get an actual car showroom up) and yes, it follows all the rules, all info should be in the pic.

REEFI17876Rev0.lua (45.1 KB)

2.0L OHC V8 1960 3WRev0.lua (39 KB)


[attachment=0]2.0L OHC V8 1960 3WRev0.lua[/attachment][/quote]

falls a little short on reliability requirements, but however, being 1960 and producing 100 horsepower, i wonder what lucky person in (insert poorest country for 1960 here) would do with something like that under the hood :laughing:

Here it is, ladies and germs, the worst engine in Automation history. No power. Lousy fuel economy. The cheapest everything. In fact, it barely runs! A true watershed in mediocre engineering.

1.0L OHV I4 1960 3WRev0.lua (36.6 KB)

worst itcan get before the no fuel required bug lol, and steam version releases tomorrow