66TAR [Race 4 Virginia Qualifying Results]

Welcome everyone to the:

1966 Trans-Automation Racing Series (TAR)

With assistance from American Eagle Automotive, the Sports Car Club of Automationverse (SCCA) has launched a new racing series for production based sedans. This new series, the Trans-Automation Racing Series (TAR) is designed to highlight modern affordable high performance sedans from across Automationverse.

For 1966, this series will start out with five races that will test all areas of a driver and their automobile.

Races are:

  • Sebring 100
  • Mid-Ohio 100
  • All Gasmean Circut 76
  • Virginia 50
  • Sonoma 100

Ok, Intro asside, this challenge is a creative brother to the Trans-Am series of '66-72. We will only be racing the U5 (under 5 liter) class this time around… I might try an U2 (under 2 liter) class for the smaller cars later.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you use some sort of lore with this and rollplay along, given the restrictions. Again this was aimed to be a brother to the real Trans-Am golden years, and has restrictions to help mimic that.

This will be an all Automation challenge, I will only use BeamNG to produce advertisements and flair.
BeamNG is NOT used in any way to test or score your cars.

Basic Stat Guidelines
This is a Racing Challenge.
Build for road racing.
Take into consideration tire wear and fuel consumption will affect your times!
Crashes and breakdowns will happen and are based on chance and your stats.
This challenge will follow guidlines very close to the Trans-Am series from 66-72.


Trim and Varient need to be 1966.
Mods Allowed.
I am running the Stable Branch of Automation. Those on the Beta be aware your values may differ from mine.

Body Choice

Chassis Tab

Engine Tab

Trim Limits

Fixtures (Gotta Look like a 1960s regular car, and just making sure you’re making pretty looking cars :blush: )






Each car will be scored on a points system based on what place they finished the race. The points will tally up at the end of every race and the final results will be based on the points earned.

Points per Finishing Place:
1st - 12pt
2nd - 11pt
3rd - 9pt
4th - 7pt
5th - 5pt
6th - 3pt
7th - 2pt
8th - 1pt
9th and beyond is awarded no points.

Ok, so we got through those, now for the paperwork:

Please submit your race number and driver name before or when you send your car over (so you can put it on the car)
Submissions are limited to 1 car per person, or per collaboration (if 2 or more people work on the same car)
If your car fails to meet the requirements, there will be a grace period where I will allow you to fix the car so it does meet the requirements.
I am running the Stable Branch of Automation. Those on the Beta be aware your values may differ from mine.

Naming is as follows:

Note: I have 1 car participating, but it is there for flavor text. My standings will not affect anyone elses, and the place I “get” in the race is a ghost place (IE: There but not actually counted.)
(This is due to AEA’s involvement in creating this racing series. They agreed to NOT “Officially” participate in it, but are allowed to run a car as a non-entry to help improve the racing series.)


Each race will get a blurb about what happened, who crashed, who broke down, etc. and a standings table. Therer will also be some light commentary from my racing team as encouragement to others to rollplay.
The races will take place once every weekend or every other weekend, with breaks around the holidays as needed.

Submissions Accepted

Number Make & Model Driver Username Inspection
01 Unknown Unknown @Kyuu77 Pass
02 Armor Valencia Unknown @GassTiresandOil Pass
05 Ares Paladin Trans-Am (fixed) Jeff Barnes @Repti Pass
08 Charge Rumor R305 Unknown @DukeOFhazards Pass
10 Shunga Nautilus Lella Lombardi @CriticalSet9849 Pass
11 Brantan Silver Bullet Trans-Auto T. Fletcher @Fletchyboy100 Pass
22 Halcón Bruto Trans-Am E. Parilli @Simmer22 Pass
23 Pemhall Torrin GTA Unknown @Centurion_23 Pass
24 Swordfish TV-A Simon Cole @Deska Pass
29 AEA Kinglet T/A John Sanders @findred19 Pass
32 Weller Torero James Scott @CMT Pass
32A Allendale Motors Barrier GT Ken Rogers @BailsMackenzie Pass
34 Knightwick Henley (HA) Trans-Am Unknown @mart1n2005 Pass
38 Centauri Marauder GT-TA 304 Niall @nialloftara Pass
41 Legion Sparrowhawk HFR Oliver Fujisaki @donutsnail Pass
42 Unknown Earl Davies @Caligo No Show
43 DVM Crusader Unknown @Petakabras Pass
44 Calradia US Rocket V8 Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz @Wachu Pass
48 Bechov - F3084A AVTOPROBEG Ian Bykov @machalel Pass
49 Kopo T-Raptor HC Alex Gomez @pasinenkovarpos Pass
52 Zacspeed 625 TA Dan Miles @chiefzach2018 Pass
54 Bresko Type 22 Trans Am Mateo Bresko @V4guy Pass
69 SME Murder Kitty SS Roxi Sinister @07CobaltGirl Pass
73 Yinzer Fantasia TA66R Rob Doley @NoahC Pass
77 Chrysalis Rampage T/A John Redman @RedRiot Pass
87 BCT Salvaje Bruno Candel @brunator Pass
88 Min-Max Halifax Dalton Tom Morrisson @Dorifto_Dorito Pass
311 Kampfer S20 V8 Rennsport Jacques Booms @Niveon Pass

List last updated after practice results were posted.

Data & Equations

Note: This is just a rough list, I’m not going to tell you everything, only what values I have used in equations to any sort of degree. :wink:

Engine and Trim reliability - breakdown chance
Engine Efficency with car fuel economy related stats - racing fuel efficency
Wheelspin - accident chance calcs, tire wear calcs
S/D ratio (Sportiness to Drivability Ratio) - accident chance calcs
Sportiness brake fade - brake fade calcs
TSCM (Tire Service Cost Multiplier under suspension tab) - tire wear calcs
Test Track time - Base Track Time (duh), and Qualifying Time

I am also using a couple of random number generators with a log-normal distribution curve used as appropriate (to keep the random numbers with a closer distribution curve.)
After I close entries I will make any tweaks I see fit to the calcs to keep this competition “fair” and “reasonable” and keep it competitive.

