70s Convertible Challenge (NOVEMBER 12)

70s convertible challenge.
Welcome to the 70s convertible challenge! In this challenge you will try to create the best convertible from 1972 against other competitors.
Most important rule: Your car must be from 1972.
Rule 1: The Lancia 037 body is COMPLETELY BANNED. It can not be used under any circumstances.
Rule 2: Your car must be a convertible, pretty obvious. You can find this out by sorting by body while looking for one. You can also see that your car is a convertible in the entertainment/interior section, because there is a box where you get to choose your convertible type. If you do not see anything in this box your car is illegal.
Rule 3: Your car can not cost over 22k. To make sure you can’t just dump quality the minimum quality is -2 and the max is +5.
Rule 4: Your engine has a minimum engine size of 2.2 liter and a max of 8 liter.
Rule 5: No racing parts. (Racing exhaust, Racing intakes, Semi slicks etc.)
Rule 6: At least 60s standard safety and premium entertainment.
Rule 7: 2 entries per person are allowed.
Rule 8: No racecar designs like open wheelers or lm cars.
We prefer a front-engined design, as its easier to drive.
Please make your car realistically producible but unique.
Try to go for a softer ride to simulate a comfortable design.
Try to not make your car look too modern, as it can cause problems while deciding style rating.

The deadline for this challenge is the 10th of November, so get to work quickly. It will be streamed on the Brad_The-Inhaler twitch on that day. If you enter please send the cars to Djadania (Challenge Organizer) , as he organizes the challenges.
Please send the cars in discord so i can keep track of who enters.
Have fun!

NOTE: This is a repost from discord, repost of my own post.
BRAD’S DISCORD SERVER: Brad The Inhalers 420 LifeGame
You can find me in that discord, good luck.

This effectively restricts us to actual convertible bodies - and therefore leaves no room for 3d fixture cheese on fixed-roof coupes to simulate convertible body styles.

Does this mean that each user must submit exactly 2 entries?

That must be one of the shortest deadlines I’ve seen recently - why is it so short?

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For the first thing, this is normal. Convertible bodies in automation weigh more, so it would be unfair if you could create your own. Secondly, no. This means that you are allowed to make 2, you dont have to. Third, this is a repost from discord and i thought that maybe someone would be interested in joining. The challenge has been going on for 2 weeks but because of technical issues we thought that we might have had to delay it to friday again. I Apologise, but sometimes an any% speedrun to winning a challenge is fun!

so can the model year itself be earlier as long as the trim level is 1972 or does the model have to be 72 as well?

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Im not exactly sure what you mean, but for convenience i just suggest making everything for the year 1972.

Here she is, the Lance Tiger, powered by a low angle 3.6L V8 it was quite the cruiser, combining looks, comfort and handling thanks to the use of fully independent, painstakingly fine-tuned suspension.


If you want to post your car tomorrow, please post it as early in the day as possible.

Submissions closed for now, although that does not exactly mean that this will be forever. It looks like we might be having another technical issue, but we are not sure

Submission open again, looks like we have another technical issue. The deadline will be announced later.

GREAT NEWS: The challenge will happen tommorow (Friday). All the issues have been resolved. Get ready! Will be streamed on Brad_The_Inhaler’s twitch on friday at 1pm pst

Here are the full results from the challenge!

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