5L v8 2103 bhp, 10,600 RPM

started off with a b8444 Volvo v8 spec, compression ratio is still stock with 10.3. stock stroke, just bored up to 100.1 mm (stock 93.0mm) and it Revs 10.650 ish when the pistons give up and valves still holding,
couldnt find what materials the pistons, crank and conrods are made off so had just a little bit of fun with the fantasy.

And a strange thing is that i could manage by only tweaking the fuel ratio and boost, and got the engine to run quite good with 15.0:1 Fuel ratio and almost 0.9 bar of boost, and got out 1044 bhp and 923 nm of torque! and still revving 10.600

What was the efficiency when you got those numbers though?

Economy 28.8% -266.9g/kWh