40 Years of Dante Giacosa in FIAT (FREE BOOK)

I’m very, very excited.

I’ve read a book two years ago (borrrowed in a public library) about the memories of Dante Giacosa (the father behind the FIAT 500 and the creator behind the modern front trasneverse layout system) of his 40 years of work in FIAT.
I’ve noticed that now the book is free and downloadable from the FCA website.

I’ll suggest anyone who loves cars and car history to read it.

fcagroup.com/en-US/group/his … h_Fiat.pdf

fcagroup.com/it-IT/group/his … a_Fiat.pdf

Good reading


One must read this. Normal life will be resumed in some hours :smiley:

Let me think…
Fiat, these are not the vehicles rust already in the catalog?

No, just kidding. Thanks for the links. I will read this as soon as I can. Great!

This is a memoir I too shall read, for knowledge!

OH DANTE, GRANT UNTO ME YOUR WISDOM (so I may make better cars in Automation).

Thankyou sir, this is my sort of book.

If someone of you know other books similar to this one, please share the name :wink: