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Deer And Hunt Automotive


Asheville North Carolina. Jason Deer Jr. and William Hunt , an normal accountant and normal mechanic were working in their own little car repair shop on the outskirts of town just a few miles away from the forest.
After countless repairs in their little shop they noticed a trend: A lot of farmers and construction workers had problems driving around the rough roads. Suspensions snapped, wheels broke and sometimes cars just bottomed out on the dirt roads.
Crafty William came up with an idea after seeing a Dodge WC-51 driving through war in the news: Why not combine the Offroad capability of those with load capacity of todays pickups! Soon the plan was written: Buy old Jeeps, remove the shell, an weld on the body of the customers car! It didn’t take long until Jason sourced an decommissioned Dodge and a broken down Chevy Pickup and after countless hours of work it was done.
Soon after they finished their prototype they tested it and it worked! The rugged suspension and wheels helped for grip and clearance on the dirt roads and the pickup body allowed for easy transport of big things. The friends showed their creation a local newspaper and soon the first customers came in to have their cars modified.

1934- Request overrunned the little shop , so the both man decided to move more into the city into a bigger shop
1935- The first employee was hired and new customization where made available. The customer gets what they wanted.
1937- the first drafts for a own model was made. To make it work plans were made with a local engine producer to get a 3L I6 Engine. William made the sketch for a rugged Pickup and Jason made money available to get a own production line in the city
1940- The first model of the “DeerAndHunt - Fallow” left the factory.
1976- Jason Deer Jr. dies at the age of 73. He son Fallow Deer took his seat
1980- First Dealership outside the USA, located in the London UK.
1994- William Hunt dies at the age of 87. Fallow Deer buys out the shares of Williams son Dante and own 100% of the company

Cars :

1946 DeerAndHunt - Fallow

  • 3L I6 OHV with 90hp
  • 3spd Manual
  • Offroad Skidpad and Wheels
  • Bench for 3 people
  • 8000$

The first vehicle under the “DeerAndHunt” brand. Perfect for everybody who needs to haul stuff to places without any roads.

1951 Deer And Hunt - Fallow Mark II

  • 4.5L V8 OHV with 131hp
  • 3spd Manual
  • 3 seats front bench
  • Upgraded Suspension Tuning
  • 9300$

1957 DeerAndHunt - Hawg

  • 4.5L V8 OHV with 131hp
  • 3spd Manual
  • 5 seats premium
  • Removable Hardtop and Hook for a 5th wheel on the back
  • 12500$

1959 DeerAndHunt - Fallow MKIII

  • 4.5L V8 OHV with 150hp
  • 3spd Manual
  • 3 seats bench, basic radio
  • Solid Disc brakes
  • 9400$

1960 Deer And Hunt - Goonie

  • 5L V12 OHV with 140hp
  • 3spd manual
  • Handmade Interior and Phonograph
  • Hydraulic Steering / Progressive Springs
  • 30000$
  • Convertible Version was avaliable

1961 DeerAndHunt - Buck

  • 6L V8 OHV with 180hp
  • 3spd Manual
  • Soild front disc brakes, Hydraulic steering, advanced 50’s safety
  • Premium Bench for 3 people, Premium Entertainment
  • 13000$

1965 Deer And Hunt - Tines

  • 8L V8 OHV with 245hp
  • 3spd Auto / 4spd Manual
  • Premium Interior and Premium Infotainment
  • Hydraulic Steering
  • 20000$
  • Convertible Version was avaliable

A premium coupe for everybody who likes comfort instead of sport

1967 Deer And Hunt - SuperCoupe

  • 6L V8 OHV with 220hp
  • 3spd Auto / 4spd Manual
  • Premium Interior and Premium Infotainment
  • Hydraulic Steering
  • 14000$

The first proper sport coupe by DeerAndHunt

1985 Deer And Hunt - Fallow

  • 6L V8 OHV with 250hp
  • adv 4spd Auto RWD
  • Standart 3 seat front bench and 8-Track
  • Manual Locker
  • 17000$

This gen still has the original idea in mind: A Workhorse for everybody

1985 Deer And Hunt - SuperCoupe

(Turbo Trim)

  • 3L I6 OHC(EU) / 4L V6 OHC / 4L V6 OHC Turbo
  • adv 4spd Auto RWD / 5 spd Manual
  • 4 standard seats (premium in the EU)
  • ABS
  • starts at 15000$

3rd gen SuperCoupe. Featured in the movie “Blurred Vision”. Also the first model with an EU Trim

1987 Deer And Hunt - Goonie

  • 4L V6 OHV with 100hp
  • adv 4spd Auto RWD
  • Premium seating for 5
  • ABS and Var hyd steering. Adaptive Dampers
  • 16000$

The next generation of moving america.

