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88th International Motor Show (Geneva International Motor Show 2018)


Note, I can't make the car in UE4, so I'm using a placeholder livery, and a bunch of bullshit

With the 2018 Endurance season right around the corner, GBSC will finally unveil their plans. This year sees them moving from the LMP2 class, as an engine supplier, and moving to the LMP1 category, supported by the wonderful team at EVE Motorsport, who had gathered information in the Formula E series.

This LMP1 entry is a joint effort between the two companies. GBSC will be using an evolved and updated version of their LMP2 category V8, while EVE will be supplying an all-new Hybrid drivetrain. The Chassis itself is a joint project between the two companies, and is a major step up for both companies in a competitive sphere. This also marks GBSC’s return to top level LeMans Endurance racing since the abolition of Group C.

The Livery features the Main colours of Both Companies, the White of GBSC, and the Orange of EVE. It features sponsorship from Amazon UK, Alpinestars, Hankook, and Monster Energy as of Now, with more to join in the Future.

GBSC and EVE hope to be competitive in the field, hoping to achieve at least a podium finish in the Championship.


So with the madness covered, it’s time for something more sensible, and for this, the Pampero SE enters the scene.

built on the same platform as any other current Pampero, it preserves the rear drive drivetrain and wishbone suspension

Buran 100TE inline 3 dohc 15 valve turbo
Power: 81 hp @ 6300 rpm
Torque: 117 Nm @2900 rpm, when the turbo kicks in
efficiency on ron 91: 32.2%
Economy 21.1 km/l

Drivetrain: Open differential with 6 speed automatic box
standard interior
vented discs

Holts SURO

(DirtMaster Trim Shown) More Info At Holts Website


2 tons?! Is is all steel? Also, 2.1 litre is just perfect to get higher tax/insurance/whatever rates in many places in Europe (the most common treshold is at 2.0). But I like the design, it looks pretty harmonious and well flowing :slight_smile:


Thanks, and I didn’t know about that with Europe. Also I probably should’ve specified that its 2 'murican tons (just over 4000 lbs) and not 2 metric tons, which is still heavy with the advanced safety and whatnot.

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Yamato at the 2018 Geneva motorshow. reveals three new cars.

----2019 Yamato Asura----
Drivetrain: Rear Wheel Drive, with electric LSD.
Engine: 3477cc Inline 6, 4 Valve , Direct Injection. 630 HP at 7200 rpm. 8900 rpm redline.
Transmission: 7 speed manual transmission or 7 speed dual clutch.
Wheels and Tires: 245/19 Allory rims front and rear.
Brakes: Carbon ceramic front and rear.
Interior: 2 seat, sport interior, black or tan leather. Premium infotainment system by Sony.
Suspension: Active sport suspension.
Driver Aids: Electronic stability control , ABS, Launch control, Electric Variable power steering.
Weight: 1796KG.
Price: $49996.

A cross between a sports car and a GT car, with a hugely powerful inline 6 engine, cruise in comfort or destroy the corners at high speed.

----2019 Yamato Shinobi----
Drive Train: RWD with geared LSD.
Engine: Aluminium 1664cc Inline 4.
Power: 173 HP at 7900 RPM. 8500 RPM rev limit.
Doors/ Seats: 2 door / 2 seat.
Transmission: 6 speed manual.
Wheels and Tyres: 195/16 sports compound…
Brakes: Solid disc front and rear.
Interior: Sports interior with standard infotainment.
Driver Aids: Electronic stability control , ABS, Launch control, Electric Variable power steering.
Weight: 951KG
Fuel Economy: 33 mpg.
Price: $25000

A small light weight and affordable sports coupe, which encourages at-the-limit driving with its rev happy engine.

----2019 Yamato Kasano----
Drivetrain: RWD, with viscous LSD.
Engine: 1988cc Mid mounted turbo charged inline-6.
Power: 305 HP at 8300 RPM. 9000 RPM redline.
Doors/ Seats: 2 Door, 2 seats.
Transmission: 7 speed manual.
Suspension: Double wishbone front and rear.
Wheels and Tyres: 235/16 front, 260/16 rear. Sports compound.
Brakes: Carbon Ceramic front and rear.
Interior: Sports interior with standard infotainment.
Driver Aids: Electronic stability control , ABS, Launch control, Electric Variable power steering.
Weight: 1214kg
0-100km: 4.3 seconds
Top speed: 270 KM.
Fuel Economy: 34.8 mpg.
Price: $32686

Bringing back the affordable mid engine sports car. Made to be a pure drivers car, for those who want to experience how cars used to be.

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ErinSport are proud to announce the full confirmation of their WEC 2018/2019 Super Season team entrant.
For the first time since 2002, ErinSport are entering with both a prototype racer and a homologated GTE car, mraking a return to normality for the team.

Car running numbers will be confirmed once the full entry list has been completed.

Sponsorship Detail

The official sponsors for the 2018/19 ErinSport WEC Team are as follows.

2018 ErinSport GT18 S1

Photo by @titleguy1

ErinSport will enter two cars into the LMP1 Hybrid category. Driver details are as follows:

Chassis #1

  • Jordan Jacobsen, 33 [DNK]
    The plucky yet suave Dane has made most of his career in the USA racing with Nohda in the IMSA/WeatherTech Sports for the past 6 years, but has been rumoured to have been being scouted out by ErinSport for much of 2017. He now has a 2 season contract with the team.
  • Nathan King, 37 [GBR]
    A well seasoned endurance racer, King rose to fame in the European Le Mans Series with the Pescarolo-ErinSport team, before joining the 2011 ErinSport team at Le Mans, racing in the GT09 until it was pulled from competition in 2013.
  • Alek Rodcheski, 38 [POL]
    Rodcheski is perhaps the star of ErinSport, having joined through their Juniors program in 1999 before working his way up through just about every series the motorsport operation competes in to now be considered perhaps the single best driver in their roster. His place on this team was a given.

Chassis #2

  • Danny Garland-Monsort, 28 [USA]
    Another driver who made his fame in IMSA, Garland-Monsort raced with Maine’s motorsport division for a number of years in their Daytona Prototypes before being offered a place on the ErinSport WEC team. The Texan is noted for his keen skill to find half a second from any lap time, whatever the cost.
  • Felix Lemaire, 35 [FRA]
    A star of the French motorsport team, Lemaire has a had a varied career including running with the prestigious Merciel World Rally Team. A change of heart has seen him turn towards Endurance racing , and he’s been in talks with ErinSport to join their team for most of this winter.
  • Edvard Stojanović, 34 [HRV]
    The Croatian GT car driver has seen considerable success in the Blancpain GT series, and joined the WEC with a privateer team in 2014. He was scouted out as a potential for the ErinSport team when he put in a number of impressive stints at the 2017 24 Hours of Le Mans.

2018 Erin Scarlet GTE-18

The Scarlet GTE-18 continues on from the Scarlet GT introduced last year, now designed to comply with GTE regulations and modified in various ways to favour endurance over sprint racing.

Details about the car are being kept fairly hushed for the sake of competition, though ErinSport can confirm the following:

  • A race tuned version of the 4.0l V8 used in the road-going 400X trim is under the bonnet, producing 546 hp
  • Kerb weight of 1312 kg
  • 0-60 in 3.9 seconds and a top speed of 220 mph+
  • Green Hell Lap Time of ~7:25

The driver line up is as follows:

Chassis #1

  • Tom Deeley, 26 [GBR]
    With a career that started in kart racing, Deeley was talent scouted by ErinSport at the age of 18. He switched a potential career in Formula 3 for a career in high-end touring car racing, competiting with the ErinSport WTCC team for 4 seasons prior to joining the WEC team.
  • Charlotte Griffiths, 27 [GBR]
    Another driver who’s career began with the ErinSport juniors team, Griffiths raced in the infamous ErinSport BTCC team from 2012 to 2015, as well as gaining experience with the Aihara WEC team before being shortlisted to run with the Scarlet this season.
  • Georgina Stevens, 26 [GBR]
    Stevens is a rising star in the European Le Mans Series, gaining her first podium at just 22 at the 4 Hours of Imola in 2014. Her current contract was set to run out at the end of last year, making it a perfect opportunity to bring her on board this season.

Chassis #2

  • Aren Geisler, 30 [GER]
    One of DTM’s more recognisable drivers, Geisler has found enough time in his calendar to bring his fierce driving ability to the ErinSport team. His experience with heavy homologated cars made him a surefire choice to race with the Scarlet this season.
  • Josef Isaksson, 25 [SWE]
    The charismatic and charming Swede joined ErinSport via the Juniors program and has earned his name in touring car racing. His ambition has always been to enter GT car racing, making this a perfect opportunity to jump his career up.
  • Willard Stern, 28 [GER]
    A talent who’s been in high demand, Stern has spent much of his career racing with Shromet and ACA in the GT classes of IMSA. ErinSport were keen to bring him on board for his capability with strategy and pacing, making him well suited to endurance racing.

Click for larger.

This concludes Erin and ErinSport’s announcements for Geneva 2018.


Telefónica was renamed, some years back ago, to Movistar.


Movistar (Spanish pronunciation: [moβisˈtar]) is a major telecommunications brand owned by Telefónica

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Telefónica exists, but the consumer products were renamed to Movistar, at least on Spain.

Telefónica is the matrix, and Movistar the sub brand.

Yes. Thank you for clarifying that.

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The Dimension Motors announce their car…again. This time, they are giving us a hypercar,Miracle,which is gonna complete the final development.

(Miracle Prototype)

Unfortunately,we almost got 0 detail about this car currently,they only gave us a little bit detail about Miracle.RWD,6L V10 TC,less than 1500kg and that’s it.I mean,how am i suppose to introduce a product with just these details!But the photos they gave to us can tell everyone how this car gonna be,aren’t they.Dimension Motors said that they are at the final rush on this car and preparing to officially announce Miracle in late 2018.(What’s the point of this announce then?)

(The aerodynamic of this car is kinda extreme 0.0)

For now this car is still a mystery.But it is gonna be a boom when Dimension Motors unveil her mask.Stay tuned.


100% Electric, Everytime, Everywhere

2019 Saminda C+ will have ‘over 370km’ of range and to be mass produced

The C+ is powered by a 36 kWh lithium-ion polymer battery and can travel up to 400 km on a single charge.

Lithium-ion polymer battery provides lower memory sensitivity, excellent charge and discharge efficiency along with outstanding maximum output. Charging the C+ lithium-ion polymer battery takes about 45 minutes using a rapid charger.

Perform great yet economical

The C+ is a zero-emissions vehicle and has an instantly available maximum torque of 300 Nm, which is delivered by the electric motor with a maximum output of 130PS through the single-speed reducer transmission accelerating the car up to 170 km/h. The Single Speed Reducer transmission automatically and seamlessly accelerates the Electric and offers COMFORT, SPORT and ECO modes to enhance efficiency and driving characteristics. In SPORT mode, the Saminda C+ can accelerate from 0 to 100km in 9.5 seconds.

Aerodynamic Styling at it finest

The C+ consist 2 elements, efficiency and technology, in its design, which combine to create a sporty appearance. Without the look of too ‘‘futuristic’’, the grille feature cars like how todays look like but of course without any holes for cooling.


It looks awesome!

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How can a single speed transmission have modes? Also, batteries need some cooling, so I’m not sure if leaving no openings for it is such a great idea.

I can concur. Its design language should be used for all future Samindas.

i imagine it could provide different power delivery options. so like a linear response, or maybe a very fast initial acceleration for city driving ect.

Then those aren’t transmission modes.

@ the Kishiwo stand, Geneva 2018

Today at the Kishiwo stand, the well established South Korean brand released three new nameplates and a facelift!
They will be revealed here!

First of we will show you the all new 2018 Kishiwo Katoya in the first two trims called Inspire and Color, other variants will follow later this year, including an SPT version!

the front of an Kishiwo Katoya

the rear of the Kishiwo Katoya

The Katoya will come with four different engines + one only for the SPT version. There will be a 1.3 liter 3 cylinder, a turbocharged 1.4 liter 4 cylinder, a 1.6 liter cylinder and a turbocharged 1.6 liter 4 cylinder. The SPT engine won´t be released yet. The power ranges from 101 hp up to 180 hp.

The Katoya will come with one of the most advanced safety technology and the all new Kishi-go entertainment system, including an App that can help you find your car in parking lots of heating your car to an cozy temperature in the winterdays, the entertainment system will cost extra, the safety technology not.

Then there was the new Kishiwo Toko, a facelift of the Kishiwo Toko that is in production since 2010, it will be offered with the same engines as before, a 1.4 liter and a 1.0 liter 4 cylinder. Thre prices will remain the same as before, only a new top version, the Inspire, will be released at a starting price of 12990$

The last release was a sneak peak of the all new Mirako, planned to be shown at another show, later this year!

Thanks for reading and we`ll see us next time!

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Maesima Motor Corporation unveiled its sL1000 premium luxury sedan for the Sachiuri brand at the 2017 Antiyita International Motor Show, the new flagship of the brand’s model line-up. The all-new Sachiuri sL1000 will compete at the top of the luxury car segment with truly world-class design and technological innovations with the highest levels of refinement, convenience and dynamic performance.

The sL1000 builds on Sachiuri’s unmistakable Evoco design language introduced with the entry-level sL200 sedan. The strikingly bold design with a coupe-like silhouette punctuated by flowing organic Evoco design language. A new driver-centric performance feel comes from building the sL1000 on the company’s all-new critically acclaimed rear wheel drive global architecture for luxury vehicles (SL.I). This premium rear-wheel-drive platform, an extended version of the one used for the stunning new Sachiuri Sagitta sports coupe, will offer a more dynamic experience on the road while further improving comfort.

The sL1000 silhouette is both powerful and refined, with its prominent hood, generous wheelbase, minimized overhangs and sophisticated rear deck surfacing. Inside the cabin, fine materials and textures from around the world meet refined ergonomics to provide occupants with absolute convenience and luxurious comfort.The sL1000 stands out from the field with its flowing organic design and supreme quality. It’s strikingly bold exterior highlight the companies design ethos to focus on the creating a vehicle that is both luxurious yet unique and bold.

“The sL1000 is the flagship of the Sachiuri brand", said chief designer, Erik Schweitzer "We’re taking on an extremely competitive segment, which is why more than any other model, it has to embody everything the brand stands for and that’s why we’ve been so extensive and focused in all elements of its development.”

At its market introduction, the all-new Sachiuri sL1000 will start out with the option of RWD or Sachirui’s X-TRAC AWD system and three engine options in most markets, an extensively re-engineered 3.2 V6 ActivBoost engine, the 4.4 V8 ActivBoost version. But the big news is all-new flagship V10 engine, this naturally aspirated 4.5 develops over 500 hp. All engines offer supreme refinement, ample performance and high efficiency. Appearing later will be a mild hybrid variant developed with new battery technology which will drive down fuel consumption even further in real driving conditions.

In addition to bold styling, new powertrains and opulent interior, the sL1000 is full of innovative technology. Its the most advanced vehicle Sachiuri have ever built. From launch, the vehicle will be available with Sachiuri’s automatic driver and traffic control system that enables Level 3 autonomous driving. The car takes over the task of driving in certain situations. Unlike at Level 2, the driver no longer needs to monitor it permanently.

They must merely be capable of taking back responsibility whenever the system prompts them to, with the system active, the driver can relax. They can take their hands off the steering wheel permanently and, depending on national laws, focus on a different activity that is supported by the car, such as watch a TV program on the 12-inch SACHIURI iX infotainment display in the centre console.

During highly automated travel a small camera in the driving area detects if the driver tires or falls sleep. If that happens, a multi-stage warning is given. As soon as the speed rises above 60 km/h (37.3 mph) or the line of vehicles breaks up, the traffic jam pilot informs the driver that they need to take charge of driving once again. If they ignore this prompt and the subsequent warnings, the new sL1000 is braked to a standstill.

Detailed information will soon be available on the Sachiuri webpage.