A few bugs and glitches in the UI

Recently got this on steam, and the game seems to have a few bugs and glitches with the UI.
1- some UI elements are missing and/or out of place, and weird rectangles appear at certain times in the engine creator, as shown in the pic. The “TEST” button usually found after finishing a car to see the results is also missing, making it impossible to finish cars.

2- The game froze when I clicked “markets” in the last tab, where the TEST button is.
An error message appeared, here is what it says:

Lua Error:
tolua++ dbcall failed!: [string “–client\functional\TrimDesignerWindowDemogra…”]:842: attempt to index local ‘scores’ (a nil value)

3- The informative video and audio when selecting a feature for the first time randomly glitch and cut out for no apparent reason.

4- The informative text about a certain feature (for example, valve timing) is missing.
Pics below:

I have verified the integrity of the game cache and these bugs still appear. Is there any way to fix this?


Sorry for the late reply, we were out of office over the holidays.

  1. Yes, the UI is glitchy at times when it comes to graphs, that will be fixed when we switch over to Unreal Engine 4.
    There is not supposed to be a TEST button on the final testing page of the car. The results can only appear when the car is actually finished and I can reproduce what you observe by just not finishing the car and going to the final testing tab, it should be empty in that case. Have you selected all options within the trim before getting to that page?

  2. Nice find with the lua error, I get the same behaviour for an unfinished car (see 1.).

  3. Yes, some videos seem to be cutting short for people. We have not had the time to look into that further but will do.

  4. I don’t quite follow, what information do you expect? The part descriptions are available by clicking the heading of the respective item.

Cheers! :slight_smile: