5k/2k resolution issues

Ultra-wide screen and high-res person reporting again! Something similar that was fixed for 4.1 (see here Game doesn't remember display settings - #6 by Killrob)

Two issues in 4.2 that might or might not be related… I’ll start a new thread for issue #2, in case they are separate issues.

Issue #1:

  • Fullscreen mode: The game does not run at my monitor’s native resolution (5120x2160); when I set it to Fullscreen it restricts the game to 16:9 aspect and locks the mouse to it. There are black bars on both sides of the screen. In other words, it is not 5120x2160, but standard 4k (3840x2160), despite what the settings say. All other resolutions work as intended with the chosen resolution/aspect ratio and black bars on the side.

  • Borderless windowed is actually what I’d call full screen, and does display at 5k/2k:

  • Windowed mode works also as intended, and displays a window with the chosen resolution. Smaller window for lower resolutions, larger window for higher resolutions. I can also click to maximize the “windowed mode” window, and it makes it bordered full-screen at native 5k/2k resolution. I can also stretch the window to whatever dimension/aspect ratio, and the game stretches accordingly - in other words works flawlessly.