A bit of a problem

so this morning i was woken up by my mom with some very bad news, some very close family of mine, their house burned down last night, and currently, one of them is in the ICU for jumping from the window, going up there today to see how bad the damage is, there’s most likely going to be nothing left though, at best a few personal items

That… is some bad news indeed. Good luck and Godspeed to that family.

well i went up there, it’s quite bad, house is completely gutted, they lost everything. and as for the one in the hospital, collapsed lung, several broken bones, 3rd degree burns in several places, ear tip’s a little charred, bleeding in the brain, it’s quite bad, got moved from the burn unit to the trauma unit after we left

Wow. That’s not the easiest thing to hear. But hopefully, your family will be all right.

a bit of a question, a gofundme was set up to help them out, i’m not sure if it’s allowed so i won’t post the link, but a quick update, she is stable but still in critical condition, she is also still currently sedated, she did open her eyes earlier, that’s a good sign