68th International Motor Show Germany (Frankfurt Auto Show)


Drivers.com is coming to Frankfurt this year. Stay tuned.


just a spelling tip from a german


Legends dont die, they only evolve.

I not sure but, can we present multiple cars?

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Its been 55 years since the 1st Aventis rolled off the production line. Now, it is time for a revolution.



Teaser 1 of 2

The Yuro Motor Company and it’s subsidiaries shall be at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Teaser 1

See a glimpse of a fully electric future.



The Twitter™️ account for Corsica™️, a division of Sisten Motoring Company™️ posted a mysterious image yesterday at 7:40PM. The image seems to be showing a car, however we cannot be too certain as no more info was released.

The tweet has currently amassed 3,870,000 likes and 4 retweets. President Donald Trump is expected to give a speech soon congratulating the marketing team at Corsica on achieving the second most retweeted tweet of all time.


Come to LORIER’s stand, to discover the new Jayena’s 2020 facelift, and a surprise


>>>>>>>>> OPERATION FUSQUE ///// PROJECT KAI-RI <<<<<<<<<<<

The Yuro Motor Company and its subsidiaries shall be at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Teaser 2.
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I see that Twitter for Nintendo 3DS, Corsucca :Lennythink:

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CMT presents the facelifted Montblanc

Our most successful model, the SUV Montblanc, comes in a facelifted version starting on sale right now.

The “Access” is the entry level model for $ 40.900, replacing the former CE model. It features the 2.4 liter turbo engine from the Olympic crossover and offers giant interior space, perfect versatility and low consumption. It fulfills all emission standards worldwide.

The higher trims “Premium Line”, “Sportline” and “Executive” will also be presented.



Fingers crossed the new Shark lives up to its name… At first glance it looks like it could easily devour other cars in its class with ease.

LKA it’s working hard to deliver its most powerful production car to date, the Ukkovasara R

The first “True” hypercar manufactured by the company. We’re so proud to announce here that it’s officially on the market, with a limited production of 30 units, each one with a unique number and color scheme!

Also, we’re happy to celebrate 2 birthdays!

Presenting first the 4th generation of our flagship, the Wyvern! With a new engine and platform, celebrating the 20th anniversary!

The Onnelga it’s also reaching 30 years in production! With a special anniversary edition!

And the for the prime time, we are revealing the new project: Talviyö

Specs, prices and more questions will be answered later on the show!


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2019 International Motor Show Germany Pre-Show Coverage

Guten Tag! Yes, this is Carol Lee here and we’re finally on Frankfurt for some coverage of every car on IAA 2019! As the home of the petrol car, Germany is obviously, a major force on automobile making. And what that means is IAA is one of the shows every automaker and car nuts care. And with that said, let’s show what everyone is doing for the show and who’s got it’s hype mode on?

At first we will see how Ursula taking it’s power on it’s home turf. I think they are planning something…serious. Could it be the next F3 sedan that everyone is talking about?

**Tanaka is planning for a big launch too, with the new Avantis being teased for this show. It’s 55 years strong, but will it really start a revolution this time?

AL is planning for the future with the newly revised Latissime, and with them trying to make it to the present, my only wish is they can actually show it with a style.

And speaking of the future, Yuro is trying to make everyone to see the future wth a new electric car. Oh wait, it’s just the first teaser. Would they see how the future looks like?

Corsica is trying to beat the egg and Yusaku Maezawa by posting some car on Twitter in order to get the most retweets. Sadly it didn’t, but it looks like there’s a good omen incoming. It should be.

The Jayena’s facelift, is really coming, but it’s the suprise from LORIER that we want to actually see. Now, tell me what it is, or maybe you want to keep it until the launch?

Bradford’s Retronix is showing some random Hot Wheels car. but in full size. Ok. This is pretty epic if this is really an actual car.

Again, Yuro is releasing another new car. This time is the Classique, a large sedan. Wait, is anyone wanting to purchase large sedans now?

CMT just showed us the facelifted Montblanc…that looks too simple for 2020. And the entry level has a puny 2.4 turbo and steelies for $41K? Are they are going to lose money or what?

And next we have Westward, launching it’s new Shark supercar under the WRT division. Hopefully this is an awesome car like the pictures shown.

Oh wait, looks like Ursula isn’t finished teasing cars yet. It seems to be like some sort of “halo” car, but we don’t know how it appeared like this at all.

LKA just showcased it’s first hypercar they have ever made, and oh gosh, it’s looking pretty awesome in a way. But without the spec sheets, how do we know it will end up with, and would it be really as good as intended?

Finally, we have Courageux tells us that a classic is returning. Hang on, they said “a” classic, not 2 that is shown above! Or could it be much better surprise than we expected?

Well, guys, this report will end here for a while, and after a break we’ll be back on the official press events on this 11th September. And that means…reveals! Anyway, Bleib dran! (“Stay Tuned” in German)