80's Monster Truck Challenge (Results)

Do you like monster trucks? Well, this challenge is for you. The 80’s Monster Truck Challenge!
And yeah, I know, the max tyre size possible in Automation is not that big to be considered as a “monster truck tyre”, but back then the early monster trucks was not so big.


Watch my 5m video [- YouTube] or read this entrie list.

The 80’s monster truck challenge rules:

  • Production year: Between 1980 and 1989.
    This challenge is about the early monster trucks, so don’t give me a modern one.

Engine rules:

  • No V16 engines.
    I’ve seen some monster trucks with V16 engines although, but I don’t have this DLC.

  • Engine stress:
    Allowed, because back then they were build to be powerful as possible. No one cares about reability and fuel eficiency.

  • No turbos

Body rules:

  • Panel and chassis material:
    Steel or Aluminium only, there’s no modern materials back then.

  • Chassis type:
    Monocoque, Ladder and Light Truck Monocoque only.
    Because back then the monster trucks were real trucks, not those alloy tube cages with fiberglass bodies.

  • Engine placement:
    Put your engine in any place you want… All trucks are mid-mounted engine nowadays, but back then the engine placement was diverse. I’ve seen some different engine placements back then, most of them were mounted on the front, but some trucks has a rear-mounted engine layout (for example the Grave Digger). So this is up to you.

  • Suspension:
    Solid axel coil and solid axle leaf only.

  • Drive type: 4x4
    For better off-roading.

  • Gearbox:
    Manual or Auto.

  • Ratios:
    At least 3.

  • Top speed:
    It’s up to you my friend.

  • Diffs:
    Manual locker only.

  • Tyres:
    Radial Chunky off-road only.

  • Seats:
    At least 2, because, I repeat, back then the monster trucks were REAL trucks.

  • Entertainment:
    No “none” option.

  • Power steering: No “none” option.
    Do you think that the driver can turn those GIGANTIC monster truck tyres without any power steering? I don’t. Unless he is the Incredible Hulk or Shrek.

  • Safety:
    At least “Standard safety”, but you will not be disqualified if you chose the “none” option. Back in the early 80’s they didn’t cares about safety. Some drives didn’t even uses helmet and seatbelts and often bangs their heads on the steering wheel while crushing cars.

  • Springs:
    Standard and progressive only.

  • Dampers:
    Up to you.

  • Fixtures:
    The truck must look like a typical 80’s truck. You can copy a real truck, make a parody of one or even create your own.

When completed, upload your truck in “Challenge-cars” channel of my Discord server: [Discord].

  • Deadline: 22/01/2020 (DD/MM/YYYY).

  • Testing map:
    East Coast, USA, Off-Road Trail 1.


This looks like a really fun challenge, I’ll try to cook up something for it.

I do have a single grip with the rules though. I think having a minimum of 5 ratios is a bit on the unrealistic side. Many trucks ran 3 & 4 speeds as well, especially since they didn’t give a darn about highway speeds and the 3 speed auto gear boxes were usually tougher and easier to build how they wanted (IE: the Chrysler torqueflite 727).

Also, sequential in the 80s? I think it should be manual or auto, with a free choice of ratio. I’ll definitely be entering this though

According to Wiki, Bigfoot had a 2 speed auto transmission - Ford C6 transmission.

So surely an auto would be better, as suggested above.

Also, can we message you on the forum with out entries?

I reckon this is to simulate a radio, just to allow driver to talk to their mechanics in the garage.


OK, I will update this rules to be more realistic.

The rules has been updated.

I’m definitely intrigued.

A thing here: Even if you dont have the V16 dlc, you can still see and “use” the engine, you just cant modify it, but some people using it and other people not using is still unfair, so i dont see any problem in it, its just a curiosity

Im a little bit confused on something in the rules, it says no/ none for power steering but then you talk about them not being able to turn the big tires so which would it be.

Sorry, my English is not so good.
I mean, a power steering is required. If the truck does not have a power steering, the driver will not be able to steer the wheels because they are very heavy due to it’s weight.

Ok thanks.

So these are tested in beam? Will these be driven with any sort of wheel / controller?

Keyboard, but maybe a PS3 controller.

PS3 controller is the thinking man’s controller. I salute you sir

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The deadline is over. Thanks to everyone for participating, now I will start testing and recording.

Darn, seeing this at work, I can’t believe i missed the deadline. (I was planning on sending a truck before the weekend)

Well, good luck to the participants!

Hopefully my wheels don’t fall off this time…

Argh! I forgot all about this one.