1992 Deer And Hunt - Alpha

  • 4L V6 SOHC with 180hp
  • Adv 4spd Auto RWD
  • Seating for 5
  • ABS and hyd steering.
  • 16000$

A purely for the forces made police cruiser. Comes with branded Handcuffs

1999 Deer And Hunt - SuperCoupe

(Y2K Edition)

  • 5L SOHC with 260hp
  • 6spd Manual / 5 spd Auto
  • Premium interior for 4
  • Also available as coupe
  • 25.000$

The fourth version of the SuperCoupe

2001 Deer And Hunt - Buck

  • 6L V8 OHV with 300hp
  • Adv 5spd Auto / 6spd Manual. RWD / AWD / 4x4
  • Seating for 3 to 7
  • ABS and electric steering.
  • Starts 22000$

A Van for everybody. Also available with Windows and “Safari” trim

2005 Deer And Hunt - SuperCoupe

  • 5.5L V8 SOHC with 300hp
  • Adv 5spd Auto / 6 spd manual. RWD
  • Premium Seating for 5 and premium CD Player
  • ABS,TC,ESC and var hyd steering.
  • Semi Active Dampers and Swaybars
  • 29000$
    -Also available as coupe

5th gen of the SuperCoupe

2007 Deer And Hunt - Fallow

  • 5L V8 OHV with 230hp
  • Adv 5spd Auto. 4x4
  • 3 seats
  • ABS,TC,ESC and electric steering.
  • Hydropneumatic
  • 22000$

A modern version of the Fallow

2010 Deer And Hunt - SuperCoupe Facelift

  • 5.5L V8 SOHC with 300hp
  • Adv 5spd Auto / 6 spd manual. RWD
  • Premium Seating for 5 and premium CD Player
  • ABS,TC,ESC and var electic steering.
  • Semi Active Dampers and Swaybars
  • 29000$
  • Also available as coupe

2010 Facelift of the 5th SuperCoupe

2012 Deer And Hunt - SuperCoupe “Rut Edition”

  • 7L Alu V10 SOHC with 500hp
  • 6 Sequential RWD
  • Sport Seating for 2 and premium SatNav
  • ABS,TC,ESC and var electic steering.
  • LineLock and Launch Control
  • Active Sport Springs and Dampers
  • 35000$

Highest trim of the 5th SuperCoupe

2019 Deer And Hunt - SuperCoupe

  • 5L V8 DOHC with 330hp
  • Adv 6spd Auto / 6 spd manual. RWD
  • Premium Seating for 4 and premium Info
  • ABS,TC,ESC and var electric steering.
  • Active Sport Suspension
  • 32000$
  • Also available as Convertible

7th gen of the SuperCoupe

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I can’t help myself, but I have to poke holes in your Jeep theory, if only for RP accuracy.

Those old Willy GP’s (Jeeps) came with much smaller axles (Dana 25/27) and springs than Chevy Trucks did. They were only rated at 1/4 ton, compared to 1/2 ton and up to 1 ton for the Chevy trucks. If you put a Chevy Truck body on a Jeep frame with a 90hp i6 engine, and tried to load it down, you’d snap those little two piece axles like the twigs they were, and bend the hell out of the springs.

Instead you may consider modeling them after the Dodge WC-51’s which were mainstay 3/4 ton trucks supplied for the war effort and would have the sort of spring/frame/axles durability you desire. The Dodge Brothers were really the master truck builders of the pre-war and war era.

Other than that, I really dig your company lore, and the cars. Looks great!


No thank you that’s a great information.
I gonna change it from the Willys to the Army truck


Ah, yes… The 2nd-gen SuperCoupe. It was featured in the film Blurred Vision, where it was driven by Kintsugi gang leader Adam Caine’s henchmen. No doubt it would have sold especially well back then.




Changelog 2.5.18

-Added “Fallow Mark II”


I like your designs very much, all of them very sharp and crisp and modern for its era.


Changelog 6.5.2018

-Added “Hawg”
-Added “4th gen SuperCoupe”


Changelog 8.5.2018

  • Changed the engine of the 2019 SuperCoupe
  • Changed the engine of the 2005 SuperCoupe
  • Added 2010 SuperCoupe Facelift
  • Added 2012 5th gen SuperCoupe “Rut Edition”


Changelog 13.05.2018

-Changed 1960 Goonie
-Added Fallow MKIII
-Added Buck