6X6, superchargers, diesels, rotaries, and electric/hybrid systems

  1. 6x6s

I would like to say that it would be more impactful if we were given the choice to make a vehicle with working 6x6. I understand that bodies have to be made and that the drivetrain would have to be implemented and this would be difficult.

6x6 drivetrains could enable the community to create semi trucks and custom 6x6 trucks allowing a greater amount of builds.

2A. Superchargers

This would be an obvious request that community speaks for. With turbos being a the only source of force induction, it would be cool to have more options.

Superchargers would allow the community to make muscle cars and more unique builds.

2B. Twin charged

If we could have multiple configurations of the combination of superchargers and turbos, it would be cool for drag cars.

An example of this system would be like you pick twin charging option and select the amount of superchargers and turbochargers you want.

  1. Diesel

This could be made later on in the game’s development and would be cool to see as in tangent with 6x6s , it would create a greater widespread for truck builds.

Plus more intristic value for those wanting to make diesel engines.

4.Rotary/Other engines

This does not only apply to rotary engines, but also W engines, VR engines, and 2-strokes.

The more engines provided, the increase of individual power increases. For example, a person who wants to make a compact engine without the sacrifice of cylinders could use these configurations to aid in their goal of engine building.

  1. Electric/Hybrid

This would be extremely complex, but i would stand my ground and say that this is somewhat of a possibility.

The calculations for an electric motor would be either be a exponential or square root function that could be the basis of how it is calculated.

Hybrid systems could also work in to either be a shut-off system, range extender, powertrain-switching system, or to just help the car be faster.

To the developers, and Killrob. →

I understand why these have not been implemented due to the complexity they consist in their calculations.

The game engine in my understanding is basically a giant calculator and so in order to get these wishes of the community in, the calculator has to change in some drastic measure to enable these changes.

Thank you Killrob and team for the wonderful experience you guys have provided :slight_smile: .

You’ll find answers to all your questions there. It’s even pinned for more visibility.


The things is that the things mentioned in the post would either become a DLC or an obsolete idea.

6x6s would probably not be in the game, as Killrob emphasizes on being a production car company game which in defense is reasonable, but also some fun comes out of being able to make crazy cars with things that would never be in a real production car.

Engine configurations would all probably be a DLC pack, and so even paying $30 for the game would not entail to all the fruits of the game. Understandably they need money, and it’s no shame to make a DLC. The thing is that it limits the community.

Superchargers and turbos may be the only probable thing that could come once GTA 6 comes out. The calculations for force induction is stated for turbos though it can be suggested that the calculations made can be fitted with a either an exponential function or a square root function.

The only idea that may not be included in Killrob’s post was the electric and hybrid suggestion. This however could be placed as another DLC, as it is complicated in its design.

To Killrob: People use your game for both production and insane cars, it’s reasonable to say why some things can’t be implemented, the thing is that there are no other games that are akin to your game forcing people to use mods that may not work as intended or using sketchy scripts to get a specific quality.

Implementation of these ideas may not be deemed reasonable, but the reason why the community asks for these suggestions is because of four factors: Credibility, Security, Convenience, and Trust.

Mods please dont see this as an act of defiance, im here to add my thoughts on these subjects

So, there’s a pinned post to answer all of your questions, and you still want your questions addressed personally? They have answered all of these questions. Many, many times. It’s literally what “FAQ” means. Frequently Asked Questions. Some of those things are on the board to be implemented in the future, while others have been shut down as not worthy of the time to implement.

Regardless of what people “use” this game for, the game has it’s core purpose, and extreme builds are not really it. That being said, there are plenty of extreme builds out there already which work within the confines of the existing implementations in the game. This is not really a sandbox car builder, although it has one included AND it allows for export into other games and applications, as well as modding support to customize things to your liking. As the name says, it is a “Car Company Tycoon Game”.


Yes this works as to why we cant have some things, but for example if it was truly that, we’d be forced into accounts and not engineers.

Semi-truck companies exists, and 6x6 trucks are offered by tuning companies.

Adding things as DLC and using realism can kill off what people would like to build. Being forced to just imagine their creations rather than actually making it.

The post isn’t about asking for featues but for my personal input on it.

it’s called

Automation, the CAR company tycoon game

for a reason

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I was being kinda-sorta nice-ish, which is totally out of character for me, but…

This would be a fine approach for a game which isn’t in EARLY ACCESS, or doesn’t have an FAQ. This game, however IS in Early Access AND has an FAQ. DLC isn’t part of the program yet…it’s not on the road map…the game isn’t finished yet…they have a goal and your ideas aren’t part of it and have already been addressed by the developers due to NONE of your ideas being original or new to the devs. That is the only thing to say on the subject.


But its not called become an accountant simulator :l

On the topic of superchargers: Dual supercharging setups actually exist in real life, but they are so rare that the chances of Automation depicting such a configuration are very low.

Yeah, I was just pointing out possible agreements that could solve the complexity like how turbo chargers are calculated similar to an exponential function(e^x) and superchargers are akin to logarithmic functions(loge(x) or Ln(x)).