4.2 beta factory after project signoff shenanigans

Duplicated from Discord, 'cause the traffic there is heavy and it’ll likely get buried there

There was an behavior I found odd when it came to adding factories to in-development projects in 4.1, I commented on that in my feedback threads about a year ago.

  • I sign off the engineering using factory A
  • Some time later I realize the engines produced won’t be enough (usual cause is either adding another car model using that engine, or using an engine variant I thought would be development-only and so I didn’t tool the original factory for it)
  • So I build a factory B (via the factory window, afaik there isn’t any other way after signoff) tooled to the in-development project
  • This delays the “engineering finished” message and keeps further engineering locked for unspecified but substantial amount of time (often well past the point factory B is actually finished), but in the meantime Factory A is happily producing engines
  • Possibly (haven’t really checked) the amount of the delay corresponds to the construction / retool time, if it were done after engineering finished

This issue persists in current public 4.2 beta.

Is this a bug, a technical limitation (i.e. “can’t be done in any other way, sorry”) or working as intended?

I know this has been asked before (by myself, mostly), but I can’t recall ever seeing any actual answer to that (likely because the message got buried in the traffic).

Ideally, the tie between factories (esp. any subsequent ones) and project engineering should be one-sided and in one specific point only:

The factory can’t finish construction / retooling until the engineering finishes (and so, if necessary, the construction / retooling start point is shifted).

If it would finish after, then so be it. Shouldn’t hamper the engineering in any way.

Thanks for any answers