4g63 2.4l 1000hp

this is my take on building the 1000HP 4G63 what do you guys think? :smiley:
Custom 4G63T 2.4L DOHCRev0.lua (83.2 KB)

It would be cool if you could get some MTBF out of it. Perhaps load the engine into a Dummy Car with massive cooling and see if it really is capable.

That’s one HUGE turbo :wink:

How about a stress free, usable and down to earth priced 1k hp engine?

Beat that

But, your engine isn’t 1997cc! Make your 378ci V8 engine into a 2L 4 cylinder turbo. :slight_smile:

My comment wasnt the nicest.
Its always nice to pull lots of horses out of small boxes, but once it passes 150-200 man hours and has 0 mtbf, well, its not really impressive and not difficult to do + its a very common style here.
Try to make an engine that doesnt requires more then 200 man hours (which is already astronomical) that can survive two or three drag races :smiley: