2018 Automation EOTY Awards

As a friendly reminder, here are all the auto shows from 2018.

Also here is a link to the 2018 Summer Automation Collector Car Auction Challenge and Cult of Personality.

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Welcome everyone! I am very pleased to presents the results of this End of the Year awards!

Car Company of the Year (Standard)
Tying together, both with 36.7% of all the votes, the reward goes to…
@NormanVauxhall with Žnoprešk Automobili and @Mr.Computah with Vega and Vega Commercial Vehicles!

Car Company of the Year (Luxury)
Edging out the competition by one vote, your choice for the luxury car company of the year goes to…
@DeusExMackia and Erin Motor Company!

Car Company of the Year (Performance)
Going on for three years, our undisputed champion of insanity goes to…
@strop and Gryphon Gear!

Car Of The Year (Standard)
Another tie with the famous Italian brand, our winners for Car of The Year are…
@NormanVauxhall and the ever-so loved Žnoprešk Zest along with @Dorifto_Dorito and the Nohda Assent!

Car Of The Year (Luxury)
Another extremely close fight, our two winners are…
@Rk38 with the sumptuous Sachiuri sL1000 and @titleguy1 with the Rennen Apophis!

Car Of The Year (Performance)
Did you really expect anyone else?
@strop and the Gryphon Gear Jormungandr!

Truck of the Year
Another head-to-head run, and eeking out the competition with a mere vote, is…
@Mikonp7 with the Deer and Hunt Fallow!!

SUV/Crossover of the Yearr
Consuming over half of our votes is…
@Leonardo9613 and the Bonham Orwell!

Most Beautiful Car of the Year
Another highly debated honor, there can only be 1 winner…
@Rk38 and the jaw-droppingly seductive Sachiuri Sagitta!

Most Impressive Car
Going for their second serving is…
@strop and the Gryphon Gear Jormungandr!

Most “WTF” Car
A different kind of monster handily defeated the other vehicles in this category…
@ChickenBiscuit with his Jormungandr!

Most Dedicated Car Company
Showing mounds of dedication and effort, the winner for most dedicated goes to…
@Knightophonix and superemely improved FAAL!

Best New Car Company
The forum’s favorite new company this year is…
@yangx2 and Honghu Huangdou Automotive Company!

Most Realistic Car Company
Scoring the dibs for most realistic car company is…
@Rk38 with Maesima!

Best Car Advertisement
Crushing the competition yet again goes to…
@Rk38 with the Maesima Prova ST-R!

Best Car Designer (Individual)
Exactly half of all votes goes to the supremely talented @Rk38!

Best Car Creator/Engineer (Individual)
The performance mastermind himself grabs this year’s crown! Give it up for @strop!

Friendliest/Most Helpful Member
Garnering almost half of the votes, the friendliest member award goes to @Mr.Computah!

Best New Member
A close race, the winner for the best new member goes to @MasterDoggo!

Best Modder
An almost unanimous vote for best modder goes to @HardRooster!

Best Community Member Vehicle
The forum’s favorite vehicle goes to @CadillacDave with his Volvo Bus!

Best Challenge/Competition
Another perennial winner, the best challenge goes to @strop with the CSR!

Best Car Company Thread
Winning together in a tie goes to @Rk38 with Maesima Motor Corporation and @Grandea with Zenshi Automotive Japan!

Best Automation Picture (Photoshopped or not)
The winner for this is yours truly with the RJM 35SC!

As you can tell, we had a huge turnout this year! I hope to see everyone back here next year! As always, have a happy holidays and a happy new year!


I’m honored to see you guys consider me a friendly user and also to see Vega is a really liked company even though it began when we were already halfway through the year. I’m also glad to see there’s a great amount of new faces getting the recognition they deserve now that the year has ended.

I’d like to thank Titleguy1 for hosting the EOTY once again, and to everyone who voted here for their favourite users, companies and cars. I’d also like to say that now that another year is about to conclude and we’re about to enter the last year of this decade, it’s a new opportunity for all of you to keep improving; improving your graphical design for these sweet CSR ads, your photography for these sexy shots, your car designing for us to nut to celebrate your cars and your car building to spawn some serious machines.

Here’s to another year in this great community that only keeps growing, and hopefully that stays the same way for years to come :wine_glass:


Congratulations to all the winners!

that links to Maesima, might want to fix that

and this link seems formatted wrong

Thanks for pointing out the issues!

Personally, I’m amazed I actually ended up getting tied with someone with the likes of @Rk38 (as well as actually winning an award in here), many thanks for those who voted!

Here’s to another strong year for us community members! Many are improving themselves with this game inside and out (with the help of things like photoshop and fauxtoshop (powerpoint, paint .net, etc) and it’s remarkable to see people grow, whether they are new members or not.

Here’s to you all, keep on doing what you all do.


Thank you very very much for all the votes. It means a lot for me. :blush:


Thanks for the votes! Quite shocked my bus won :rofl: it is the ultimate family Volvo though


Thanks to everybody for the votes. I realise I’ve barely done anything more than rehash things that I started last year, albeit in UE4 form. It’s still really nice to know it has the ability to shock and awe without egregious suspension of disbelief. I’ll do my best to 1) actually make my other company threads 2) have more original content this coming year.

Jormungandr was definitely an exercise in threading the needle of the interface between Automation and Beam. It bothers me that the TCS is currently broken but hopefully when it is fixed you’ll get to experience it as it should! Also when it’s fixed I’ll have a high downforce version ready, but can’t release that yet because it really does need the ESC or it’ll definitely crash at high speed :joy:

Merry Christmas all!


Mfw going through a lot rn and I see this

Thanks guys. Really.


Thanks to everybody for the votes. I know I’ve not had much time this year but big thanks everyone here’s a look at the Sagitta GTE I didn’t get time to unveil!


Gotta say, i do feel honored that people like my trucks



Woah! Huangdou’s apparently more liked than I thought! Thanks guys, this means a lot for someone who just really started getting into the game this year. :blush:


Oh, thank you :slight_smile:


A massive congratulations to everyone who won an award this year, and thank you so much to everyone who voted for Erin to be your Best Luxury make of the year. I would like to know who we managed to best by just one vote @titleguy1!

Wishing you all a great Christmas and a great new year too. Here’s to 2019 and all that it brings Automation-wise.