50 HP Dragster Challenge [Results]

Build any 50 HP you want, there’s no rules.

Challenge deadline: 04/Jan/2020
Discord: https://discord.gg/PTRYdMR
My video: https://youtu.be/t4u-bvdqXfQ
Challenge result: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1EqIuzRnv8&t


15.286 1/4 mile

I’m going to update this as major changes occur.


I made one too. 50 horsepower of fury lol.



so, uh, with no rules, this means we can submit a racing John Deere, right? :joy:


50 horsepower is a tiny amount of power, but in a very small and light car, and with the right tuning, it can go a long way… Or not.

so I’ve discovered an unfortunate truth…

if the car is too light the axles explode in Beam.

This makes me very sad. I’m not about to play “guess at what point the wheels don’t fall off the car because the node weights are too low” :cry:



It’s around 350kg

What the fork

I believe he’s racing a 100lb, 50cc, mid engine carbonfiber lawnmower.


I thought it was just the body I was using lol

So then we’ll all pretty much be putting down similar times then I presume?

Maybe. The time depends of the level of skills of each competitor aswell. It’s not all about the body.

50 horsepower wheelie:

Have you managed to crack below 14s? I’m struggling on this front lol.

You mean into the 13s? I’ll never get that low. Extremely low 15’s will be the norm I think

14.23 so far, q+15 on every corner that counts

Help me out here, I have clean install and no test tracks. What is the approximate top speed after 1/4?

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This is for a Beam test and the car will be run on West Coast drag strip, so everything will behave quite differently. West Coast is vanilla btw.

Coincidentally my initial tests there I am pulling 14.23 now. Any lighter and the car wheels fall off when I launch, sad.

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The minimum weight before the axles explode isn’t a firm number, every component of the car affects the axles in varying degrees

so it’s not as simple as fine tuning a couple of tabs till the axles are right on the verge of exploding, you have to carefully choose every single component and fine tune repeatedly

Currently down to 14.156 in beam, at this point I don’t have the patience to see what affect different engines will have on the axles

inb4 I edit the .jbeam to make all the beam strengths “FLT_MAX” and every single nodeweight:0.1. Then for good measure set the lift to 0 and add a couple of wings with a strongly positive stall angle but a dragcoefficient of 0 so the car doesn’t fly away the moment it hits 50km/h :joy:

Sorry WALL, now that we’ve essentially figured the fundamental issue of this challenge out, this isn’t the kind of testing that I want to do anymore.


is there an automated way in beam to run these cars or are you guys doing this by hand? I am a newbie at beam, and I am trying to get the left pull out of my launch.