4.21 freezes and never load when clicking Sandbox

So i’m stuck on the public testing branch currently because 4.21 everytime I try to enter sandbox mode always freezes and never loads. Is there some way to fix it because I’d like to use mods again (joke).

If you have been on 4.24 in the meantime then it is likely that your sandbox db just isn’t compatible. So backup your saves and then both hit the Clear Saves and the Clear Cache buttons in the launcher.
\Documents\My Games\Automation\Sandbox_openbeta.db


So to when you say backup saves do you mean export the files, move them to downloads, & when it is done import them back?

It basically means that you should make a backup copy of your sandbox db from your Documents folder and store it to another location like an external hard drive or your favorite cloud service and then delete it altogether if you’re subscribed into the Public Testing Branch of the game, just to get things sorted out.