Calculations Concerning Fuel, Tires, Brake Fade

Give and Take

Fuel economy - Tire wear - Brake Fade

These are the 3 main factors you need to balance with your race cars, as being too light or too heavy on one of them will affect them all.

What are the absolutes?

  • Each car will get a 20 gallon fuel cell for racing and fuel calcs.
  • Each car will have No Less than 1% Sportiness Brake fade in the calculations (so even if you manage to build a car that has say 0.6% sportiness brake fade, I will calculate it at 1%).
  • Gas only pit stops will take 32 seconds. (32 seconds is added per each gas only pit stop to your total time)
  • Tire pits stops are 75 seconds long each, and are simulated by adding that time to your total time. (these pit stops also act as fuel stops because if you need to change your tires, you might as well top off your fuel)

Ok, so how does that triangle of Fuel - Tires - Brakes work then?

Well for braking:
I use the sportiness brake fade stat in brake fade calculations, and every pit stop you make I “reset” the brake fade (IE: Brakes cool off).

So pit stops are important to cool off your brakes, especially if you have high brake fade.

For Tires Then:
I use the sportiness ratio and the TSCM value with a modifier to calculate tire wear just for pit stop times.

So tire wear affects how often you will have to take pit stops (nothing more though, that gets complicated.)

Alright, The Fuel Now:

I calculate a racing fuel mpg based on some factors that go into your mpg stat and average engine economy with a modifier.

So a thirsty car will require more frequent pit stops.

Now, your job is to balance this with your racing car. Too heavy on the tire wear, and you might be making too many long pit stops. Fuel efficient and tire efficient but having bad brakes will lead to a lot of lost time in brake fade. Thirsty car but efficient tire wear may mean you left performance at the table with your suspension tuning. Etc.

Practice Session

Ok, so it looks like a practice period is needed, as some of the submissions need a little extra info to build the best car they can.

Practice will be on Friday, Dec. 6th at Sebring

(the general trends for raw lap times there echo to all the other tracks).

I will give a brief pointer as to the biggest flaw I find in each car, with a vague “needs more tuning” for the few that don’t have a single glaring flaw or are already very fast. (and give lap times of course)

After that post goes live you have until Friday, Dec. 13th to tune up your entries. If you do not submit a tuned up entry by that time, I will run the original passing entry you sent me.


Carbs are mandatory for this series given that mechanical fuel injection is not available in 1966 (and nor are catalytic converters). But are DCOE carbs (which cannot have standard intakes, only performance or race versions) allowed? Also, the race cars won’t need mufflers, so it’s unlikely that those parts will be required.

As for fuel types, are we allowed to use super leaded (98 RON) or not?

Edit: In the Kee era, MFI was not available until 1968. However, in the current UE4 build, it is possible to use MFI in 1966.

Are we allowed front lips?

I would enter, but appearance of my creations are going to smack me down into the meme bin, even If I try to make it look legit.

It is on my game??

I see a maximum wheelbase figure; should there be a minimum as well? To avoid getting a field of V8 Minis

are we going for stripped out interiors? i see we only need one seat so i assume we run basic interiors and no radio

I wanted to run Sport but it pushed my material costs over so I’m running basic

@abg7 mfi is avaliable in 66, and if it’s not specified, it’s free choice.

@Fletchyboy100 all Aero is limited to the one rear wing (so no front lips.)
In future years it may be allowed (IE: for a 1968 or 1970 TAR)

@Enderjed Appearances are just to keep the cars from being blank morphed slabs. Please try your best, I am grading appearances very lightly and forgivingly.

@donutsnail the “body must be able to accommodate 4 full seats” rule should avoid needing a minimum wheelbase (and only 1 full seat is actually required for interior choices. You can add more if you want.)

@mart1n2005 and @Fletchyboy100 These are race cars, and 95% of all historic trans-am cars irl have 1 seat and no interior. If this seems a bit much, I could raise the material costs a bit to allow more comfortable interiors.

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It helped with acceleration as it was lighter so absolutely no harm done having just basic over sport.

ok, This might work, and well my more recent cars do look better than my first few, so for once, I might not get binned in a challenge that isn’t HHD

What fuel must we use?

Whichever fuel you heart desires.

Way way Back in the early days, before the car designer was added, I’d had a a small block engine line with a Trans AM ready 304 cubic inch V8, time to finally recreate that and i already have the perfect car to use for it. The Centauri Marauder, a modified Pro-touring Big Block version of which is already competing in the Street Showdown Challenge.

Well Here’s the in progress GT-TA 304 Marauder showing in the the TA special color, Psycho Purple. (Absolutely no relation to MOPAR’s plum crazy^TM)


Are we allowed to dip our chassis in acid overnight to slough off roughly 200 lbs?

What the officials don’t see won’t hurt them…
IE: as long as you meet the requirements and are under the pu and et limits, how you achieve that is all up to you.

how can a coupe accomade 4 seats?

You can put 5 seats in a coupe.

A peek inside a few mid 60’s american coupes. They could have 4-6 seats at the time.

1966 Halcón Bruto Trans-Am.
When you have a Spanish automaker wanting to expand their market, but doesn’t have the funds, and a petrochemical company that wants to tap into that good Gasmean oil land, you get the Halcón Trans-Am effort, with Gasól as their title sponsor.

(I’ll probably add more lore to this later, editing this post.)