[4.1.7] Campaign crashing when selecting an engine

I’ve started a campaign play through and every single time I’m developing new car or a facelift, game freezes after selecting an engine. For the first car it happened after selecting to create a new engine. For the subsequent cars it’s also happening when I select an existing one. Luckily After killing the game process and reloading, the game is saved/restored AFTER the selection that caused crash, so I can keep going but it’s not perfect :man_shrugging:

edit: the same happens if I pick replace existing variant (game freezes, but game reloads with my selection )


I’ve just tried the latest patch and I see this issue is still there. One update as I wrote on the discord long time ago, the game doesn’t crash, but it freezes for a minute or two, and then it is back to normal. Previously I thought game was crashing and I was not patient enough.

Outside of the campaign, selecting/creating/replacing engine works fine.

I as well am having this problem… however on my computer it freezes up enough that I can’t even ctrl+alt+del and have to hard restart my computer everytime, so as it stands the campaign is completely unplayable for my system.

This is a really odd issue we have no clue what’s causing it. For most people there is no “lag” or freeze and it just goes ahead and creates / selects the engine. It does write the save file and all obviously, so the question is: why does it do that for you and not for most others (but definitely quite a few others)?
@PigeonOfGlory Please send us your AutomationGame.log file (get it from the game launcher) after that happens and send it to support@camshaftsoftware.com so we can take a look!